List of nicknames for British cats and cats

List of nicknames for British cats and cats

British cats are unusually smart and inquisitive creatures with a difficult character. For their pretty appearance, a very volitional and independent being is usually hiding, not accepting pressure and control. Very often, precisely the complex and controversial behavior of the British serves as a sign orientation in choosing a suitable nickname. How can I call a British kitten? What criteria are worth navigating in the selection of a suitable name for pet?

Features of choice

Selecting a suitable nickname for the British kitten, it is desirable to focus on simple and easily pronounced names. Practice shows that any intricate nickname with time is reduced by the hosts to a simpler and more convenient option for pronunciation.

Nickname should not only like the owner, but also easily perceived by the pet.

While the kitten will get used to his nickname, Do not contact it, modifying the name to a decrease in the form (for example, uttering “MARIK” instead of “Marcus” or “Maiusha” instead of “Maya”).

Not only the breed and painting of the animal, but also its character, habits, temperament and behavior are capable of prompting a suitable nickname. Often in choosing a beautiful name for the British Kitten of the hosts use the name of the month of his birthday or season. Very popular, for example, here are such nobilities like Marta, August, Summer, Snow, Maya, Eypril, Spring.

Favorite books, movies, hobbies, history – all these areas are able to tell a lot of ideas in search of a suitable nickname for a kid.

Another source of inspiration can be the subject of Great Britain, which is the birthplace of this breed, and all that is associated with this state. You can give a kitten and classic english name. Traditional Names of British and British are pleasant for rumors, beautiful and easy to pronunitely.

Clicks for the boy

Attractive smoky color is able to prompt the owner of the British kitten-boy many versions of extraordinary nicknames. So, the following names are quite popular: SMOKOV, Gray, Smoke (smoke), fog, Mist, Ash, Gregory, Grieg, Styl (Translated from English – “Steel”), Wolf, Chrome. You can call a little British Sylvester or Silver, that translated from English means “silver”. Marble color kittens often give name Marble (“Marble”). Kid turtle color can give a nickname Tartl or Turkis, A kitten color Tabby – a name that coincides with the name of its colors (Tabby).

Many new ideas in the search for an outstanding name are able to prompt and felike habits.

So, restless, inquisitive and playful kid can be called Toy, shuschik, Skoda, Buyan, Ninse or Buy. Suitable to slaughter kittens and such nicks like: Typhoon, Whirlwind, Hurricane, Car, Vind. Funny sounds and option of a feline name Spindle, What is translated from German as “spindle”.

Peace-loving and uncomply kids are often called Mirone, Tikhonami or Tisch. You can call a phlegmatic kitten-British Silence, that translated from English means “silence”. Kittens preferring a serene sleep of rolling games are usually called Sour, Dremov or Drimami. More difficult name for such kids – Silentium, that translated from Latin means “silence”.

British small kitten can give the name of Baby or Krosh.

Nontrivially sounds and nickname Parvus (Parvik), Translated from the Latin language meaning “small”. Large kitten-Briton can give such a nickname as: Titan, Grandeon or Grandis, Atlant, Atlant, Samson, Boeing or Giant. Other names for large kittens – Liner, Colossus, Tyson, Ali.

The kitten breed is another source of inspiration that can be used in search of a suitable nickname for baby. As possible options for the name, such examples can be given as: British, Brightish, Brighton. Choose a suitable nickname for the baby-British, it is from the list of classic male english names. The most popular names here are: Oscar, William, Harry, Charles (Charlie), George, Gordon, Oliver, Jake, Jacob, Archie, Henry, Leo, Joseph, Logan, Dylan, Edward, Freddie, Tyler, Arthur, Lewis, Michael, Nathan, Jamie, Jason , Stanley, Jude, Hugo, Bobby, Dexter, Alex, Liam, Frankie, Aiden, Kian.

You can find a good, memorable nickname for the British kitten, contacting the theme of the Geography of Great Britain. For example, the names of major English cities can be quite original and well-sounding names – London, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Dundee, Aberdeen, Cardiff, Newport. Other options for nicknames borrowed from the names of famous geographical and strategic objects – La Mans, Arran, Severn, Hamber, Heathrow, Stansted, Gatwick.

