List of names for Scottish Fold Cats

List of names for Scottish Fold Cats

When the cat appears at home, it is almost always a reason for joy and the appearance of certain changes: tray, skewers, leash, collar, feed and other necessary accessories for your favorite pet. It is best to take not an adult person who has already got used to his life elsewhere, but a kitten, because he will be able to equip you at home without any problems. And if someone has a kitten in life, then he must have a name, because sometimes you need to quarrel, sometimes praise or just play with this “colorful lump”.

The choice of the name – the procedure is very complex, but fascinating, because the nickname must correspond to the behavior, nature and appearance of the pet. To come up with the most appropriate and cool kitten name, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the peculiarities of choice and or choose something from the existing one, or on the basis of the above examples, come up with something your no less suitable and cheerful.

Features of choice

Often the pet is purchased immediately with documents from some breeders, in which case it already has it and it is not desirable to rename it if the kitten is already over 2-3 weeks, because he can already get used to his name. But the nickname is usually chosen taking into account all the qualities of a pet and possible exhibitions and speeches – in the future. It turns out that at the factory for nickname, the pet is painstakingly and often this is a very good option.

But if you still do not like the way you called your pet or he has no name yet, then you should consider several features. Scottish cats differ from most breeds with their wool, the structure of the ears, face and manner.

So pick up the nickname kitten-girl in such a situation is not easy and worth repelled from several features.

  • Do not hurry with the choice of click. Over time, the kitten will show their qualities more brightly, and then the name will come.
  • It is not advisable to call ordinary names, after all, Scottish cats are special, and it is not particularly pleasant to those who surround with the same names it may be that the pet called in honor of her.
  • It is recommended to give a “loud” and sonorous name if there are a presentation in contests and at exhibitions.
  • It is worth remembering that it is often the nickname characterizes a pet.
  • It is not advisable to call a kitten-girl in the same way as the name of the previous pet, especially if that there was a bad fate.
  • Do not give long or hard-acting names, because children and elderly people will contact the pet. Yes, and you can overcome you to quit a hard nickname.

And then how to call your pet, you might think, pushing out from the appearance of the cat. This is the brightest feature that is unlikely to change throughout life. Color color, ears and eyes – this is what is absolutely different in the Scottish Fold Cats, which means it is worth paying attention to.

Often these beautiful animals get nickname depending on the color of the wool and options can be the most different.

White color

Cats of such flowers look brightly and most often fully match the rock “Royal” cats:

  • Albos (Reduction from Albino)+
  • Blonde+
  • Ice or Asya+
  • Winter+
  • Milk+
  • Snow or snow+
  • Pushinka+
  • Squirrel.

Gray color

    (The most common color among Scottish Fold, there can be different shades. The most common shade: smoky):

    • Haze+
    • Grassi+
    • Stele+
    • Aria+
    • Cinderella+
    • Erli.

    Black color

    A rather rare option that emphasizes the grace and the majestity of this breed:

    • Bagira+
    • Agatha+
    • Noura+
    • Panther+
    • Night+

    Brown color

    This color is more likely more like a redhead or even golden, however, the shades can be a lot:

    • Zlata+
    • Bestiya+
    • Toffee+
    • Persia.

    When choosing a nickname, a kitten should be remembered that this is the same as the name for a person.

    In addition to you, friends, relatives and just guests will apply to your cat, so the choice should be made thoroughly and not rush with it.

    Do not invent complex names, but do not limit the standard options.

    Original nickname

    Many want their pet to be not like that and then It is worth abandoning classic and common nicknames, and consider something more original:

    • Skye (cat with blue wool)+
    • Bite or Belatrais (for Harry Potter lovers)+
    • Queen or Carolina (name for statute and important parts)+
    • Tigress or Tiger (striped and aggressive cat is suitable such name)+
    • Athena or Aphrodite (the name of the goddess is perfectly suitable for the beautiful and calm representatives of the Scottish Fold)+
    • Barbie or Dolly (for lovers of dolls and playful cats)+
    • Chanel or Anfisa (name suitable for smoky specimen).

    It is clear that the originality of the nickname most dependent on the appearance and behavior of the pet. And given the beauty and features of the breed, it becomes clear that the original name is the most suitable option.

    Funny names

    Often kittens are quite ridiculous, with strange behavior, chubby and funny running, it applies to the Scottish cats – then I really want to emphasize the features of lovers and choose the appropriate name. In this case, it is worth contacting the funny names that will tell any stranger everything you need about your pet. In addition, a cool name for your pet is always a reason to tell those interested, why the cat is so named and what other options were.

    But it’s not worth remaring with the choice of name, still you will often turn to the cat, but to disconnect hard, strange, albeit funny names – quite hard and over time just get tired. In addition, you should not forget that the funny name should not determine the royal inclinations of the Scottish Fold Cat. Options for funny names for the cat:

    • Sonya (to sleep for amateurs)+
    • Shumka (when she constantly rolls something and creates noise)+
    • Bus, SIM card or button (depends on the items that it most often gnaws)+
    • Nut, ponf, shapoklyak, nyusha or fiona (depends on what cartoons you are more pretty)+
    • Carmelita, Barbara, Santa, Arya or Margosha (for amateur serials)+
    • Maternity (if a kitty is nearby in moves).

    This is only a few possible options, as you can call the cat, but all animals are individual and it is very likely that your cat my behavior itself will push you to choose a certain name.

    If there is no time and the ability to choose the most suitable nickname for your pet yourself, then you can contact the existing options, maybe one of them will suit you perfectly. Popular Unusual Names for Scottish Fold Cats:

    • Violetta (abbreviated V or Viola)+
    • Chloe+
    • Tifani+
    • Vesta+
    • Matilda+
    • Shelly+
    • Cleopatra+
    • Assol (grandmothers are often called asya).

    Let these nicknames and are unusual and rare, but they can easily approach your pet and characterize it best.

    When choosing a nickname, your pet is not worth thinking first that it was ridiculous, original or even strange. The name should emphasize the appearance, nature and behavior of the animal.

    This is especially important to take into account when it comes to the Scottish Fold Cats, because they are very different from the rest, and behavior and character really allow them to be called “royal” rock. It all follows that Nickname should not be unusual and funny, but also speaking to emphasize the features of representatives of this beautiful breed.

    About what nicknames to choose for Scottish kittens, look in the following video.

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