Japanese Spitz: Breed Description, Color Options and Care Rules

Japanese Spitz: Breed Description, Color Options and Care Rules

Like a German spitz, a Japanese variety of this breed has an equally rich history. White dogs have their own characteristics of the nature, behavior and features of the exterior.

Breed history

According to the cynological community, Japanese spitz have occurred from the breed of self-deck. This theory, unfortunately, can not be proved, as refuted, due to the fact that the northern dogs are relatives of modern species of pieces.

It is officially believed that Japanese Spitz was led in Japan, which was why he got his name. The birth time of the breed is considered to be the gap between 1920 and 1930. During this period, German dwarf spits were brought to the territory of Japan. They are the progenitors of the Japanese subspecies of this breed.

In 1921, the exhibition of animals was held in Tokyo, at which the public was able to see the German spitz brought from Europe. Animals immediately gained sympathy of people, so local breeders decided to bring a similar breed.

During the long selection, the Japanese managed to get a new breed of dogs. Snow-white dogs received their recognition from a cynological federation only in 1964. A dozen years later, the breed was recognized as a dog-breeding club in the UK.

From this year, the spread of Japanese spa worldwide. Today, this breed does not want to recognize the kennels of only one country – the United States. In their opinion, the Japanese dog appeared very similar to the Eskimo dogs.


Japanese Spitz differs from the classic type of body with a structure of the face. It immediately looks eastern influence.

An animal is small, with thick snow-white wool, the muzzle is pointed, like “fox”, the ears of a highly protected, triangular shape, the tail is rolled into the ring.

More about the exterior of the breed.

  • Head. The size of the muzzle is medium, bones of the head wide, like the frontal. The transition in the forehead area to the urban zone is pronounced. Nose neat, elongated, tip painted black. Eyes dark brown, almond-shaped, surrounded by black eyelids. Look straight, curious. Jaw medium, well-developed fangs. Bite scissor-shaped. Lips are tightly adjacent to the mouth, without discretion. Black shade lip surface.
  • Body. Square body format. The housing is harmoniously complicated, the backbone is developed. Under the wool is well traced by developed muscles. The cervical department is medium in length, wide. Body sizes and limbs are proportional. Spin smooth, without deflection. Breast department of oval shape, the ribs are divorced. The stomach is tightened, not imagined. The skin is elastic, does not form a fold. Female individuals feminine, elegant, elongated. Males, on the contrary, chorey, tightly formed.
  • Limb. Laps straight, parallel to. Shoulder together with the spatula form a smooth angle, the elbows are not turned. Thigh wide, strong. Step fast, measured. Paw brushes rounded, the fingers are tightly adjacent to each other, the nail plate is black, like lapt pads.
  • Tail. Highly raised above the back, saberoid form, which allows him to fit into the ring.
  • Wool. In dogs thick undercoat with long light hairs. On the chest wool forms a lush collar. Temples in the area of ​​shoulders, sterns Long, on the face and front zone of feet hair is shortened. Tail Volumetny, with fringe.

    The life expectancy of Japanese spa spitzs is 13 years old. Subject to the rules of care and content the life of the pet may be longer.

    Japanese spitts are distinguished Correspondence, easy to train, can serve as a companion dog or act as a guard. Good temper helps the ps easily adapt to people, young children. The price of a dog of this breed ranges from 25 to 60 thousand rubles.


    Breed belongs to friendly, cheerful. An animal quickly goes to contact, easily gets used to the owner and his family, without showing any signs of aggression. Spitz love children, belong to the kids well, however, they will not be a nanny.

    The main distinguishing feature of pieces – silence. Unlike mini spitts, the pet does not give the voice to the right and left, the dog is practically no gavits. Due to the silence of PSA, some owners begin to think that the pet has health problems, but it is not. The Japanese serve only in case of anxiety, danger, fright. During the rest of the time they can slightly whine or suck, snort.

    Japanese spitts are constantly in motion, showing activity anywhere. They prefer boredom games. Pet need to purchase a variety of toys, and the owner must be given more time to walk with animals.

    Spitz gladly divide the morning jog in the park. The dog goes well to contact with representatives of other breeds or with other animals. The absence of hunting instincts allows it not to chase cats, squirrels, small rodents.

    Eastern dogs will not bend dirt, these dogs are extremely clean. They can not live in litters.

    The mind and the duplicate nature of the animal allow him to quickly memorize commands, perform various tricks. Pots will not wake the owners in the morning or learn a delicacy when not allowed.

    They are committed to the owners, show a sense of tenderness, they require caress, but not annoying. Japanese Spitz is perfect for families with children, phlegmatic or melancholic.


    Color can only be one – white. The presence of colored stains, drive, notes or other signs on the snow-white coat of PSA is considered defects. If the seller offers you under the guise of Japanese spice of animals with red, black or gray fur coat, you know – this is a hoax.

    At the same time, all mucous, as well as the pillows of the paws of dogs must be painted black.

    Height and weight

    Males in the withers reach 40 cm, females not higher than 35 cm. The weight of the adult PSA is 10 kg, bitch – up to 7 kg.

