List of Russian names for cats and cats

List of Russian names for cats and cats

When a kitten appears in the house, the family is brewing in the family how to name a new family member. Foreign names, such as Juliet, Gabriella or August, is no longer in fashion – Russian culture is now appreciated. Therefore, Musky and Vaska are returned to Russian homes. You can choose a simple popular Russian nickname, and you can pick up an unusual option.

How to choose a nickname?

Speaking of Russian cat chick, you should not immediately remember outdated rustic names, because among the Russians there are nicknames and very beautiful options, for example: Marquis, Orpheus, Agatha. Such a name is quite suitable for a thoroughbred animal. In general, when choosing a nickname for a cat, you can use some recommendations.

  • In the title must be vowels and consonant sounds. Try to pick a nickname consisting of at least two syllables. If this word with one vowel sound is probably the name contains several consonants standing nearby, and it is difficult for pronunciation, and the pet may not like such a name.
  • It is advisable to choose such a nickname in which hissing sounds would contain. Kittens react well to “sh” and “h”, quickly remember such words and respond well.
  • Do not use a wisdom, too complicated nickname. If there is still a desire to call a cat with a beautiful long Russian name, then in everyday life cut it nickname. So the owner will be easier to pronounce, and the pet is easier to remember. For example, Apollinaria can be cut to poly.
  • Picking up a nickname kitten, remember that sometime it will turn into an adult cat, and then, for example, such a name like a baby, it will seem very ridiculous for the majestic Maine Coon. Such nicknames are permissible for cats of dwarf rocks.
  • If the kitten is bought as a gift to a child, then let him choose his pet. And parents are less problems, and the young owner himself will take interesting things for him.
  • You can arrange a family council and resolve the issue with the help of lot. Let everyone write on pieces of two favorite name. The youngest family member will pull out one of the pieces of paper – this name will call pets. The choice can be provided with the same kitten. Most likely, he will be interested in rustling paper. The one that will attract it most and may be decisive.

Name options

Even abroad now many cat owners prefer to call pets by Russian names. The fact is that Russian nicknames seem simpler and understandable, they are cute and more suitable for such affectionate creatures like cats. In addition, the glory of modern Russian cartoon characters scattered around the world.

Choosing a nickname to a pet, you can pay attention to the color and make a choice in accordance with the colors. So, the red cats in Russia is customary to call the Ryzhik, Antoshka, Yolk, Zlata, Rye, Lisk. White cats and cats are suitable for the names of Bell, Snowball, Squirrel, Belyash, Leddy, Kefir, Snow, Squirrel, Belyanka. Among the animals with black wool, you can often meet Cherish, Corolors, Gypsies, Kleaks, Chocolates, Panther, Nightwall. Gray Pets are usually called ashes, smoke, tuchka, sector, mouse.

Pay attention to the cat’s set. Large-breed animal with long wool can be called guns, Jora, Pukhlik, Bun, Bush, Pelmer. To be funny, you can make a cool cat give an ironic name of waist, grace, ballerina. Funny names are obtained from confectionery names: sugar, cake, cake, marshmallow, raisher, rush.

Do not forget about the nature of the pet. Affectionate and gentle girl can be called caress, nevertal, Murka. For the lazy and thoughtful cats, the names of Dumka, Dushkushka, Sonya, and a hyperactive pet, can give the name of the blizzard, storm, bullet.

Eternally Sleeping Light Cat can be called Rokhal, Pufik, aunts, and if this cat is playing, turning and moving, then he is suitable whirlpool, wind, bang, gangster, pirate.

Can be remembered characters of Russian fairy tales and epics and call the cat, for example, in honor of the hero – good. It is unlikely that the Vanka cat, called the name of the fabulous Tsarevich, will seem surrounding non-original. The girl can give the name Vasilisa Wolly, however, as practice shows, this cat quickly turns from Vasilisa in Vasili. Remember both famous cats from Russian literary works and cartoons: Matroskin, Hippopot, Leopold, Bayun, Gaf. Even for lovers of classics there are options, for example, a scientist in honor of Pushkinsky Cat, telling fairy tales.

Perhaps the animal owner is passionate about Russian literature and has his idols in this area, that is, it is not necessary to call the animal with a feline name – it may be Surname of the beloved writer (Pushkin, Chekhov, Gogol) or beloved literary hero (Onegin, Mcyri, Radion, Lisa, Vary). It is permissible to call a cat or a cat In honor of his beloved Russian city: Eagle, Yarik, Moscow, Kaluga. And if you remember Characters of Soviet films, The list of Russian nicknames is expanding even more: Afonya, Moulet, Shurik, Bumbaras, Ippolit, Tosya, Lida, Vera.

Do not forget about the stars of the Russian pop, among them there are many Russian names and pseudonyms: Philip, Alla, Pelagia, Nyusha.

Men’s nicknames

Below is an alphabetical list of beautiful, funny and unusual Russian names for boys:

  • Andrei, Angel, Anton+
  • Boris, Baikal, Bead+
  • Valka, Valen, Venya+
  • Gosh, Gene, Gnome+
  • Danube, Dimych, Danilo+
  • Erofey, Elisha, Emel+
  • Beetle, Zzda+
  • Zakhar, Zosim, Zinovy+
  • Ignat, Joseph, Illarion+
  • Kuzya, Kesha, Cube+
  • Lev, Lazar, Leonid+
  • Morse, Bear, Maxim+
  • Narcissus, Nikita, Nikon+
  • Osip, Ostap, Onyim+
  • Peach, Petka, Pupse+
  • Ruslan, Romka, Rostik+
  • Senya, Stepa, Spartak+
  • Fog, Timka, Tolik+
  • Delico, uriya+
  • Foundik, Fedor+
  • Khariton, Homka+
  • Julian, Yuri, Jung+
  • Yashka, Jaguar, Yaropolk.

Names for cats

Cat can be called one of the following interesting options:

  • Ala, Astra, Asya+
  • Bogdan, Armor, Bun+
  • Vlada, Spring, Venus+
  • Head, Glafira, Gel+
  • Dashka, Diana, Dusya+
  • Eva, Eenia+
  • Zoya, Zosya, Zinka+
  • Inna, Spark, Inessa+
  • Christina, Katka, Pussy+
  • Lada, Lily, Lesya+
  • Maya, Milan, March+
  • Nelli, Nora, Nakka+
  • Olga, Olesya, Oksana+
  • Polina, Punya, Praskovya+
  • Rosa, Raisa, Fish+
  • Sonya, Seraphim, Sima+
  • Tomka, Tasha, Taisiya+
  • Ulyana, octi+
  • Faina+
  • Julia, Juniya+
  • Yana, Yarina, Yanina.

About how else you can choose a nickname for a small kitten, look next.

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