Haircut Bologna: Tips and original ideas

Haircut Bologna: Tips and original ideas

As a woman trimming overly thrown curls, equal to a certain style and image, seeking to look well-groomed and thoroughbred dogs, who are from nature long wool, also requires removal of external hairproof. Among the long-haired dogs, Bologna acquired a special popularity: Its wool sometimes hangs to the floor, while this dog is low growth.

So that long hairs wool did not fall into koltunes, spout her kind, Bologna need to cut.


Movement – life, and that the dog does not break out of the hand of the master, did not seek to escape, before session of the wool, she needs to run to run, hide. Make the following:

  • Push the animal+
  • Wash the Bologna using shampoo and balm+
  • Give wool dry – wet wool faster fasten scissors than dry+
  • Use a hairdryer to accelerate drying.

Features of triggers of Bologun

When the dog hits the exhibition, the care and scrupulousness of the process is very important. Dogs with soft wool, cut once a month. But the casual haircut is performed at home. In other cases, contact the goggler – “Dog Parimacher”: it will haircut any complexity quickly and professionally.

What is needed?

In addition to the machine for haircuts with a set of nozzles, ordinary and milling scissors, You will need the following tools and consumables:

  • chopunorez+
  • Furminator+
  • Metal calculations+
  • crest+
  • Special wool polishing brush+
  • cunning+
  • Hair dryer with warm blowing function+
  • Disinfectant liquids: hydrogen peroxide and medical alcohol.

As a formulation for washing bologna, it is necessary to prepare:

  • bleach for wool+
  • Coconut-based extract or emulsion+
  • enriching hair balsam+
  • Moisturizing Shampoo+
  • Mousse for styling wool+
  • aerosol for giving gloss+
  • Cleansing drops for ears+
  • Composition for brightening tears.

Ordinary shampoos used by man, for example, the popular brand of Head & Shoulders against dandruff, as well as the household soap, welcome wool, give her a matte hue.

Basic actions

Pornish dogs are trimmed according to a single principle: on the head, the wool climbs near the eye with mini-hairpins. From head to tail Wool reports to the sides on a flat test. Make the following:

  • Install the dog on the table for the haircut and lock it+
  • Start trimming with the muzzle, moving in the process of ending the eyes+
  • Use a haircut machine when processing large sections of wool.

Haircuts to participate in dog competitions

Maltese Bologuns at the exhibition – reason for the arrival of a huge number of viewers. White Maltese Bologna with long, to the floor of wool very beautiful, but each of these dogs prepare for several hours to such a show. Maltese Bolonka requires a professional shampoo – The goal is to give it a brilliant snow-white shade. Using a special balm or oil, achieve a slight oily wool.

Lit minimal – it eliminates only intensive wiccier wool on the floor. Also do Stacking – And the dog is ready for a demonstration at the exhibition.

What is the difference between “girls” from “Boy”?

Cutting wool in the zone of genital organs in burghers and males has a natural difference. On the head of the male coated wool mostly briefly, but the female leaves long strands, sometimes brought them in the form of braids. But “Girls” fits a little ditch “under a puppy”.

How to cut under a puppy?

Most of the “dog curls” in length is distributed, which allows the skin of the dog to breathe, and the remaining wool – look well. To cut the Bologna “under a puppy”, make the following:

  • Corrective excess wool near an auditory passage, apply ear drops to just processed+
  • Wash the Bologna whitening composition, apply a moisturizing balsam on the wool, then dry and dispel the wool+
  • Dispretate extra hairs in the paw pad zone+
  • repeating the calcination of all the wool, compatiently external on the face, using ordinary and scissors for branch, leaving the ears of the ears a little longer strands+
  • Machine Cosorgitis Excess woolen cover on the sides, on the back and on the stomach+
  • Cut the hair with scissors in the zone of the rear pass and genitals+
  • Screw the outlines of woolen cover on the paws+
  • Apply on all strands of the spray to impart glitter.

Trendy haircuts

In addition to the “puppy” and classical exhibition haircuts, use others:

  • Under a teddy bear+
  • Under Chinchilla+
  • in Korean.

If necessary, several strands of Bologuni-Girls are painted if the owner considers that it looks insufficiently effectively. Wool length remains unchanged, dog strands are a little delayed. Rounded outlines of paws give, removing excess hair between fingers.

Hygienic trim

In the field of genital organs and the wool is crushed – this will allow Bologna to avoid their inflammation from lack of access to outdoor. On the stomach and in the field of paws, the wool is also removed. Significant hair removal up to the head will allow the dog to feel comfortable in hot summer weather.


Additional advice are as follows.

  • Dog washing: Sand and clay particles are able to quickly blow up the scissors or sang the machine. Use for washing conditioning and moisturizing compositions – they will make strands obedient.
  • Compatient or unravel koltuns and thoroughly dry pets.
  • When trigging a particularly aggressive dog, use a muzzle.
  • With electrical trim, move the machine in the direction of hair growth, otherwise you risk making a dog almost bald.
  • Trimming near the eyes is carried out towards them, otherwise cut hairs can get into the dog’s eyes.
  • Near the rear pass, construct the cover manually.
  • Fold Maltese Bologuns require treatment of auditory passes ear drops every 10 days. If there are tears in the eye of the eye – remove or replace one of the components of the pet. Tellular tracks remove a special gentle bleach.
  • Calm and relaxed atmosphere helps to avoid pronounced aggression from the Pet.

What can not do?

  • Do not use household scissors for cutting (for example, for cutting sheet metal) – they will break and doubt strands during their processing. High-quality scissors for haircuts, as a razor, and exclude hairs breaking.
  • Do not cut a dog under the machine without nozzle – a great risk to leave irregularities, difficult to avoid even a professional.
  • Browse the first to trust the specialist. Thanks to the experience of handling the pet, the master will form a calm, non-aggressive and healthy perception of hair care procedures, and the first in the life of the dog. Wool co-creation.
  • Maltese Bologna Trust the groomer who had previously worked with dogs of such a breed.

How to care for wool and cut Bologna, look in the following video.

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