Labrador’s weight by months

Labrador's weight by months

Your dream came true, and you took a long-awaited Labrador puppy. Each owner is interested in how, his baby grows, whether it develops correctly? This breed has pictures. Focusing on them, you can evaluate the development of the puppy, whether it is chosen.

Features of development

Briefly about the breed itself. Labrador is a middle-sized dog with a balanced psyche, a true friend and companion for the whole family. He loves children. True, a security guard is absolutely nowhere else. He is always happy to guests in your home. The breed was removed in the XIX century. There are several versions why it was so called. The first – by the name of the Labrador Peninsula. Second – in honor of the mining of black breed called Labradorite. The third – the dogs are very hardy and hard workers, and with the Portuguese Labrador translates as “worker”.

In development there are three stages. All of them pass during the first year of the dog’s life. The first lasts about four months and is characterized by rapid growth. In this stage, the puppy is gaining weight every day. The second, from five to eight months, implies a more slow development. At the third stage, which continues from eight months to a year, there is a very minor increase.

After passing these stages, the dog can be shown at exhibitions.

Weight and rising puppy by age

  • In the first month Cooner is born at all crumb and weighs about 400 grams. Every day he dials on average 100 grams, and in a week its weight changes 1 kilogram. Per month he already weighs 3-4 kg.
  • In the second month The pet grows very quickly and in 2 months reach weights 7-8 kg.
  • For the third month, growing per day per 100 grams, lovers by the end of the first trimester weighs 12-14 kg.
  • Four-month Labrador puppy – already a pretty diluted baby at a weight of 17-19 kg. Height is approaching 46 cm in the withers.
  • Reaching five months, puppy no longer increases so quickly in size. Parameters fluctuate from 21 to 22 kg with a height of 48-51 cm.
  • Six-month Labrador – no longer a plush bun, which you brought to the house, and already look like an adult dog. With a weight of 24-26 kg its height 50-55 cm.
  • At 7 months – This is a warm-creation teenager. However, it is worth avoiding mating, as not very pleasant consequences for the dog are possible. Weight from 27 to 28 kg, height 52-56 cm.
  • Reaching 8 months of age, Labrador becomes quite an adult animal. Weight gain no longer. Ranges from 28 to 30 kg and growth 54-57 cm.
  • At 9 months The dog begins to stumble. Growth is not changing radically. The norm is considered the weight of 29-32 kg, height 54-58 cm.
  • At 10 months An adult dog indicators are present. Weight should be from 30 to 40 kg. Height in the withers to 58 centimeters. Despite their full-fledged sizes, Labrador still remains a young dog that requires a full care.

Maximum weight of Labrador-boy – 60 kg, girls – 58 kg. Normal weight, respectively, 56 and 54 kg.

Based on the indicators presented above, do not forget that the boy and the girl differ in weight and growth in the same age. The individual of the male is larger and massive than women’s.

Tips for weight control and nutrition

Breeders advise mainly system measurements and enter the weight gain table by month. The table displays the growth of the puppy. And this is an indicator of the right development of a young dog. But despite the rigid criteria that breeders adhere to, do not forget that the data specified in the table is approximate because the indicators affect the power and lifestyle. Growth and weight of the dog also depend on heredity.

Need to draw on the size of the puppy’s parents. Full size Labrador reaches a year and a half. Need to follow so that he does not move and he has no excess fat. This breed is famous for its rapid appetite.

Do not forget about regular physical exertion. They help develop muscles and bones to your pet.

Even the weight and growth of Labrador depends on the quality of nutrition. Try to buy only high-quality feed. Food type “Chappi” and “Pedigri” do not always well affect the health of the dog. Breeders are developing special premium feed. Buying them in large volumes, you save about. The dog is not a man, she does not need a variety of food. The main thing is the balance of fats, proteins and carbohydrates and, of course, vitamins and microelements.

Recommend a good brand of feed You can veterinarian. Performing and listening to recommendations, you grow a healthy dog ​​with an excellent constitution, weight, growth and shiny wool. It remains to wish good luck in so pleasant and, sometimes, complex business, as the cultivation and education of Labrador.

About the breed standards, see next video.

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