Japanese cats: characteristics, choice and rules

Japanese cats: characteristics, choice and rules

Japan is an amazing country with its traditions and nuances of culture. The national flavor in it imposes an imprint on everything that is possible, including a species diversity of bred rocks of cats. Due to the peculiarity of the approach, breeding is targeted. The material of this article will tell the reader than the unique Japanese cats, how to choose such a pet and what is the main nuances of care for him.


Cat of the Japanese breed enjoys a special respect for his breeder, which she is obliged to the traditions of their country. As a rule, individuals do not have a long tail, which is considered to be the firmness of the devilish power. The short tail, according to the usual opinion, has long been recognized as affiliated with a unique form. The rocks of such cats are notable for the fact that the tail is not cut off: the kittens are born without it. The basis of the selection was the cat with the title “Japanese Bobtail”.

Such a cat is different from other representatives of the Feline family harmony body size and proportions. One of the distinguctive features of this animal is the characteristic “samurai rack”. The head of the cat is striving for the shape of an equilateral triangle, the face rather graceful, the eyes are large and expressive.

The position of the large ears of the Japanese cat is vertical, due to which the animal seems wary.

In fact, this is a feline breed in Japan, which differs from other varieties by the presence of two and more shades of color. Her wool is single-layer: the lack of underlying is explained by the fact that the origin of the species began in the soft climate. As for the absence of a tail, then the breed is considered conditionally false: individual representatives of its length can vary from 2 to 7 cm. Due to the greater density and the length of the wool, he resembles Pompon.

Japanese cats with big eyes have their own exterior requirements, they should:

  • Be sure to have a short tale concrete+
  • Inherit the genotype of Japanese Bobtail+
  • consisting in direct relationship with him+
  • Align strong health+
  • have a coloring of two or more colors with a predominance of white.

Weighs the Japanese cat not more than 4 kg, her body is muscular, the front paws are shorter than the rear. Because of this physiological feature, it cannot walk exactly: its movements are more reminiscent of racing. Purebred Japanese cats do not have a different color of the eyes: such individuals are considered representatives of American selection.

A variety of Japanese bobtail is the long-haired bobleyyl, derived by breeders in about 20 years since the recognition of the CFA Association. It is noteworthy that the long-haired representative of the busty breed was other names (“Cat-Chrysanthemum”, “Bobby”). However, in the circles of breeders, the individual remained long-haired bobtail.

A distinctive feature of shorthair cats is a flexible face of face. The distance between their ears is already, the muzzle does not have a deepening on the transition from the nose to the forehead. Long-haired fellow have a small woolen collar, their molting usually passes within 5-6 days. Other breed representatives have painting “Mi-Kay”, combining three colors: white, black and redhead.

Character features

Despite the fact that chopped cats are considered severity, the character of them can be different. Some of them are affectionate and bleeders, others are not. They can be attached to the owner, rarely when sitting without affairs and constantly find a reason for entertainment. At the same time, the active animal will never give up the game with the owner. They are not indifferent to flying insects and fantastic rustling.

In view of their activity, they can not sit without a case, and therefore with the owners leading a sedentary lifestyle, they will be boring. Bobleyls can not without movement and active games, they are extremely inquisitive and leaving for training. If desired, they can be taught to some teams, and individual individuals may bring the necessary items after training. Other carrying their toys in your teeth and adore to play with the owner of the relief.

Usually, They support the neighborhood with representatives of a kind, will always find a reason for games and other feline entertainment. Unlike many breed fellows, they are not afraid of water, you willingly splash in the bathroom and can swim. Breeders argue that these cats allocate one member of the family who trust, trying to demonstrate his affection. Fresh Air Walks – Favorite Japanese Cats. They do not experience fear when a meeting with unfamiliar people or animals is distinguished by a pleasant purring voice.

Bobtail in nature is a hunter. This cat is not indifferent to small rodents and domestic birds. Sooner or later, no matter how friendly he is, he will pay their hunting attention to them.

It is not recommended to start it where the feathered.

How to choose?

Buy a Japanese cat is quite difficult, the reason for which is to search for a proven nursery, where they grow purebred kittens. Any representative of the breed must have documentation. As for the nurseries in our country, then, unfortunately, we have only one, is in Zavidovo (Moscow region).

You need to choose a kitten approximately when it turns 3-4 months. At this time, the representative of the breed is already active and inquisitive, it can quickly adapt to new living conditions. The body of the kitten is slender, but it is not weak, the back should have a smooth bend. The ears must stand, the eyes of the individual can be not only large, but also planted under the tilt. Their color will depend on the color of the wool, and therefore can be different.

Active kitten persistent and confident. This is a researcher who stretches to everything new. Unlike other breeds, Bobtail is considered to be talkative, friendly and playful. You need to take the most mobile cat, looking after his behavior. As for color, the most popular is the color Cherepakhovo-white. However, if there are no such kites in the nursery, you will have to be content with those that there are.

There is a kitten of three months old average from 30,000 to 70,000 rubles. At the same time, the price may vary depending on the floor, the nature of the kitten, the color and class of the pedigree. For example, the most expensive representative of the breed will be a kitten-female turtle color. In addition, they are valued above and kittens with blue eyes.

As for the pitch’s tail, Ideally, he should be a little twisted. Under no circumstances to straighten it.

