Haircuts Yorkshire Terrier: types and rules of the selection

Haircuts Yorkshire Terrier: types and rules of the selection

Yorkshire Terrier is not just a cheerful and active dog that loves communication and active games. Dogs of this breed have long wool, which requires careful care from the owner. To make the fur coat carefully and became a real decoration of the PSA, you must attend a “dog hairdresser” in a timely manner or cut the dog on your own. This is not only a need, but a pleasant responsibility, because you can create a diverse hairstyle to your four-legged friend.


Thanks to the long york wool look very cute and touching. They have no undercoat, which makes it easier to care for the appearance of these dogs. It is only necessary to make some efforts – a pets wash in a timely manner, combing and cutting. In the structure, the pile of these pesikov is largely similar to human hair, which is quite posted to the creation of masterpieces of hairdressers. That is why woolen cover of such dogs are often called no other than hair.

The root of each hairs of Yorkshire Terrier has a separate bulb, thanks to which the molting does not threaten this animal. But here are their beautiful hair constantly grow, so that the dog does not melted in chopans, it must be cut.

It is advisable to visit the goods every 2 months, and if there is a special model haircut, you need it even more often.

Some owners of these playful babies believe that in the winter to cut the fur coat of the pet optionally, so that the PSU was warmer. In fact, long “curls” do not add to the ps of comfort in the cold season, as the person does not warm too long hair. They just make the appearance of the dog less well-groomed, as the thrust hairs start to sneeze and break, or even let. After the haircut, the pile will not fall into Koltuns under warm clothing, in which the pets are usually dressed in the cold season, and it will not stick to it.

Variants of haircuts of this breed, of course, are not exhausted with a haircut “Under Zero”. They give the owner the opportunity to choose the model to their taste. Like haircuts for people, doggy can have a different length, form, the use of rubber, ribbons and other accessories is allowed. The most desperate mods can create an image of their four friend for their own style. In case of an unsuccessful experiment, you can simply wait until the fur coat of York will grow and try another haircut.

How old do you cut dogs?

Puppy care begins a few weeks after its appearance. In 5 days, he already trimmed the claws, in 3 weeks the procedure is repeated, in 1.5 months it is necessary to cohere the wool of the area of ​​the groin. In 4 months, Pesika is time to make the first haircut in hygienic purposes, and since six months you can go to the model. Some dog breeders believe that driving the baby to the gather is harmful to the year, since in this case the wool will grow worse.

In fact, everything is different, After compatient, the gun on the body of the PSA grows a new thick wool that looks healthy and well-groomed. During the first campaign to the wigmacher, the Master processes the dog all the croup and anus, removes the length on the back, ears, paws, armpits, between fingers and forms a beautiful bang.

Further regular haircuts allow the PSU looks elegant: the wool acquires a silver tump and beautifully flows, which is very pleased with the owner and the PSA itself.

How to cut the ears?

Ears should always be clean, so it’s extremely important to cut the fur in this zone. If you neglect this recommendation, then under the weight of the hair they can be simply saved. If this happens with a puppy, then the former form may not recover. Haircut occurs in the form of a Latin letter V upside down. At the same time, only the top one third is processed, although the puppies have a processing area to zoom to halves.

You can use not only scissors, but also trimmer, typewriter or razor. Movements should be carried out in the direction of hair growth, both with external and on the inside of the ear. To create a beautiful tip you need to complete the haircut with scissors. Note that Inside the ear, the hairs should be plugged, and not stop. Even short wool in this place prevents good “ventilation” of ear shell. In addition, it accumulates more sulfur, and this can cause inflammatory processes.


Gathering to groom, you need to have an idea of ​​what haircuts yorks exist. Then you can explain the master what you want, and he will make his job well.


We have already spoken about her above. This haircut is maintained to maintain the normal state of the health of the peel, and in the summer, especially in the southern regions, it allows the pet to keep well-being in hot weather. Lenten you can do any, most importantly, get rid of too long vegetation in the specified zones. Most often, yorkshire owners prefer to make such a haircut “under zero” so as not to go to the salon too often.


It is necessary to participate in exhibitions and contests, so the length is determined by the regulations of the event. Distributed groin, armpits, gaps between fingers and one third part of the ears. All the rest of the wool is equivalent according to the standard, but not interface. Before the event, it needs to be perfectly fastened.


Model haircuts are not suitable for exhibitions. They are not regulated by the regulations, which means that the owner and the hairdresser can be introduced to misstate – to braid various braids, cut out the figures, shave the peel under the representative of another breed or do something unpredictable. Schemes for wax haircuts in a huge amount available on the Internet. The main thing is that all these manipulations do not harm the animal and did not cause him strong discomfort. Consider more popular models.

Kawai, or Korean haircut

With her help her dog gets a doll doll. Toddler tried in a similar way looks so charming that it can be taken for a toy. Cheeks are thoroughly shaved, the whole face is squeezed, while in the area behind the ears there are long hair. They are cut either with a cap, or leave more length so that you can make a standard tail.

No less gently cut the neck of the dog, and as for the length of the hair on the body of the dog, then each owner can solve himself. The final result looks impressive. After the quovaya, the four-legged friend becomes noticeably easier. True, to return the usual length of the pet, you will have to wait at least six months.


