Haircut West Highland White Terrier: Requirements and types

Haircut West Highland White Terrier: Requirements and types

West Highland White Terrier haircut has its own characteristics and requirements. There are several types of haircuts that are designed for exhibition career and home use.

Features of trimming

Trimming takes great demand among West Highland White Terrier owners. This procedure is a uniform plucking of the ishing hair. With the help of trimming, you can keep the rigid coat of the dog in perfect condition. Often owners resort to Easy trimming, during which all dead-sighted rampants are removed with a neat capture only the top of the hairs.

Living wool remains untouched. This wool care option is suitable for the cold season, because after removing dead wool, the remaining coats can be aligned using a typewriter.

The number of retractable hair depends on the regularity of the procedure. If the haircut is carried out every month, about 15% is removed.

If light trimming is performed, the maximum interval between haircuts should be 3 months (30% is cleaned). Otherwise, with a large number of remote hair, the animal will become flaw and unattractive. If you make the right cargo care, it will not fall into chatins, get into. Such wool qualitatively protects the dog from cold weather, heat and other weather conditions. The “observed” West Highland White Terrier will not get so hard, freeze and acquire the neat appearance.

Trimming may be several species.

  • Plaoking. It is a pinch in which only fingers are applied.

  • Stripping. During this plot, the master uses a special knife stripping.

  • Plact. Hair cover is removed using a sharp and fast movement.

Basic rules cutting

The haircut of the West Highland White Terrier should be carried out according to the rules.

  • First of all, the animal should be combed using a brush from a nape to tail. After that, combing is carried out in the vertical direction on the stomach and paws.
  • If the owner does not have experience in trimming, you should not use special knives to eliminate dog injury. It is best to accumulate fingers.
  • A small amount of baby powder allows you to improve the grip.
  • After the preparatory activities have been held, you can capture your left hand to the leather fold, pulling it up. Due to these actions, the longest hairs will be noticeable. It is more convenient to capture them with a big or index finger of another hand.
  • Several hair lines must be captured, after which they sharp jerk are drawn on themselves.
  • First of all, the back (ranging from the withers and to the tail). On these areas, the wool grows quickly, so it needs to regularly cut forward.
  • When accumulated, wool must be constantly combed. This will consider the result of the process.
  • Bang is neatly cut with scissors, after which the hair on the ears is removed. Leave 1 centimeter from the tip of the ears. It is advisable to ask the assistant to hold the terrier’s head to ensure a neat haircut.
  • Wool on the chest and throat you need to cut with the help of milling scissors.

Exhibition Grooming

For the first time, trimming is not entirely, but through one hair. Puppy will look untidy, but this procedure is an integral for grinding. This is due to the fact that the coat of this breed is fully ready for trimming for a period of 4-6 months. If the owner appeals in 2.5 months to the groom, under the untidy wool a new, tougher and short.

Specialist will remove the remaining hair from the first time, and the animal will acquire an appearance that will be fully approaching the exhibition. The procedure is not enough, several visits will spend on creating a layer, but every time you will be able to work with wool less time, and the animal will become more clear on other representatives of the breeds placed in glossy magazines.

If the owner did not engage in his pet’s wool for six months, overwhelmed hairs will fall off during the grinding, and the dog will become bald.

For this reason, experts advise to approach the procedure for the care of their four-friend’s hair with responsibility, if the exhibition career is planned. The first work of the cargo is produced when the puppy is executed 1 month. Traditional “Chrysanthemum” on the head is created only by pulling out. Paws and “Skirt” do not touch.

Hygienic procedures for breast breast – these are mandatory events. Daily manipulations will be required, with which the face is supported. So that the wool remains snow-white, you can use calcium carbonate with boric acid. They must be rubbed into wool, after which to proceed to combing a brush from natural bristles.

On the ears of the hairproof you need to remove for 14-15 weeks before the exhibition.

Scheme of exhibition grinding:

  • The length of the hair on the top of the body (from the withers to the tail) should be 4-5 cm+
  • Plots on the throat, on the sides of the neck, right up to the shoulder joint articulations need to briefly pinch+
  • The hair ridge should be 5 cm, the transition from the neck to the withers should form a smooth arc+
  • Boc and sedan bugs remain short+
  • elbows are plugged in such a way that the tight fit was noticeably+
  • “Skirt” should begin with an elbow connection with the highest ink point+
  • Transition from short wool to the long must have a smoothness+
  • Only sticking hairs are plugged on the paws+
  • around the anal opening and on the back of the tail are left short fur.

Options Strezhek

For exhibitions there is only one option called breeding grooming. Some owners are studying non-standard options that are also suitable for their dogs, but are not suitable for the breed standard. You can choose haircuts of other breeds and experimenting over your pet, but experts distinguish 2 types of hair: for the exhibition and for the house.

Homemade haircut is designed for dogs that will not attend exhibition events.

Differ from the standard grinding of a shorter hair length, which makes the cover more practical. Some owners cut their animals under the machine what to do is undesirable. Experienced glowers recommend to resort to a similar option only in the following cases.

  • When an animal is sick of skin diseases that are in the stages of exacerbation. You can not add damaged skin.
  • If the pet has never plugged, and its age is more than 5 years.
  • The owner like the appearance of an animal.

You can simply shorten the length of the wool, creating rectangular shapes, without resorting to the shape of the head “Chrysanthemum”. Also, the owners of dogs such a breed are experimenting with bangs, emphasizing the floor of his pet.

About how the haircut of the West Highland White Terrier is being done, look next.

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