List of nicknames for Jack Russell Terrier

List of nicknames for Jack Russell Terrier

Everyone who watched the famous “mask” comedy, remembers one of the direct heroes of the film – a small, smart and funny dog ​​nicknamed Milo. This little and intelligent dog breed Jack Russell Terrier has become a real impersonation of playfulness and friendliness, so people often harde themselves. It is necessary to emphasize the individual properties of the dog – it is important to come up with a suitable name for it. What criteria are guided by choosing a female and male nickname for Jack Russell Terrier?

Features of choice

Jack Russell Terrier is considered a hunting breed, which originated in the UK and won the hearts of people all over the world. It is difficult to argue with the pretty appearance of these animals, as well as with their activity and a mixture. This dog will become a real friend to all family members, including children, and will give a lot of positive emotions.

To the selection of a name for a puppy Jack Russell Terrier worth considering seriously and responsibly. It should reflect the characteristic features of rocks, such as activity, dexterity, mischief and high intelligence, as well as appearance. But do not forget about the individual peculiarities of the pet. To one or another nickname, the host demonstrates warm attitude towards his dog and even gives it certain features.

It’s no secret that the name does not directly affect the character, so it is important to name the puppy correctly and at the same time interesting.


  • Before purchasing a dog, you should learn from breeders if there is no nickname in a puppy. If Jack Russell Terrier is already responding to some name, perhaps it does not make sense to change it. To the new name, the pet will be not easy.
  • Do not hurry with the choice of clicking – it is better to trace a couple of days for the behavior of a puppy. Only so you can reveal his individual features, otherwise the owner risks to get to come.
  • Nickname better choose the whole family. Such an approach will contribute to the rapprochement and creation of a general positive attitude to the pet. After all, if someone chosen name is not likely, then in the future negative associations associated with nickname, can go to the puppy. Therefore, the choice of the name must be the main theme of the Family Council.
  • It is better that the nickname is simple, preferably not longer than two syllables. So it will be not only more convenient for the dog itself, but also for the owner. Constantly bang your dog long name will be inconvenient. But if still the choice fell on the nickname of three or more syllables, it is better that it can be reduced by pronunciation, for example, Rafael is easily transformed into Rafa.
  • If the dog is not purchased for the first time, it is better not to call it the name of the previous pet. So the uniqueness and individuality of the animal will be lost, the wrong associations will be laid, and later distorted perception. Normal relationships with Jack Russell Terrier and any other breed with such a situation will not work.
  • Better so that the nickname began on the consonant letter. It is believed that so the dog will be easier and will remember his name, it will be more lively and more actively respond to it.
  • The name must be unique. The owner should think over the nickname, and not to call Jack Russell Terrier the first widespread nickname. Otherwise, confusion may arise for walks at a random meeting of the dog-lady.
  • In search of the original nickname you can contact the cinema, cartoons, computer games, also shut down various space or geographical terms. Many owners call their dogs in honor of great scientists, composers and even presidents. It is much more interesting to meet on the street Jack Russell Terrier, whose name is Roosevelt, and not Rex.
  • The dog’s nickname should reflect not only the characteristics of the character or color, but also sexuality, so there is a clear separation of nicknames on men’s and women. This is especially important for walking where you can equip the owners with other dogs. Socialization of Jack Russell Terrier is an important moment of upbringing.
  • Do not call a dog in honor of a friend or family member to avoid confusion. In general, human names are not the most appropriate option for the animal in terms of ethics.
  • The name of the dog should not only be approached by the pet itself, but also not to contradict the age characteristics and public status of the host itself. For example, a solid middle-aged man, dressed in a suit, can not be associated with a dog named “Keksik”. To avoid ridiculous situations, especially for walks, you should consider the name of Jack Russell Terrier, given its own image.
  • It is believed that the dog’s nicknames in which the letter “P” contributes to the emergence of aggression from their owners.

This theory is not scientifically confirmed, but still the name to some extent will affect the nature of the pet, although the main role will be playing.

Usually this breed has two names. One of them gives the breeder himself when the dog is born. It is long and complicated, intended for a particular exhibition or contest. Typically, the main criterion in choosing a nickname is a litter number. For example, the dog’s first pregnancy, it means that puppies will wear names for the letter A, the second – on b and t. D.