The names of famous English poets and writers are another excellent source of inspiration in search of a noble nickname for a British cat. Here you should remember such legendary names and surnames like: Byron, Defo, Choseer, Milton, Shakespeare, Fleming, Austin, Kipling, Dickens, Wolfe, Eliot, Hughes, Green, Doyle, Tolkin, Scott, Barry, Burns, Banks, Show, Swift, Wilde, Conrad. It is not necessary to bypass the attention and famous English actors and directors, the names and the names of which are also able to suggest a suitable nickname for a small fluffy British. In this regard, such well-known personalities do not need a view as: Chaplin, Hitchcock, Reed, Lin, Powell, Burton, Kane, Connery, Olivier, Hopkins, Grant.

If the British theme will not be able to tell any interesting options, it is worth contacting the theme of ancient history and mythology.

In this direction, you can pick up for British cats the most favorable and beautiful nicknames. As examples here, such options can be given as: Zeus, Hercules, Prometheus, Hermes, Amur, Apollo, Gesper, Kronos, Perun, Orpheus, Yazon, Argo, Mars, Tartar, Chaos, Uranus, Ether, Tavtimant, Teze, Heurrit, Centaur, Pegasus, Sphinx, Phoenix.

You can find a fun name for a kitten-British and in culinary subject.

As the most original examples here, these options for clicks are given: Pepper or Piper, Salt, Muscat, Donut, Marshmallow, Cake, Cupcake, Bublik, Pretzel, Polka Dot. Many cat owners in search of the appropriate name for their pets resort to the subject of wealth and money. Inspired by this topic, you can give a kitten such a nickname: Dukat, Thaler, Bax, Pound, Eurk, Dinar, Shekel, Frank, Form, Penny, Florin. Other interesting options close to this topic: Diamond, Topaz, Ruby, Sapphire, Carat, Forbes.

Other possible options for fabulous and cool nicknames for kittens of the British breed – Cheshire, Sherl, Garfield, Antey, Thomas, Bars, Big Ben, Porter, Guinness, Nobel. Many ideas can be found in astronomical topics, using the list of stars and other celestial bodies. So, call the British kitten you can Pluto, Jupiter, Phobos, Mercury, Saturn, Centaur, Cefhem, Deamimos, Orion or Eridan.

You can give a small kitten-Briton and a noble nickname, echoing with majestic status and ranks.

As examples here, these options for nicknames can be given as: Marquis, Baron, Graph, Sultan, Duke, Chevalier, Viscount, Prince, King. Lesshells are no less original as: Sheikh, Khan, Caliph, Pharaoh, Chef, Boss, Cartridge. Tips a funny nickname for a British breed kitten capable and weapon topics. Here you can use such names: Colt, Walter, Winchester, Nagan, Shnyk, Butt, Traumat, Coffee Tool, Croc, Glock, Mauser, Ultrasound, Stan.

Names for girls

Cats of the British breed – creating graceful, curious and very wayward. In the choice of a suitable nickname for these noble creatures, you can use the recommendations given above. Based on the painting of the British kitten-girl, she can give a nickname Haze, Ashley, Misty. Other interesting options – Claudia (from the English word “Cloud”, which translated as “cloud”), Lidia (from “Lead”, meaning “lead”).

Majestic habits Cat-British – an excellent argument in favor of giving her a truly royal name. In this case, the most popular options for nicknames will be such: Elizabeth, Margo, Adelaide, Teodradda, Rishilda, Beatrice, Emma, ​​Herberg, Constance, Matilda, Susanna, Zhanna, Berta, Britrda, Eleonora, Constance, Adel, Isabella, Ingeborg, Agness, Blanca, Clementation, Charlotte, Louise, Beatrice, Wilhelmina.

The breed of the Girl’s kitten can also serve as a source of inspiration in finding a suitable nickname.

So, you can call a British Cat Bright, British, Britney.

