List of fun and beautiful names for Scottish cat

List of fun and beautiful names for Scottish cat

One of the most common cat breeds is Scottish. Representatives of this species have gained their popularity thanks to an incredibly cute appearance, a quoted and positive nature. One of the tasks that are put in front of a person after acquiring an animal is the choice of name for his pet. This article will consider the possible options for nicknames, which, as it is impossible to suit the Kotu-boy Scottish breed.

Features of choice

To choose the right kitten and a name for him, you need to learn a little about the breed itself. There is a theory in which the first kittens in Scotland were brought from China in the XIX century. This theory has no significant evidence. However, the first mention of representatives of this breed is indeed referring to the XIX century. At that time, all representatives of the species were right, the species of lopheh scots appeared quite recently.

In 1961, in the Scottish village of Copeur Angus born kittens with pressed ears. Breed quickly gained popularity from professional breeders. Today, the plaid cholemno kitten can be bought on any continent.

The at home is a cute creature, a person acquires a lot of pleasant impressions and a good mood. Cats are completely non-aggressive and well leaving for training. If the owner is absent, they easily find a lesson. Scots are not prone to high activity and rarely when spoiled furniture or curtains. Such a pet easily sees with children.

The breed of Scottish cats is divided into two varieties: Fold (Fold) and Straight (Stud). In turn, each type includes long-haired and short-terrestrial representatives.

Healthy purebred kitty should have the following signs and parameters:

  • Pretty thick and velvety wool+
  • Rounded forms+
  • Head (due to wool) seems completely round+
  • Short, hidden neck+
  • The muzzle is slightly alley+
  • Made a wide nose with a light hubber noticeable in profile+
  • Powerful, not very long paws+
  • Big cute eyes+
  • The physique is dense, well developed muscles+
  • Ears are a distinctive feature of this breed, they are widely placed (the kittens between them are placed 2-3 fingers of an adult, and in adults – 3-5 fingers)+
  • Long-hour representatives of the breed on the neck there is a kind of wool collar+
  • The tail is quite long and very flexible, at the base it is wider, there is a nobody on the tip, the wool at the bottom of the tail.

Interestingly, the Scots instead of the usual grinding make sounds like a quiet creak.

This breed has more than 25 shades of wool color. We give the most common of them:

  • White+
  • White with black and red specks, with a golden tint+
  • Clean sandy color or with more dark stripes+
  • Cooked color (light shock and tips)+
  • cream+
  • smoky+
  • marble+
  • Clean black or with intrinsic colors+
  • Clean gray or with more dark stripes.

To properly choose your pet name, you need follow multiple.

  • The name should be easy in pronunciation for the owner. If a person is constantly stuffing, then the kitten just won’t remember his name.
  • It should be not very long, To the animal could easily remember the combination of sounds.
  • You need to select a name, considering that the pet will grow. Speed-ladies may be inappropriate for adult individuals.
  • Name pets can only once. It will be very difficult to rename it, because by the first name he will already have to get used to.
  • So that the kitten is used as soon as possible To his new nickname, you need to more often contact your pet named.
  • In the first few days It is very important to contact the kitten with a positive intonation in a voice. Animals are very sensitive to the negative emotions of the hosts.

Often the nickname is chosen from the fact that the first came to mind. But if nothing suitable is remembered, then There are several techniques that allow you to come up with an interesting nickname pet.

  • Since the Scottish breed is divorced mainly by breeders, then when the kitten is sold, he already has a name. It fits into the passport. However, such names are usually very long and uncomfortable. An excellent name of the name will be a reduction from the nickname that is recorded in the passport. Interestingly, breeders give a kitten name for the first two letters of his parents of his parents (or names of the nursery).
  • Inspiration can be searched in favorite books. For example, you can borrow the name of the main character of the books Joan Rowling – Harry.
  • Cinema – an inexhaustible source of names, so you can give a representative of the cat’s name of the favorite movie character.
  • Also worth contacting the motherland of his pet. Caption can be taken abbreviations from cities, peoples or natural objects of Scotland.
  • Pay attention to the nature of your pet. In general, representatives of this breed of a downtry and friendly temper.
  • If some funny story happened to the pet, then you can come up with a nickname, relying on this case.

An excellent idea will pick up the nickname based on the profession of one of the family members.

Choosing a name of the pet will be a great reason to collect the whole family. And do not forget that Little friend should also like his name.

  • Nickname based on the names of cities and geographic objects: Antrim, Iron, Hamber, Bomais, Harlek, Kilda, Blenhey, Adrian, Edin, Inaxes, Lanark, Deruente, Aloan, Inver, Narms, Damfis, Eding, Nevis, Black, Kerlis, Bridget, Templace, Glami, Cragy, Liven, Well, Kelvi, Laurent.
  • According to the status of the highest Persons: Count, Prince, Knight, Marquis, Viscount, Gentleman, Prince, King, Duke, Caesar, Baron, Lord.
  • Names of the heroes of books: Ronald, George, Percy, Gregory, Vincent, Markus, Terry, Davis, Albus, Hagrid, Filius, Florenz, Argus, Sirius, Digori, Ore, Arlian, Argosis, Arav, Warnes, Darrin, Josel, Mogrim, Daniel, Jou, Ariak, Holi, Bekir, Shir.

