List of names for Scottish cats

List of names for Scottish cats

No special rules when choosing a nickname for your pet. In many ways, it all depends on the imagination and individual owner preferences. Exception are only thoroughbred cats, the initial letter whose name is determined by the litter. But here the fantasy field is great.

If, for example, it was decided to purchase Scottish Fold or Scottish Straight, it will be useful to learn a list of names for Scottish cats. Perhaps one of them will have to your taste, or on their basis will come up with your own unique name.

Features of choice

With a large manifold, it is difficult to decide on the name for your favorite. There are several criteria when choosing. Based on them or come up with something unusual – depends on you.

  1. Character. Girls of the Scottish breed are distinguished by a calm temper. They are moderately playful and do not deliver special hassle. But do not forget about individual features. Do not rush with the choice of nickname, take a look at a new family member more closely. Perhaps his behavior or habit will become fundamental when choosing.
  2. Color. This breed is permissible for more than one hundred variations. Therefore, the universal name here cannot be. For example, black kittens are suitable for smokery, agate or noura. Among the representatives of the breed occurs and smoky color. In this case, the animal can give the name of the haze, Gray, Chloe. For cats chocolate colors, Chanel will be most appropriate, Shanel, Shanti, Darley. For snow-white beauties, Bella, Snow, Wecis, White, Blondie, Merlin, Alba will be the most appropriate nicknames. But for fire-red, the most relevant puddles foxy, rim, protein.
  3. Cute face. Some cats, Nature awarded truly nice appearance. In this case, all nicknames are suitable, which reflect this feature. These include: Mila, Nyasha, Wheel, Lapa, Musya, Shuya.
  4. At the place of origin of the breed. If the owners want to reward the nurse in a truly Scottish name, then you can contact the list of female names popular in this country. Choose something that seems to you the most appropriate: Leslie, Jesse, Islay, Mirron, Kenna, Davina.
  5. Combining the name of Mother and Father. Breeders and just responsible hosts know exactly the name of the father of the kittens. You may have a very interesting and original name, if you connect a piece of mom and father’s nickname. For example, if the mother’s cat is Martha, and Father Sison, then the baby can be imposed by smart. The name acquires a particular importance, because in translation from the English smart means intelligent. You can also get very interesting end options.
  6. Listen to your intuition. If at first glance at the kitten, you have a certain association, and some word or name is spinning in my head, then it is worth thinking. It is possible that it is most likely to suit your pet.

Funny nickname

Not always the owners want to give original or refined nicknames. For example, if you acquire a kitten from breeders, then the name will already be spelled out. But this does not mean that you must use it. Come up with your own, meeting your ideas.

Cool nobble nickname is able to raise the mood not only to all family members, but also to friends coming to visit. Among them are also quite unusual and funny options. Just imagine that you called the hypotenuse kitten or bun. And every morning you call the whole apartment loudly: “Bull, Bulka, Eat”. Or even a funny option: “You look, the saucepan is again attacked in the corridor”.

The number of options is non-limited. It all depends on your imagination and sense of humor. It is only worth understanding that the nickname you give an animal for life. After all, it is quite possible that after a couple of months, a funny nickname, a jamb will no longer seem so cool, and the pet is already accustomed to her.

If you still want a funny nickname, you can consider the following options: Wheels, Shapoklyak, Tusya, Fantry, or Coule.

Original names

Beautiful and unusual names always attract attention. True, it may be difficult to remember. But this is not a reason to give preference to popular and beaten options.

But be prepared for the fact that those surrounding will ask you about what is meant by the nickname of your favorite. Thinking up it can be in advance when choosing a nickname.

We present you several original options with a clear value.

  • Jasmine. Famous Cartoon Character from the Fairy Tale “Alladin”.
  • Josephine. Woman in love with Napoleon.
  • Indie. At first glance, the reference to Indian culture is obvious, but in translation means “Earth Jews”.
  • Calypso – Nymph, known for having holds Odyssey on its island of as much as 7 years.
  • Michel. French name, which is distinguished by originality and sophistication.
  • Nikita. Emphasis here falls on the last syllable. Those who watched the film with the same name does not need to explain that it is more suitable for frismers and militant cats.
  • Nellie. The literal translation sounds like “Holy”. Suitable calm graceful cats.
  • Octave. In the family of musicians, this name will sound relevant and natural.
  • Ophelia. It is worth noting that almost all the names of the Greek goddesses and simply ancient names are very original. The same name means “majestic”.
  • Meggy. Is a reduction from Margaret. Translated means “Pearl”, most suitable for light and white cats.
  • Peter. In addition to the city of the same name in Egypt, this name is the male form of the well-known male name Peter. But in this version it sounds very fresh and original.

