List of nicknames for Alabaya

List of nicknames for Alabaya

Choosing a suitable nickname for your little pet, you should consider several important nuances. It is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of one or another, the temper of the dog itself and its external data. Nickname should be beautiful, sonorous, easy to pronounce and memorize. How can I call the breed puppy Alabai? We select nickname for pet together.

Recommendations for choosing

Choose a name for your beloved pet – this task is not so simple, as it seems at first glance. Choosing a nickname for a dog, you need to take into account the peculiarities of the breed and the nature of the pet. It is important to choose such a nickname for your dog so that it is good. therefore If you choose foreign dog names, then be sure to look for their translation.

Be sure to consider the features of the breed. The characteristic of such a breed as Alabai, suggests that this is an ancient breed of dogs, which is distinguished by its calm and fearless character. Many dog ​​owners of such breed celebrate that these are the most calm and imperturbable pets. Alabai love to dominate and very zealously belong to other animals in the house. This is watching dogs, they can be perfectly acting only with the owner who will relate to him with respect and understanding.

According to the nature of its representatives of this breed – these are inborn leaders. Therefore, the name must be special.


Above the average

(Rating 4 out of 5)



(Rating 3 out of 5)



(Rating 3 out of 5)



(Rating 4 out of 5)



(Rating 4 out of 5)

Need care


(Rating 2 out of 5)

Cost of content


(Rating 5 out of 5)


Above the average

(Rating 4 out of 5)



(Rating 3 out of 5)



(Rating 4 out of 5)

Attitude to solitude

Moderate time

(Rating 3 out of 5)

Security qualities

Excellent security guard

(Rating 5 out of 5)

* Characteristic of breed “Alabai” Founded on the assessment of the experts of the site and feedback from the owners of the dog.

Choosing a name for your pet, remember that there should be no difficulty in pronunciation. Try to give preference to those names that consist of two or three syllables. It is important that the name is not consonant with the familiar teams.

Nickname can be chosen, considering a special nourish pet, its color or characteristic external data. It is important to remember that Funny and funny nicknames are more suitable for small breeds, but for Alabaya it is better to choose noble, beautiful and original names. Dog’s nickname will affect not only her character, but also on the fate of the animal. So choose a nickname for a pet correctly.

In addition, you chose the nickname should not only like you, but also your pet. Say out loud chosen name and follow the reaction of your favorite. If the nickname is like a puppy, then he will definitely respond positively. Do not choose aggressive and offensive nicknames.

For boy

Males of large breeds very often make in honor of the natural phenomenon. For example, Typhoon, Buran or Blizzard. Of course, such nicknames are excellent for large and strong dogs. But you can choose and something more original. For the boy, Alabaya is perfectly suitable for some Turkic name. But you can also find an interesting option among English, ancient Greek or German names. The main thing is that the nickname has a special meaning.

Azat is a good option for a large breed dog. Translated from the Turkic name means “free” and great for the character of such a dog like Alabai. And you can call a puppy Nurzhan, that in translation sounds like a “light soul”.

If we talk about the eastern and Asian nicknames, then you may like these options like Darman, Dan or Zhasour. These names are transferred as “power”, “Dawn” and “brave”. For strong and large dogs will also fit the nickname Zangar, What can be translated as “Giant”. And you can call it Sardarda, What is translated as “leader”.

You can find a suitable name for your favorite from ancient Greek mythology or a favorite work. For example, a puppy can be called Ares or Hermes In honor of the ancient Greek gods. Such names are easily pronounced and remembered. ATOS – Also a completely suitable name for a male such a large breed. For a smart, faithful and resourceful puppy, you can choose such a name as Sherlock. In addition, for the Alabai-boy, such options are perfectly suitable as Odyssey, Zeus, Spartak, Tor, or even Caesar.

If you are more likely foreign names, then the Alabai-boy can be called Best, What is translated as “best”. Irbis or Mirage perfectly suitable for a bright color puppy. And also for a white puppy will fit the nick AK, What is translated from Turkic like “white”. But for a black puppy you can choose such a nickname as Muscat or Black. Considering the color of the dog, you can call it a foreign name, for example, Silver, Duck, White or Gray.