    If you buy an adult part with an increase of up to 30 cm or less weighing, which is indicated in the Japanese breed standard, then you are selling an ordinary orange spitz or sick animal.

    Animals are very similar, so it is always to be guided by signs of the exterior of PSA. It is also desirable to study a pedigree dog.

    Pros and cons

    The positive qualities of the animal include character. Good-natured temper, balanced psyche of the animal and the sharp mind allow the dog to easily conquer friends. The absence of hunting instincts and aggression makes this breed a companion. The dog is cheerful, playful, requires long walks, but they pass in a positive way. These dogs practically do not go, behave like aristocrats and do not serve a voice to all see. In the house with young children it will be a big plus. The mind of the PSA and his character help the pet is easy to memorize the team, without causing during the training of negative moments.

    The disadvantages in the first place should include the cost of the puppy. This breed is not cheap, purebred individuals are on average 60 thousand rubles cost. Like all the rocks of decorative dogs, the Japanese has hereditary diseases associated with vision or digestive system. There are also acquired ailments. If the favorite is correct to care for and periodically visit the vet, then the risks of the occurrence of sores can be reduced almost to zero.

    In the process of molting, the dog drops a lot of wool, so this breed categorically does not fit people who suffer allergies and those who do not like to find wool on their clothes and in the corners of the room.

    How to choose a puppy?

    Purebred puppies start to annoy the mother at the age of 2 months. At this age, the pet has external signs of the breed and the character formed.

    When buying a dog, it is necessary to inspect the documents attached to the animal. The pedigree dogs must be painted in them, puppy metric. It is also recommended to independently inspect the PSA parents. A veterinary passport is also attached to the baby, in which all the necessary marks of vaccinations should be.

    It is advisable to observe the behavior of the baby and the conditions for its content. The room must be clean, baby – active, its mucous membranes without mud, selection. The puppy should have a good appetite.

    Low cost puppy may indicate a buyer’s deception. Purebred representatives of the breed can not cost less than 25 thousand rubles, as they are in demand and rare.

    Kids or adult individuals are advised to purchase in special nurseries or at breeders with good reviews and full documentation.


    Most of the Japanese Spitz owners tend to believe that feeding dogs is worth only feeds not lower than premium class, if it is impossible to provide him with a full-fledged balanced menu from natural meal. For spitts fit the feed of class holistic, super premium, premium. These mixtures are enriched with minerals, vitamins, their composition is perfectly balanced.

    The diet is selected based on the following factors: the age and size of the dog, pet health. Proper nutrition affects the quality of animal wool, his chair, activity, cleaning of mucous membranes, mood.

    If it is decided to feed the Japanese spitz with natural food, then it is necessary to make a balanced menu, which includes the following positions.

    • Meat – Beef, Bird, Sub-Products. 25 grams per kilogram of weight adult individual.
    • Grain crops – Rice or buckwheat. Submitted in boiled form without salt, seasonings, spices or other additives.
    • Vegetables. They give a pet need every day gradually.

    Food is supplied sliced ​​to medium slices so that the dog can easily worry them. One or twice a week is allowed to replace the meat products boiled peeled from the bone of marine fish, treat the dog with boiled chickens, quail, give a little cottage cheese, kefir.

    An important factor in feeding pet – access to clean drinking water. Water is replaced every day or half a day, it is advisable to keep the bowl away from the feeding zone to keep the cleanliness of the liquid. Capacities with water can be somewhat, you can arrange them all over the apartment in places where pets most often live.

    An important role is played by the dog’s nutrition. Puppies consume food up to 4 times a day, adult dogs eating 2 times a day. Feeding should go to the same hours. It is forbidden between meals to arrange pets. Such actions may lead to the fact that the animal will begin to abandon the regime and from normal food.

    It is worth carefully monitoring the reaction of a dog on food, since the breed is prone to manifestations of allergic reactions. It is forbidden to give a dog products that have passed smoking, as well as greasy, pickled or acute food. It is impossible to feed it with sweets, flour, hard meat.


    Japanese spitz care is easy. Attention should be given to the condition of animal wool, clean the eyes, ears, teeth.

    Despite the fact that the dog itself is clean, it is still necessary to periodically spend water procedures with it. Full bathing dogs are held every two months or before the exhibition.

    Water should be warm so that the animal was comfortable in it. For cleansing thick wool, special shampoos are applied for long-haired dog breeds. You can also use sample shampoos for maintaining white coat.

    Aggressive or alkaline means are able to spoil the quality of a pet wool.

    After the bath wool is pressed, the animal is wrapped in a dry terry towel for removing excess moisture. If the dog is accustomed to the hair dryer, then the wool can be dried with it. In another case, it is better to leave pets to dry naturally.

    The room in which Spitz is located, should be warm, without drafts.

    Next should be proceeding with combing. For this procedure, it is worth using a massage brush. Wool is calculated in different directions. During the period, the bathing is not recommended that chopenins are not formed, better instead of water procedures, use the furminator or Pooscher.

    Each time after a walk or once a week, the content of the ears and eyes of the animal is carried out in the apartment. With the help of a woven disk in a special lotion, a zone around the eyes is processed. Ear shells are better brushed with a cotton wand, trying not to direct her in ear. After a walk in nature, it is recommended to inspect the dog for ticks, if a special collar has not been used.

