Japanese names for cats and cats

Japanese names for cats and cats

Each pet is individual. Sometimes, taking a small kitten on the hands, you realize that a simple name is not suitable for him, you need to choose something special. For cats and cats, you can choose Japanese names. Such puddles are usually with a certain value.

Features and recommendations

As soon as a small pet appears in the house, then the question arises – how to call it? In Russia, kittens are often called some simple names. The most common cat clicks are Murzik, Murka, Barsik, Ryzhik and T. D. But someone such names may seem too simple. Many owners of rare cat breeds there are a desire to choose some special nickname so that it does not just sound beautifully, but also carried a certain meaning. For this reason, many choose Japanese names. They sound pretty unusual and beautiful.

Picking up nicknames for boys or girls, need to take into account the characteristics of the character of the kitten. It is also important to take into account its color or some features of appearance. Most of the nicknames have a certain meaning that helps choose the appropriate option for his pet. But it is not necessary to choose names only in meaning, you can choose that nickname, the sound of which you like most.

Choosing female or male names for their pets, remember that they are not only beautiful, but unusual, and sometimes very complex for pronunciation.

If you have children in the house, you will certainly be called a pet in your own way. Therefore, it is better to initially choose the uncomplicated name for the cat and be sure to consult with the child.

Klikek options

For cats

Cats differ from cats with their character. They are affectionate, gentle, but sometimes capricious. Among Japanese nicknames for pets, you will definitely find something suitable for your fluffy baby.

  • Many believe that it is their cat is the most beautiful in the world. Therefore, any Pitomice is perfect for such a nickname as Asami. You can translate the name into Russian as “Morning Beauty”. Each cat loves to care for himself independently and loves very much when the owners do. Therefore, asami is the perfect name for your beauty.
  • Higher Khan is also perfect for a “flower”.
  • For an active and elegant cat, the name Ayum is perfect. It sounds very beautiful and unusual. Click is translated as “Progress”. Therefore, do not doubt that the Pitomian will delight you every day with new achievements.
  • Hoshi translates as a “star”. Perfect option for graceful and beautiful cat.
  • If you want something more sonorous and consider your favorite of the real queen of your home, then name it is Kimiko. This name can be translated as “Queen”. Nickname is perfect for the wayward cat, which is accustomed to the fact that the owners do everything possible for her comfortable and second life.
  • Cats by nature their very graceful and elegant. Therefore, you can safely choose such a name as Masaco, which means “elegant”. Perfectly suitable for homemade favorite any breed.
  • If your favorite is not just beautiful, but also is the owner of a quiet character, then name it. The sonor and the original name is perfect for any baby, and it is translated as “Beautiful”.
  • Also for a calm cat is suitable nick. It denotes “Calm and Poslice”. Your favorite will surely wait for your return home and will always be glad to you.
  • Favorite pet for each owner is a friend who pleases his presence every minute. If you adhere to this opinion, then select the name Tamako, which can be translated as “jewelry” or “treasure”. Thanks to this nickname, your favorite will be not only affectionate, but also grateful, responsive.
  • In the event that a cute kitten has become your best friend from my first day, give him a corresponding name. For example, Tomomoy, which is literally translated as “the best or wonderful friend”. A cat with this name will always feel comfortable in your presence and really will become a close, devoted friend.
  • For a tender, beautiful and affectionate girl, the name of Yuna is perfect. Your favorite will always be calm, affectionate and cute.

With such pets, they love to spend time.

For cats

Among the big variety of names for cats, you will definitely find such, which is most suitable for your pet and describe his unique character.

  • If a red cat cat lives in your house or your pet was born in the fall, then such a nickname is suitable for him like aki. You can translate it as “bright” or “autumn”. Name is simple and interesting. Perhaps this is the best alternative to the usual redhead or peach.
  • Many cats behave like real princes. The peculiarity of their nature is reflected in behavior and in graceful gait. If your cat is suitable for this description, then you can call it akihiko, which is translated as “bright prince”. Also, this nickname is perfectly suitable cats of white or silver color.
  • In the event that there are already cats and cats in the house, and the baby recently appeared in your family, then he is perfect for the name of Arata. This name is translated as “new”. The Japanese believe that this name is not only suitable for the cat, but also helps to bring joy to the house and new happy changes.
  • If your pet will grow big cat, then name it gives. This name is great for large and majestic animals. Translated from Japanese it means “big”. According to statistics, cats with such name are distinguished not only by growth and weight, but also excellent appetite.
  • Many owners by choosing a cute kitten, believe that the pet will bring them only joy and give a daily positive. In this case, Hiroki’s nickname is perfectly suitable, which can be translated as “a lot of joy” or “big joy”. Also this name is perfect for active and playful kid.
  • Most cats are distinguished by their wayward character. To the kitten grew obedient and devotees, it can be called a joon. This name is translated as “obedient”. For a long time, everyone knows that names can have some impact on the nature of the pet.
  • For an active cat who loves to explore and explore everything around, the beautiful name of Michio is perfectly suitable, which is translated as a “traveler”. Such cats really love to go to long-distance travel with their hosts.
  • The cute name of Satoshi translates as “wise”. Nickname is perfect for smart and inquisitive cat. In addition, the owners of cats with this name claim that their pets are easily leaving for training.
  • Cat may well be a true friend. If you stick to this opinion, then such a nickname is perfect for a pet, like Tadao. This name is translated as “faithful”. Such a cat will really become your faithful friend, he will always be there and will not require anything in return.
  • Snow-white kitty always occurs a desire to call the snowball. The Japanese also has a very suitable name for such a cat – Yasu, which is translated as “snow”.

About the popular Japanese cat named Maru (in translation means “round”) look next.

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