Original sounds and intricate catpits, corresponding to the traditional names of British. For example, quite rare, but very beautiful names are such: Amelia, Olivia, Ava, Isla, Jessica, Ivi, Ella, Grace, Sophie, Scarlett, Poppy, Mia, Lily, Chloe, Ruby, Alice, Lucy, Holly, Florence, Molly, Phoebe, Daisy, Ciena, Freya, Erin, Lacey, Emma, ​​Ebigeyl (Abby), Summer, Rose, Betthan, Francesca, Tilly, Violet, Fate, Page, Darcy, Aisha, Heidi.

Referring to the theme of the UK, you can give a kitten-girl such an unusual nickname, like Thames, Anguilla, Mercy, Great.

An excellent source of inspiration in choosing the best click for a British cat can be the names and surnames of famous English women (politicians, writers, actresses and models). As the most interesting options, such names can be given here: Teresa, Edna, Chanel, Cresan, Vanessa, Gwendolin, Melanie, Twiggy, Daphne (Daphny), Pixie, Leila, Cherry, Gabriella, Misi, Sookie, Christine, Kimberly, Cheryl, Hannah, Hermione, Michelle, Georgina, Dolly, Iris , Heather, Peter, Agatha (Christi).

To emphasize the aristocraticity of the British cat will allow the nickname, rising to the name of an ancient goddess or deity. Here are such popular examples: gEra, Femid, Vesta, Diana, Dana, Sedna, Epion, Juno, Hekat, Shakti, Tefida, Psyche, Selena, Reya.

Other options for names for cats-Britanok: Bastet, Basilee, Flora, Aphrodite, Artemis, Athena, Concordia, Ishtar, Irida. Turning to astronomical topics, you can easily pick up a beautiful and original name for the British kitten-girl. As examples here, such options can be given: Vega, Alpha Centaur, Shedar, Venus, Andromeda, Cassiopey (Cassia), Moon.

It is funny sounds such “delicious” nicknames for cats like: Bun, cheese, bun, raisher, cream, iris, sweet, pear, peach, jamma. Other possible options for feline names – Cinnamon, Kurkuma, Bounty, Chocolate, Conti & Candy, Drying. The noble origin of the Cats of the British breed requires no less noble name. So, a kitten-girl can be called Countess, Marquis, Prince, Princess. Suitable a little cat-Briton and nickname Quen, that translated from English means “Queen”.

Another popular topics capable of suggesting a beautiful name for the British Cat – World Flora.

Here are the most popular options for names: Astra, Levsay, Palma, Azalea, Jasmine, Lavender, Verba, Mint, Erica, Clarkia, Rose, Gardenia (Garda).

Universal options

Universal names of names usually include those who are equally well suited and cats and cats of the British breed. As examples of such nicknames, these options can be given as: Sunny (Translated from English means “Sunny” or “Solar”), Fanny (“Funny” or “Funny”), Sunset or Sunrise, Brauni, whiskey, phlaffic (“fluffy” or “fluffy”), Martini. Other options for nicknames, ascending to the classic English language – Hardy, Neuzy, Solsti, Charpi, Hannie, Shebbie, Softy, Sweat, Toll, Smallli, Lucky.

You can give a British kitten and just a harmful cute name – Shanti, Bonnie, Connie, Corrie, Nori, Daki, Blacks, Albo, Snoupe, Picacha, Bambi.

Beautifully sounds such universal nicknames as Joy, Pretti, Naci, Ricci, Brigvi, Selfie. Very often, as universal and sonorous nicknames of cats and cats of the British breed, their owners use the names of famous brands, trademarks and labels. As examples of such nicknames, such examples can be given here as: Bentley, Porsche, Subaru, Suzuki, Ferrari, Volvo, Infinity, Bugatti, Cartier, Versace, Armani, Tiffany, Gucci, Dolce.

As you can see, the subjects capable of suggest a good and beautiful name for the British kitten, there is a huge amount. Taking advantage of them and looking at the closest to your pet, any owner can easily think of themselves for him an excellent sonicker.

About the most successful nicknames for cats Looking further.

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