This list does not end. You yourself are able to come up with unusual catpits. Perhaps you like any movie or singer character.

Imagine only that your house will run Shakira, mind, Fiona, Bedonna or Cher.

Elegant options

Above we already led examples of original names. But if you want it to be even elegant, then a certain meaning should be investigated. And if someone asks you, why you called your pet just like this, then you can easily answer this question.

Here are examples of nicknames that are not only elegantly sound, but also have a certain meaning:

  • Name Kitten with a cheerful temper can Allegra+
  • emphasize the leadership qualities capable of such a nicking like alpha+
  • If the Scottle of Zadirist, then you can give her a nickname of Athena (Goddess of War)+
  • This breed came to us from abroad, so emphasize this will help the literal translation of the word alien – Barabara+
  • If the kitten is purchased for a baby who likes to play dolls, then it is quite possible to reward the favorite by the puppet name Barbie+
  • Exotic color, peculiar to the Scots, is perfectly reflected in the book of Bounty (it will be associated with exotic islands and paradise)+
  • Want to emphasize that the cat is a real favorite, then so call it – Vasilisa+
  • Bohn’s name is perfect for a cat having a balanced character and calm temper+
  • Want to settle luck in the house, name the pet varnishes, which is translated and will mean this word+
  • The appearance of the Scots hints on the fact that these are wise and quiet animals, so many of them are perfect for the nickname Sofia (gentle can be called Sophie or Sonya)+
  • The name of the goddess of Gera, the patroness of the family, will also be the original nickname for pet+
  • All cats, even the most calm, do not mind to climb on trees or cabinets, so you can safely call one of these conquerors of the height of the butterfly, that is, Vanessa+
  • For a small obedient girl perfectly suitable affectionate name of the cargo (diminutive-caressing from Agrippina)+
  • For the young hunter, the corresponding name is suitable, which wore the goddess of hunting, – Diana+
  • Donna – Nick for a real lady, which is always in perfect condition and wool and claws, and ears+
  • Linda (in the “Snake”) – will reflect the love of your kitty to turn on others and show its irreconcilable temper+
  • If you first raise the kitten, then name it is the name of the first woman, Eve+
  • Many are inclined to assume that cats are endowed with magical abilities, Cassandra’s nickname will help to strengthen this feeling (named ancient prunerator)+
  • Breeders, counting on numerous and healthy, it is advisable to call the Beauty-Scottish Maya (an ancient Greek Goddess of fertility)+
  • The cat is distinguished by the majestic temper and habits, then she is perfect for nicknames Ophelia+
  • Plush Scots often resemble small cubs, so it is quite acceptable to call the beloved Ursula.

How not to call

Although no one restricts you in choosing a name, but there are checked rules, who follow most cat lovers.

  1. Do not call a kitten in honor of the deceased pet. Especially if he died of illness or accident.
  2. Do not choose too complicated and long nickname. You will uncomfortable every time you say such a nickname. Difficulties in proper pronunciation may occur in children. If you still want to distinguish between the originality, then consider the abbreviated version of the nickname.
  3. Be careful when using ordinary female names. Relative or girlfriend may misunderstand and offended when he finds out that it is the force of your cat.
  4. For exhibition cats, it is better to pick up sonorous beautiful names. After all, the judges unconsciously, when determining the winners, take into account all factors, and they have a certain impression. Therefore, avoid beaten ordinary nicknames, like Marusi or Murki.
  5. Choose a nickname time and forever. Animal quickly gets used to her. And if you suddenly decided that your Baghir should be Chelsea, it is unknown whether it will respond to a new name.

Scottish cat breed has become very common in our country. But ordinary nicknames are hardly suitable for these plush calm beauties. We offer options are only a small part of the diversity of nicknames that can be chosen for a new family member.

About the rules for choosing a nickname.

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