List of names for Scottish Fold Cats

List of names for Scottish Fold Cats

Simple and standard name is completely not suitable for Scottish Fold Cat. These pets are distinguished not only with a special appearance, but also an unusual character. Such a name like Vaska or Bachka is completely inappropriate for a thoroughbred pet. You need to choose more noble and unusual nickname.

Features of breed

The official name of the breed:Scottish Fold Shopper Cat

Country of origin:Scotland

Weight:4-7 kg

Life expectancy:12-15 years old

To begin with, it is worth a little talk about the features of the breed. Scottish Fold Cats differ from other cats not only with characteristic external data, but also by their temper. As a rule, most of them are playful cats that behave quite calmly and completely ungressively. Pet owners note that cats have a very soft character and are not able to cause evil. They are very careful and carefully relate to even the smallest family members.

You can safely say that these are cute and friendly cats. For this reason, many owners try to choose cute nicknames for them, and someone chooses funny names, considering the cheerful temper of their pet. Separately, it is worth mentioning that the cats of this breed always choose a single pet from all family members and show special love and devotion to him. Turns out that Only one person from a numerous family cat will consider its real owner. But to the rest of the family members, the pet will treat as politely as possible.

As already mentioned, Fold Scottish cats are not simple pets at all. Sometimes the features of real aristocrats appear in their character. They keep with great dignity and nobility. And sometimes they may even even excessively arrogant.

This once again confirms the fact that Simple nickname such a cat is completely not suitable. It must be beautiful and noble cat names that will be advantageous to emphasize the individuality and feature of the cat. Choosing a nickname for your pet, remember that it should not be too complicated and long.

In order for the kitten as soon as possible to its name, you should choose a short, sonorous and clear name, correctly pronounce even a child.



(Rating 3 out of 5)



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(Rating 4 out of 5)



(Rating 2 out of 5)

Need care


(Rating 3 out of 5)



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(Rating 3 out of 5)


Very friendly

(Rating 5 out of 5)



(Rating 4 out of 5)

* Characteristic of breed “Scottish lop-eared” based on the assessment of the experts of the site and feedback of the owners of the cat.

Most often the owners of kittens choose names, given the characteristic color of his pet. Scottish Fold Cat can be absolutely any color. For example, it can be black, striped, silver, white or peach cat. For each color you can find something special and popular. For example, for a peach-colored pet is perfectly suitable such nicks like Apricot, Ryzhik or Peach.

For a white or gray boy, such cute names are quite suitable as Gray, smoke, gun, coconut or snowflake. Pet of black color can be called Chernysh or corner. For the Scots of the Blue Coloring Such Looks like Topaz or sapphire. Ideal option for a noble and self-aest.

Higher popularity is very popular, which are associated with the country where the ancestors of these pets come from. If a small “scot” settled in your house, you can choose such names as Shot, Cattle or Scotty. And you can call a cat Eddie or Edin, In honor of the capital of Scotland. Perfectly suitable for cats such options like Ru or holoda.

These names are invented in honor of the famous palace, in which the residence of the Queen itself is located.

It is quite unusual and it will be interesting to sound Cat’s nickname, if you call him in honor of some celebrity from Scotland. For example, the cat is suitable Butler, In honor of the famous Actor Gerard Batler. Appropriate and such a name like Evan. Ideal if you like the creativity of the actor Evan McGregor. And can be called in honor of the famous writer – Arthur or Conan. You can also consider such options as Watson or Sherlock, In honor of the famous characters, which Arthur Conan Doyle created.

Many owners and breeders of the Scottish Fold Cats are convinced that pets should definitely give such a name that begins on the letter “sh”. For your favorite cat, the following options are suitable: Sherry, Sean or SHEF.

Unusual options

You can choose a name, focusing on the color of the pet, his character and manner of behavior. And you can choose an unusual nickname, considering your own hobbies. Or choose a name with a special value. For example, if you are interested in or seriously engaged in music, then a cat of such a breed can be called Octave or Bassoon. In the event that you love the movie very much, you can call a pet Oscar. And you can call it Orlando, In honor of the famous actor.

Each cat has its own inefficient character and their habits. Focusing on it, you can choose a completely original nickname for your favorite. For example, if the cat shows a dexterity and courage, then you can call it Logan or Bernard. Ideal options for such cats. For a relaxed and impudent cat, such names like Lord or Baxter. And if your favorite is constantly caring for himself and demands increased attention, it can be called Major, prince or biting.

High popularity is very popular for cats that are associated with the favorite foods of the hosts or the pets themselves. For example, you can call a pet Cuton, Cupcake, Cheddar or Chips. French cuisine lovers can consider such an option as Julien. Many cats love meat minced meat, so they can be called mitball or frit, in honor of meat balls from minced. White cat, which is not indifferent to dairy products, can be called Kefir, cheese or marshmallow.

Many people believe that the name for the cat is of particular importance. Therefore, the nickname for pet should be chosen with special care, given its translation and value. For brave and active cat, this option is ideal as Archie or Archibald. In addition, you can call a pet Finley, What can be translated as “warrior”. If your kitten is not only the owner of a unique color, but also a beautiful well-kept wool, which is always glittering, then he will come short Bert. This name can be translated as “bright” or “brilliant”.

In the event that a pet not only feels, but also behaves like a real owner in the house, then it can be called Harold, that in translation sounds like “Lord”. And if you think that your pet is the mascot of your home and the real keeper, then it is suitable for a nickname Jasper. You can translate a name as “keeper”. For the favorite of the whole family, such options are perfectly suitable as Varnish, that in translation sounds like “lucky”. Or does such a name suitable like Davis, What can be translated as “favorite”. Matt – Another excellent name for the Scottish Fold Cat, which in the translation sounds like “God’s gift”.

Alan – Perfect name for Scottish Fold Kitten. The name has Celtic origin and sounds like a “rock”. Since cats behave very actively at night, you can call a pet Night, What is translated as “night”. Also, the nickname is perfect for cats of black color. In the event that the pet always finds the goodies that you hide, knows all the secret places of your home, then it is perfect for such a name as Hacker.

Most popular use Japanese names for pets. Despite the fact that your favorite is “Scotch”, it is quite possible to choose an unusual and decent option. For example, a cat can be called Diti, that translated from Japanese sounds like “Intellectual”. Perfectly suitable for the budget cat, which regularly lies with your knees while you read books or watch movies.

For an active cat, which is accustomed to always and to all exercise their leadership qualities, is ideal for such a nickname as Katsu. You can translate it as a “winner” or “leader”. For a cat’s blue color is perfect for a nickname Moekoe, What is translated as a “plum color”. And for a white kitten you can choose a name Hikari, What is translated as “light”. Also interesting name Yuki, What is translated as “snow”.

Pro features of the Scottish Fold Cats Breed in the following video.

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