  • Names of heroes from films: Julce, Mraz, Trevis, Ferris, Andy, Bond, James, Vito, Jack, Lecturer, Gunn, Tyler, Teodor, Jill, Ron, Sean.
  • A selection of beautiful names for cats: Arthur, Roland, Aslan, White, Vito, Winston, Martel, Tim, Skye, Richard, Evan, Ross, Ball, Borea, Donald, Isidore, Charles, Norman, Zenon, Redl, Argus, Zorro, Sigmund, Star, Erik, Ephesus, Boyd, Orion, Bakhus, Flint, Gendarm, Jean, Gerard, Mark, Hugo, Fidel, Imanuel, Alan, Nevkin, Sharmel, Bazil, Jacques, Gores, Zhores, Bert, Masaen, Samir, Nur, Kamai, Terry, Neil, Agip, Emerald, Indigo, Imar, Hindu, Stephen, Klovov, Fatiz, Dellai, Bernard, Bertie, Bogach.
  • The color and texture of the wool can give a pet the following nicknames: Coconut, Embossed, Snowball, Belize, Arctic, Cloud, Topaz, Amvestite, Pomegranate, Velvet, Peach, Gold, Garfield, Tiger, Smoking, Gray, Archi, Pearls, Loda, Pooh, Leo, Turtle.
  • By the nature of the pet: Zadira, Sonya, Hunter, Sleeping, Scratch, Claw, Mur-Moore, Cheetah, Creature, Rage, Curious Nose, Milash, Evil, Doctor Evil, Mess, Sleep, Companion, Friend, Grubian, Nevashka, Murzilka, Mr. Nobility, Maunden , Humor, mr strangeness, knight.

Funny nickname

Humor – a great way to diversify life. Friends and acquaintances coming to visit will certainly be a mood, if they hear the funname name of your pet.

Men’s funny nicknames: Jasper, Joker, Darth Vader, Baskerville, Benjamine, Apollo, Hulk, Elvis, Cosmos, Chuck Norris, Luke, Buyan, Robinson, Dragon, Enstein, Forest, Xenoph, Apricot, Schumacher, Sherlock, Freud, Martin, El, Pegasus, Citrus, Baton, Neo, Schwartz, Sheggy, Pirate, Ostap, D’Artagnan, Stewart, Finla, Hegemon, Herman, Guddini, Chocolate, Hermes, Galilee, Guy, Gangster, Gypsy, Pythagora, Hector, Buddha, Dobby, Moug, Zeus, Lucifer, Whiskey, Scotch, Octave, Schubert, Pot, Trojan, Solovy, Mango, Aquamarine, Eather, Emelyan, Cactus, Lovelace, Alto, Clarinet, Banseuria, Bariton, Vista, Tuben, Gelik, Gusar, Husar, Polane, DJ, sausages, reed, cheburashka, king lir, nai, melofon.

Funny name Easy to come up with yourself. It is important that it reflects the characteristics of the character of the beast.

Interesting names

Fantasy man is inexhaustible. And our pets know it well.

Unusual names for cats: Genghis Khan, Bershek, Viking, Indian, Vasco, Giant, Vesuvius, Nobody, Doctor Who, Sancho, Whistle, Lancelot, Donatello, Dallas, Della, Dexter, Epic, Breeze, Sir, Romulus, Thomas, Felo, Marshmallow, Brut, Gaisan , Gabriel, Harrison, Arabis, Gliss, Xenon, Aconit, Dickens, Dunca, Aconit, Ores, Charlie, Yudwig, Bruno, Adonis, Mars, Cameron, Philch, Dummit, Joshua, Jumbo, Gray, Gray , Gavrik, Guoff, Sapphire, Pechorin, Ihtyander, Vincent, Vicar, Van Gogh, Sphinx, Oracle, Yesenin, Eremeze, Evlampius, Tristan, Perseus, Orpheus, Bassoon, Gordon, Boston, Mars, Orne, Dandy, Debian, Danko, Sunset, Mei, Headlands, Lavis, Avlin, Albok, Ranis, Jumbo, Giacomo, Ahoco, Chayms, Batau, Beauh, Bongo, Gender, Guan, Guiro, Dafir, Dotaki, Kamil, Kaval, Idof, Kardan, Karnay, Devis, Demon, Deffer, Kamil, Kardan, Karnay, Kimval, Maby, Nabu, Christian, Moiset.

When creating these selences, it was drawn to the films, books, mythology, palace etiquette, minerals, history, science luminaries and antique philosophers, movie stars, cartoons, ballet, geography, acting and who have already moved to the kings forgotten names, Musicians.

And this is not a complete list, where you can search inspiration to come up with an interesting and unusual name to your fluffy favorite.

In the next video you can familiarize yourself with the basic requirements for the choice of name for your pet.

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