List of nicknames for Pekingese Girls

List of nicknames for Pekingese Girls

As soon as a new pet appears in the house, the first thing that needs to be done is to name a puppy with a beautiful name. Someone instantly comes up with a nickname for his new pet, and someone cannot decide on the choice. What hands do most for dogs of Pekingese breed? We accounted for a small list in which sonorous and unusual names for the girl.

What is important to consider when choosing?

Little and cute dog Pekingese is very popular among fans of unusual breeds. In China itself, with great reverence and respect these cute creatures are. After all, once the breed was made specifically for the imperial yard. Often Pekingese called indoor lions, and all because externally they really look like the king of animals.

Sometimes they can be a little capricious, to demand increased attention and care for the owners. These cute dogs love to live in a comfortable environment and simply adore all. When choosing a name for Pekingese-Girls, it is necessary to take into account all these factors. As you understand, a simple nickname for such a dog will not suit.



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(Rating 3 out of 5)


Below the average

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Need care

Very high

(Rating 5 out of 5)

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Attitude to solitude

Moderate time

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Security qualities

Good guard

(Rating 4 out of 5)

* Characteristic of breed “Pekingese” Founded on the assessment of the experts of the site and feedback from the owners of the dog.

Dogs of such a breed are purchased from professional breeders or in nurseries, where they immediately give name. As a rule, the name consists of two first letters name of the puppy’s parents. But not to all owners can like these nicknames, and already at home they make a decision to call their pet for another name.

Choosing a nickname for your pet, it is important to take into account the breed and characteristics of the character. Not all nicknames are suitable for dogs such a small breed as Pekingese.

You can also choose a name that will meet its external data. For example, a fluffy tail of the dog sometimes resembles a squirrel tail, so squirrel or balal nicknames may well come up.

People who are professionally engaged in training and upbringing dogs from year to year, do not recommend choosing nicknames on the letter “P” for active and aggressive dogs. Such names are suitable for calm and quiet pets.

In addition, you can call the favorite with an unusual name that is of particular importance. You can choose European names, but you can stop your choice on Chinese chicks for dogs.

We picked up the most interesting and original options for your pet.

Cute names

Pekingese girl is an unusual dog. From the very first days you will understand that you are a little princess that loves comfort, care and attention. Many representatives of this breed are distinguished by wayward and capricious character. Looking at such dogs, a desire arises to choose the original and cute name. For example, the favorite can be called in honor of the popular singer or actress that you like most. For dogs such a breed, like Pekingese, the name of Lolita, Angelina, Monroe or Linda is perfect.

All pets, like people, have their taste addictions. Pekingese are no exception to the rules. You can choose a nickname for a dog that will be associated with her beloved delicacy. For example, many Pekingese love sweets. Of course, to feed them with ordinary candies is strictly prohibited, so many owners acquire special delicacies for dogs for them.

If your girl is not indifferent to sweet, then you can call her sacrament, sweetie, marshmallow, iris or caramel.

Each owner is confident that it is his girl the most beautiful and beautiful. Therefore, Bonite’s name is quite suitable for your pet. This nickname is translated as “beautiful” and great for Gerkiez girl. By the way, you can choose an unusual option that is consonant with a simple nickname of Iriska, for example, this is Iris.

Choose a cute name for the favorite can, Focusing on her color and external features. For example, if your dog has light wool, then why not call her alba, which can be translated as “white” or “light”. Also perfectly suitable such an option as Ivori, which means “ivory color”.

If your favorite wool is bright and unusual, then you can call it a chanterelle.

Elegant and beautiful dog, which delivers you every day a lot of joy and happiness, quite deserves such a sonorous name as Rada. In addition, it is possible to call it Darlyn. Such a nickname sounds very unusual and can be translated as “dear” or “Favorite”.

In the event that your favorite has already managed to be strongly attached to you and does not fall behind you, it will be perfectly suitable for her nickname as Emma. This name can be translated as “reliable” or “faithful”.

Unusual options

For such an unusual breed, like Pekingese, perfectly fit Chinese, Japanese or English names. In the event that you want an unusual nickname for your favorite, then carefully learn our recommendations.

Let’s start with sonorous and unusual Japanese nicknames. The Japanese give their pets beautiful names with meaning and believe that the name can positively influence the character of the dog. Perfectly suitable for Pekingese Nick Akina, which can be translated as “spring flower”.

The perfect option for the girl, which appeared in the spring. Also for the Spring Girl, it will be perfectly suitable for Sakura.

Kami – Another popular nickname, which is great for small breed dogs. Moves the name as “Deity”. If your favorite loves her affection very much and always demands increased attention, she is perfectly suitable for Nariko name, which can be translated as “affectionate crumb”.

For a real sweet tooth, you can also choose the original name among popular Japanese nicknames. For example, Satu is translated as “sweetness” and sounds very beautiful, unusual.

If your favorite reminds you of the sun and is of a cheerful character, then she is perfect for Nicko’s name. This nickname is translated as “solar”. For proud beauty, too, there is an ideal option – leo. Translated this name as “proud” or “proud”. For a cute baby, loving cleanliness and care, such a nickname is perfectly suitable, as a sow – “tidy” or “clean”.

In the event that it seems to you that Japanese names sound too unacceptable and difficult to pronounce, then you can pick up something from English options. For example, for cute and small dogs-girls, such names like cookies, mini or cheries are greatly suitable. Exchanges of English are perfectly known that such names are translated as “cookie”, “Baby” and “Cherry”.

Many owners prefer to call their pets Unusual “floral” names. In this case, it is perfectly suitable for such an option as Daisy, which can be translated as “daisy”. Or Lily, which is translated as “Lily”.

Some owners of Pekingese adhere to the opinion that Chinese room dogs are best called Chinese names in which a deep meaning is hidden.

If you want to choose something unusual for a pet, then stop your choice on Chinese nickname.

For the girl, it is perfectly suitable for the name AN, which can be translated as “peace”. For a beautiful and cute dog, you can choose the nickname of Gia, which is translated as “Beautiful”.

Very often, the Chinese give their pets such nobys, which denote certain natural stones. For example, Biya, which is translated as “Jasper” or ki, that translated as “beautiful jade”. And there are more original and sonorous names – Male. Means this “jade plum”.

Great option for Girl-Pekingese – Pairs, which can be translated as “delighted rainbow”. And you can simply be called, which is translated as “girl”.

About the Pecinez breed features, see the video below.

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