In general, such animals do not acquire from the breeder’s hands, since the risk of buying a unclean pet. There are cases when they were ordered directly from Japan, where there is a richer choice. When buying it is important to follow, To the kitten was the heir of Japanese bobtail. No other bobtails (American, Kuril) will not replace it, it is already a unclean breed, whoever spoke.


It is believed that the Japanese short-tailed cats are unpretentious in care and rather quickly get used to the living conditions regardless of whether the apartment is or a private house. They have a strong immunity, they rarely sick. The duration of their life on average is 15 years old. During this time, the animal must be carried out in a timely manner to the veterinarian.

It is necessary to conduct vaccination and degelmintion in time. Despite the fact that these cats are not subject to hereditary diseases, they can attract fleas and ticks. Therefore, every time after the walk you need to inspect the pet for the presence of parasites. For the walking cat, you need to get a leash.

Frequent walks are especially important when the pet lives in a close apartment.

Bobtails are extremely sensitive to temperature change, and therefore they can freeze if the house is cold. The reason for this is the absence of a subfer. As for their attitude towards changing the place of residence, then in this plan they are not addictive. These cats travel perfectly with the owner and do not suffer from frequent moves from place to place.

With a Japanese cat It is necessary to constantly engage in learning, which will allow you to develop not only friendly relationships, but also grow a smart animal with a sociable character. These animals have many breeders seem true like dogs. With proper upbringing, they do not allow themselves any aggression, never offend children, preferring to retire if they were offended.


Feed the Japanese cat need correctly. To do this, you can contact a specialist who will help make a balanced nutritional diet. The breeder must understand that only industrial feeds will not be able to fill the animal nutrients for the development of musculatures and obtaining vital energy. It is necessary to be in addition to dry and wet feed, the cat got into food and natural products.

For example, It should constantly eat sea fish, veal, chicken meat, as well as by-products. In addition to vitamin and mineral complexes, it will be needed fresh milk, cottage cheese and water. As for the choice of industrial feed, it is necessary to buy it, taking into account the age-related category of the animal. Cats are usually not thrown on food, but if it is noted that the animal is too often suitable for a bowl with food, it is worth passing on the number of feed that it gets.

Crossing is fraught with loss of activity and, as a result, decrease in immunity. It is worth considering that some representatives of the breed are pretty legible in food, and therefore will not have what they do not like.

On average, a portion of food for a day is calculated from the ratio of 30-60 g per 1 kg of weight.

Products before feeding need to grind. As for the number of food meals, it is possible to feed the cat twice a day (in Morning and Evening). It is advisable to do this at the same time, removing the bowl after the bobtail was. It is important to pay attention to the fact that vegetables, some fruits and even fermented products come to the nutrient diet. He needs and low-fat meat, as well as boiled fish without bones.

Less often you can give an animal boiled chicken yolks. As for milk, it is good for small kittens, but adult individuals can do badly to carry it, which is sometimes accompanied by the problems with digestion. You must not forget to feed the bobtail and the grass from the pet store.

The feed dish should not be too hot. It is strictly forbidden to treat pet food from its table, for example, fried sausage, lard or exotic delicacies. Such feeding can lead to serious problems with his health.

However, no matter how enough it sounded, you can offer a cat with cucumbers, zucchini and even apples. Surprising many, there are cases when cats feed on such food.


Regardless of the type of cats, they need to be combeding wool. If this is a representative of the main breed, then Regularity of procedures is no more often once a week. The individuals with long wool will be happy if the combing their wool will pay attention twice a week. In addition, multiplicity can be increased during the molting period.

Hygien ears and eyes are performed as pollution. Ears are contaminated faster than those of other breeds. In view of the specific structure, they have to be cleaned more often, otherwise it can lead to such consequences as inflammatory processes. As for claws, it will not work without brakes. In addition, it will have to carry out preventive inspections in a timely manner, because long claws will be bend and deliver the trouble to the pet, which is why the animal will be limited in motion.

In general, bobtails Pretty clean and constantly cleaned themselves from any dirt, including dust. When processing wool, it is impossible to use chemicals: you can make cotton discs in a chamomile beard or conventional warm water. No need to constantly bathe a pet: enough to do this once a few months.

The first sign that the cat is worms, are Luma in the eyes. If the corners of the eyes seem covered with something white, you need to urgently lead the animal to the veterinarian, which will pick him up the dosage of the drug based on the weight of the bobtail. Depending on the recommendations of the specialist, processing can be repeated.

As for combing wool, some pets love similar procedures very much.

For example, they show attention and interest when they are started combing, purring, try to turn the desired side. Others and in all gratefully lick the hands of the owner who cares about their health.


In our country, the process of breeding Japanese purebred cats is problematic due to the fact that it is not easy to find the part of the opposite sex for mating. No matter how much it wanted to get offspring, breed mixing with unclean cats leads to the emergence of kittens with long-tails.

That cat is ready for mating, she informs their behavior. As a rule, individuals begin to scandal with all households. They are inconspicuous by the witnesses, as it happens in conventional cats. Mom cats are usually very caring, for one litter they can bring no more than 3-4 kittens. However, you can not be afraid that kittens will not survive: The probability of their death is too low.

To get litter, you need to ask the kitten to ask, who has a part of the opposite sex. Perhaps this is exactly the solution to the problem.

All about the features of this breed, see further.

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