    All items for care are purchased in veterinary pharmacies.

    Japanese spitza is to teach to the cleaning of the teeth, starting from an early age. Cleaning occurs with a special toothbrush that is put on a finger. It uses a tooth powder or a paste for dogs and cats. Clean the surface of the teeth is recommended twice a month or once a week depending on what food eats a dog. It is also recommended to periodically visit the dentist veterinarian.

    Claws Dogs, if she walks on the street every day, where the surface is paved with stones or asphalt, do not need to be shortened. In other cases, for the convenience of a pet, it is worth producing once a month with their haircut with a drive. The procedure should be done carefully, as the black color plate can interfere with the capillary channels that cannot be damaged. If there is no desire to make this procedure yourself, the animal is worth it to the veterinarian.

    As a rule, Japanese spitz do not require regular haircut. This procedure is carried out before participation in the competition, exhibition. For grinding, special scissors of the rounded shape are used to make it easier to handle the paw zone and in the area between the pads. It helps not pour dirt or other Musor to Pat Pat. Haircut wool in the anal zone helps to keep cleanliness under the tail. Grooming allows you to give a beautiful silhouette of the body of an animal, his face, paws. Stripped dog especially effectively looks against the background of his usual fellow.

    Animal needs everyday walk. Duration of one walking should not be less than half an hour. The breed requires the purchase of additional toys that the dog will be occupied while in the apartment.


    Only healthy animals are allowed to knit. The female is better to bring to the making on the 11th or 15 day of flow and not earlier than in the second year of life. Males should also not be under two years old. Before this animals are walked, but do not feed. Dating a couple occurs in the territory of the male. If the act of love happened during dating, do not interfere in this situation. The male can stay on the female or set back to her. Do not try to distribute animals. Even if the female wants to break out, it is recommended to carefully hold a pet and save animals from fright, stress.

    If the crossing did not happen and the dog lost interest in his lady, it is recommended to re-encounter a couple a day later, two.

    Pregnancy is mainly without complications. Duration of carrying puppies is 58-64 days. The first visible signs of pregnancy occur for 35 days. Throughout this period, the animal needs increased care, better feeding, more long walks. Walking with the female must also be for her first requirement.

    When the days of pregnancy are suitable for completion, it is worth taking care of the preparation of the “maternity set”.

    It includes:

    • Clean rags or disposable large diapers+
    • gauze napkins+
    • Recording Materials (Pen, Notepad, Measuring Tape)+
    • Tara to collect the last+
    • Heated Capacity or Box with Puppies Harry+
    • Preparations for sterilization of tools+
    • Scissors, clamps.

    You may not have to use the maternity hospital, as the birth in most cases do not require human participation. It is also recommended to get a veterinarian number that can come to emergency call. Doctor about childbirth should warn in a couple of days.

    The only thing that can be helped by a pet – it is to purify newborns from the last: remove mucus in the area of ​​the eye, mouth, ears. After all the kids become clean, puppies metric.


    Japanese spitts are distinguished by strong health, but the dogs are prone to the appearance of the diseases of the digestive system (oral colors, ulcers), sometimes have problems with vision (cataracts). To reduce the risk of ailments, the pet is worth feeding a balanced food, regularly wipe the eyes after a walk, especially in windy weather. Increased servings or feeding frequency may result in obesity, problems with gastrointestinal tract.

    Upon reaching the elderly, the dogs acquire oncological diseases, a hormonal failure is possible.


    Unlike Pomeranian spa, which without training becomes capricious and aggressive, the Japanese breed does not particularly require dresser, but still may well learn all the teams. Training should not be exhausting, trains should be carried out in a game form, combining it with a walk.

    To work out one team, spitza will need about 3 days. Any team should work out every day no more than an hour. To train puppies worth starting from 3 months of age, because at the age of 1 month the dog is still too small and do not understand what they want from them.

    If the pet will sleep with the owner, he will quickly get used to his bed and abandon his place. Each dog should have its own laying.

    The aggressiveness or nonsense in the behavior of Japanese spitts is practically not found, since such negative features in the nature of individuals were immediately rejected during the selection. If you for some reason, a unbalanced dog came across, a pet is worthwhile to re-educate to the focus. Professionals will be able to adjust the behavior of the animal.

    Ownership reviews

    Reviews of Japanese Spitz owners are mostly positive. The owners like goodness pets, their diligence with other animals, young children. Lai lady arranges all family members and neighbors. Dogs are not a gavage in the morning or on people passing by people, behave extremely calm, aristocratic. An animal does not offend the owner and his family.

    For some, the increased activity of the PSA is sometimes made minus, but the problem is easily solved if there is a country house where a pet can be released on a fenced area. The dog is better to start active young couple. Health problems from them begin most often in old age. Feeding pet no one causes difficulties.

    The rarity of the breed and the price sometimes do not allow you to purchase a pet to everyone. In general, Japanese spitts are suitable for urban and country life and are excellent companions.

    In the next video, see the features of this breed of dogs.

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