Japanese feline toilet fillers

Japanese feline toilet fillers

In Japan, very seriously refer to the issue of environmental friendliness. Japanese filler for a feline toilet is considered one of these products. It is safe and simple in the disposal process, which is important for many cat lovers.

Features of choice

Picking up the filler for the tray, it is worth considering the fact that the animal may not agree to go there. And the point is not in the pickly, but in the composition of the product. There are such cases when it does not fit the four-side pet: seams go to the toilet where they are comfortable. Ask the breeder or the former owner of the animal, which filler he used.

Curious animal will want to taste the components, especially those that make the smell, so when buying it is necessary to pay attention to this. For cats, it is characteristic of digging in the tray, in the process of which dust rises and settles on the surface of the floor.

Based on these factors, it is very important that the filler does not cause an allergic reaction not only in the animal, but also in humans.


An important factor is the price of filler. Change tray often, and if at home is not one fluffy, then the use of raw materials increases several times. The frequency of replacement depends on the composition and principle of moisture. Therefore, when choosing, pay attention to these items. The advantages of Japanese fillers are.

  • The composition is vegetable ingredients. Due to this filler, it turns out 100% harmless.
  • The shape of the granules resembles pyramids, which allows you to clean up when cleaning due to the commerce.
  • The possibility of recycling in the toilet due to natural composition.
  • Great absorbs moisture, keeps the smell, has an antibacterial effect.
  • Little consumption: 7 liters enough for 2 months, when taking into account that houses contain one cat.

Who fits?

For pets with allergic reactions and various skin diseases, as it is impossible, Japanese fillers are suitable. This product is well used for trays, if the kitten lives at home. Owners of the Big Family of the Mestes are also worth paying attention to the Japanese series.


Compressed slips together with chips in granules are popular among animal lovers. Make such a filler of coniferous trees. For adult animals, large granules use, and for kittens – small. This product is relatively inexpensive, for which he loved many people. The smell of needles perfectly interrupts feline odors. You can buy in any animal store.

The wood filler has one very significant disadvantage: the granules quickly take the shape of sand. When the pet goes from the tray, on the paws it tolerates particles of the house. Paper Filler Cheaper Wood Filler. However, it has not very high absorbent properties and does not work so well with a specific smell.

Corn base perfectly copes with liquid discharge, eliminates unpleasant odor and can boast an excellent service life. But due to the lightness of the granules stick to the legs and spread around the house. Fillers with mineral and clay composition are considered the most common and in demand. They perfectly cope with moisture absorption.

Nabuchi from the liquid, the granules turn into lumps, due to which the product got the name “commercial”. But the smells of such a filler eliminates bad and it causes an unpleasant feeling. In addition, traces of paws can remain on the floor, after visiting the toilet.

If you use a means for a tray correctly, pour no more than 10 cm, then the process will happen correctly and there will be no such trouble.

There is a filler representing small pebbles that change their color when moisture. It made from volcanic zeolite. Great copes with the absorption of moisture and the elimination of the smell. You can also purchase a Japanese filler with silica gel. Many believe that this kind is one of the highest quality. Granules have a high degree of moisture absorption. Consumption small. Special additional substances contribute to the best absorbing odors.

    The disadvantages are attributed to the unpleasant sound when the pet is in the tray, and the ability to absorb moisture from the air during improper storage. Watch carefully to ensure that the animal does not swallow the granules. Otherwise it will receive a chemical mucosa burn.

    Among the variety of options, it is not difficult to choose a natural filler. Try not to change the composition, representatives of the feline family do not like.

    Therefore, stay on one, optimal Japanese feller for you for you.

    About how to choose a feline toilet filler, look in the following video.

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