For the baby light or reddish, the nickname is perfect Ducat, What does the antique Golden Coin mean. And also for a puppy of such a color, a sonorous and beautiful nickname is suitable Onyx or Phoenix.

Small, cute and clumsy puppy of the Alabai breed sometimes resembles a bear. Therefore, it is quite possible to give such a nickname as Ayik, What is translated as “Bear”. And you can call him Palwan, which is translated as “Bogatyr”.

Many owners prefer to choose simple, understandable and talking nicknames. For example, that Faithful, brave, Tarzan, leader, guard, Buyan or beast. Dogs of such a breed, like Alabai, are ideal for majestic names. For example, Count, Shah, Viscount, Pasha, Caliph, Lord or Prince. For males of such a large breed, the so-called geographic names are perfectly suitable, for example, Rome, Baghdad, Ural, Danube or Irtysh.

The following nicknames are very popular: Khan, Baikal, Emir, Altai, Diamond, Amur and Yenisei. These sonorous and noble names are great for large breed males.

For girl

Alabai girl is a beautiful and graceful dog, which is distinguished by the inquiries. Representatives of this breed may be not only calm and obedient, but also formidable, strong and brave. Therefore, for them, beautiful and original names are perfect. But from gentle, cute and sophisticated names it is better to refuse.

For girls of such a breed, like Alabai, it is quite suitable for the names of the goddesses, conquerors and queens. For example, you can call a favorite Aurora In honor of the goddess morning dawn or Diana In honor of the goddess of hunting. And you can call it in honor of the goddess of love – Astarta. Aibet – A good name for the beloved dog, which in translation sounds like “Beauty”. You can call it just Grace or Delta.

Connoisseurs of Central Asian languages ​​often choose beautiful words as nicknames for his beloved dog. They all have a special, deep meaning. The girl of this breed can be called Alada, What is translated as “Care”. For a strong and beautiful dog, such nicknames are suitable as Vene, Gala or Guy. Such names are translated as “loyalty”, “Fortress” and “Rock”. And you can select one of the following options: Orza or packaging. These beautiful names are translated as a “dream” and “peace”.

For the girl of the black color, such a nick is perfect as Bagira or Kara. Kara translated from Turkic means “black”. And for a puppy of an unusual and beautiful color you can choose such a name as Gem, that translated from Latin sounds like a “precious stone”. And also for the dog of an unusual color is a nickname Irida In honor of the goddess rainbow. For the girl-Alala Light Coloring Such Clicks like Goldi, Amanda, Zlata or Oss.

If the girl is distinguished by calm and strict temper, then it can be called Rona In honor of the river. And for a bright and active dog name Stella, What is translated as “Star”. For an active dog, you can choose the Eastern Name. For example, Shakti, that translated from Turkic sounds like “energetic”.

Since the girls of the Alabai breed are distinguished by a strong and militant character, many prefer to give them strong and even a little aggressive names. For example, Fury, Grozny, Garpia or Buthe. Choosing such nicknames, remember that this will affect the nature of your favorite.

The girl of this breed can be called in honor of his beloved actress or performer. Main, choose a beautiful, original and sonor. For example, the favorite can be called Jolie, Sharon, Lana, Monroe, Charlin, Salma, Heidi or Nicole.

For girls of this breed, you can also choose unusual and beautiful “geographical” names. For example, that Khiva, Aidarkul, Bukhara, Nura, Amudarya or Sarma. And you can call the girl – Alabaya modern and unusual name Mandala. Or choose the nickname based on our own gastronomic addictions. For a big breed girl, this option is suitable as Lyme or Merenga. And you can choose such a beautiful and sonorous name like Orchid.

Girls of such a breed as Alabai often refer to such names as Alba, Heba, Asya, Nika, Burma, Mind or Elba.

About how else you can call Alala, look in the following video.

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