When the puppy falls to the owner, but he gives him a simple nickname, which will be easy to memorize a dog and will not cause inconvenience when pronunciation by the owner. Sometimes breeders may ask to give a definite nickname puppy, but more often new owners have to include fantasy and choose independently.

Inciting the dog to the name, it is important to create favorable associations in a pet in relation to his nickname. Better first to call a dog by name before feeding and when she has a shelter word in its address. And scold Jack Russell Terrier for the Lubility is better without the use of nickname, so as not to work out the dog’s negative associations. Also, it is not necessary to replace the nickname of it with a diminutive-lascate form, otherwise the puppy will perceive the other option as different names, and it will be difficult for him to get used to them.

List of virus names

Women’s representatives of the breed Jack Russell Terrier possess a calmer and more accurate character in contrast to males.

  • All the softness of the character of the dog can be reflected in these aircraft as a marshmallow or vanilla.
  • You can focus on small breed sizes, calling a dog, Barbie, Baby or Solka.
  • Emphasize the external data easily using the snowflake name (if the dog has white woolen cover).
  • It is worth considering the English origin of Jack Russell Terriers, so the dog is perfectly suitable such women’s names like Naomi, Nicole, Mary, Selena.
  • Often, the owners are looking for nicknames for these pets in the music industry and call a thoroughbred girl with a note, gamut, agate, harp, melody. You can call the dog in honor of the heroine of a movie or a cartoon, for example: Herd, wren, jasmine.
  • Beautifully sound female names that have certain values.

For example: Tiko (Moon), us (wave) or ii (love).

Clicks for boys

Picking a nickname for a dog, It should be observed for its character and behavior.

  • If the puppy does not too show signs of activity, then the nickname is a sloth or sonia will be as the way. But the dog, which is difficult to stop in place longer than a minute, will suit the name of Fidget, Shuschik or Sonic.
  • It is worth paying attention not only for characteristics, but also external data. For example, the black puppy will suit the chip of black, and the dog with a gothic speck can be called spot.
  • No one canceled English nicknames for this breed: Loyad, Austin, Neil, Devin, Ford, Rolex.
  • Do not forget about the characters of movies, cartoons or comics. For example, Jack Russell Terrier in the film “Mask” called Milo, and in the film “Rich Richie” – Dollar. Jack Russell Terrier, Wearing the Name of Superhero, for example: Flash, Stark, Betman, Logan, X, Hulk. The last nickname will look a bit comical, but, for example, in the film “Blonde in Law” Chihuahua, the main character called the Giant (row). Why not?
  • If the dog shows the wonders of intelligence and smelting, the owner can paint him with smart, Sherlock, Plato, Socrate.
  • Jack Russell Terrier – a real mischievous. Therefore, especially a muffin male can be called a hooligan, a sly or pirate.

Universal options

If the owner is difficult to come up with a unique and original name, You can contact the verified and universal variants of the names:

  • Boys Jack Russell Terriers of the hosts are called: Bimom, Baron, Funtik, Volchonkom, Ponchik, Croeshe, Bolon, Bruce, Jeide, Chester, Bakc …, Migesel, Ferzem, Floyd, Oscar, Gas, Drake, Jack, Taylor, Baster, Gray, Lars, Astik, Archi, Zak, Zeus, Gavrose, Gross, Kyle, Linkom, Achille, Blade, Boston, Thunder, Hercules, Max, Patrick, Fox, Finn, Caesar+
  • As for the girl, it can be called: protein, chape, jewish, butt, Lyalya, Hanoi, Final, Berth, Chloe, Roxy, Jeta, Daisy, Gloria, Lyme, Bella, Tyra, Alma, Laura, Vita, Dmi, Danay , Eve, bug, golden, headache, Irma, peace, button, kiki, monica, monroe, nickname, nyusha, stella, tiara, chape, cable.

        Knikek for Russell Terriers Boys and Girls Human Quantity. The owner is important to repel from the external data of the dog, the characteristics of its behavior, their own sensations and interests. It is important that the nickname caused pleasant associations in all family members, approached the dog in nature, and also reflected her individuality.

        It is in the name that the Pet’s uniqueness will be concluded, as well as the whole love of the owner to his four-legged friend.

        About how to choose a puppy nickname, look in the following video.

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