This beautiful fur animal inspired dog beauty masters on the creation of gorgeous hairstyles with an unusual texture. To create the effect of the coat of chinchilla, from all over the body, the excessive wool is coated, no more than 13 mm long remains. After that, on the body of peeling, thin stripes are divided, resulting in a characteristic drawing. Alternatively, instead of the lines, the hairdresser can choke “scales” like a fish or another pattern that wants to see the owner. A week later, when the hairs are completely growing, the hairstyle looks even more beautiful.

“Under Padel”

Gemer short cuts the whole body, not touching the pants zone. The muzzle is also divided as a poodle – in a circle. As a result, the forehead is broken, but in the Girl, leave a wool to create a flirty tail with a bow.

How to choose a haircut?

According to the owner’s capabilities

Typically, the choice is adversely done on the basis of the presence of free time for the care of her. So, longer pet hair require more care, you will need hiking to the hairdresser or self-trimming, regular combing. Families with children who often walked pets and love active games, usually cut pieces shorter, so as not to mess around with chopans and wash your pet after each fun walk.

Of course, the hairstyle “under zero” will not free from hygienic procedures, but they will have to do much less frequently. If the aesthetic component is very important for you, then even your dog should shine gorgeous hairstyle – Be prepared constantly follow it and spend money on the cargo.

By type of Volos

There are other principles of choice hairstyles for York, for example, the type of wool. Smooth with glitter more caprica, that is, it requires more care, but it can be realized with it more creative ideas. The rigid wool does not give such a number of variations of hairstyles, it is better to cut it to medium length. Too short will not look very beautiful, but a long one – to electrify and rush. Best owners of such a fur coat will suit Korean style.

By half

It is logical that the boys most often use classic options without too much “Mishura”. These are straight lines, a short length on the face, the limbs poodle and the absence of bangs, because they still do not wear bows. Hairstyle “A la Schnauzer” – an excellent option for males york. It involves a thoroughly trimmed body, long wool remains on the paws and cheeks, and an acute beard is formed. At the same time, short heads and ears emphasize the wedge-shaped bangs of PSA.

For girls, the abundance of bows and clips, the poet bangs usually preserve them. His features and haircut of the body – model the “skirt”. This is done like this: with a strongly sked backrest, extended wool remains on the tail and rear legs. Speeciously looks like “French Spit” on the body of yorkshire girls. To brave it, the groomer leaves long wool on his back. Alternatively, you can braid a few simple braids.

How to cut the house?

Grooming is not such a difficult case, if you wish, it can master any owner. It is not necessary to go to “dog hairdressers” so that your pet looks irresistibly – try to take the role of cargoer on yourself and cut it at home.

To do this, you will need to explore the principles of haircuts on the Internet, read special books, you can even visit special classes.

After that you will become the best stylist for your dog, because it will be your only and beloved client.

When the necessary knowledge is received, you can start buying a toolkit:

  • scissors of different sizes and bending, some will go to the treatment of the paws, others – tail and t. D.+
  • Milling tools+
  • Machine for a haircut with special nozzles – they differ from the standard that people use, for a number of characteristics+
  • Comb with teeth of different lengths+
  • A rug that will prevent the dog slip during operation.

Please note that we must not be made out of plastic, it is better for these purposes. Metal models are suitable. Special haircut machines should not have plastic nozzles, as they worsen the final result. Doggy models usually work silently so as not to scare peelings with sharp sounds, in addition, they are not clogged with hair like “Human” hair clippers.

It is not recommended to wear on the time of the procedure synthetic clothing. It is electrified by hair, he “rises end”. It will make it difficult to work.

How to teach?

Many owners are asked by a question, and will the pet will resist the actions of the hairdresser. Fears are not devoid of logic, but problems will be easier to avoid, if you start haircuts in a timely manner, that is, with puppy age. You will have to drive a pet to the gathering at least every 2 months, and these visits should not become tortured for the owner and his pet. However, there are “dog lovers”, which cut the wool with their Yorkshires only every six months. If the owners in a timely manner triggered and follow the hygiene, then this option is quite admissible.

Since the first haircuts occur on a puppy age, the fur of the animal is not very much. This makes the cutting process less durable and is beneficial to teaching the procedure. Before the haircut starts, hair combing. Teach a puppy to combing a soft brush or comb. Spend her back, paws, tail and head.

Give the peel to the taste after the end of this manipulation and intend. If you plan to cut a dog yourself, then at the next stage, when it gets used to the ridge, you can connect scissors. If you drive her to the hairdresser, then your home “training” will also be beneficial, because the puppy will not perceive combing as something unpleasant. After him, the groomer will easily go directly to the haircut.

Creating another masterpiece of hairdresser’s art on the body of his beloved York, remember that he should be comfortable with this hairstyle.

Early gums and bumps in no way should interfere with the animal or fight the ears, otherwise he will not be able to divide your joy about its new glamorous species.

Trust your pet professional farmers who will give your four-legged friend original and creative image. And if you like to learn everything new, then try to master the grooming yourself, and then you do not have to spend money on hiking to dog hairdressers.

Garming technique is better in video tutorials. One of them is presented in the following video.

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