Means for teaching kitten to tray

Means for teaching kitten to tray

Kittens, born at home, aged 3-4 weeks on the mother’s example, use the toilet. Over time, they have a habit and, falling towards new owners, the pets know that it is necessary to deteriorate in the tray prepared for them. But if the animal was taken from the street, or got to you at a fairly early age, you would have to my own to take it to the toilet.

Preparation of place

The modern market offers several types of cat trays. They differ in size, functionality and design. By type of toilets are divided into open and closed. In the first case, the product is a square or rectangular tray with sides around the perimeter. Some models have a removable grid that does not allow the pet to scatter the filler by the floor.

Speaking of closed toilets, it is meant that the design consists of the bottom and cover, reminding a small house. Such a tray for most cats is more acceptable, it allows them to retire, and also prevents filler scattering. But in contrast to the open design, the closed must be washed much more often, as pets can calculate it too dirty and will not want to deteriorate in it.

The fact is that inside the tray holds an unpleasant smell, which causes dislike at such a clean animal, like cats.

For kittens should choose a large outdoor tray with low sides. First, it is better not to use the retaining grid, since the baby instinctively needs to be rummaged in the filler. When he gets used to the toilet, you can install the grid.

When choosing a place for a tray, it is necessary to consider that it should be easily accessible and secluded. And also near should not stand bowls for water and food pet. Quite often the owners put a pot for the kitten in the toilet room, but for the baby it is not quite comfortable. While he is small, the tray needs to be placed so that it is in sight, and it was possible to get to him quickly and freely.

Selection of filler

To make a cat with pleasure in the tray, you need to choose a good filler for him. It should not have a pronounced smell, lumps or dust – for animals, such characteristics will be unpleasant and repulsive. In pet stores, you can purchase a filler of the following types:

  • woody+
  • mineral+
  • corn+
  • Silichagelian+
  • paper.

    The last option is interesting because the paper after the petitions of the pets changes the color, which allows you to monitor the regularity of the use of the tray for the purpose, and also helps maintain it clean.

    For small kittens, the first time is best to use wood sawdust or paper, and when the baby has a habit, you can try a small mineral filler that resembles sand. This option will be pleasant for a pet and convenient for the owner. When wetting the granules hold the liquid in one place and change the color. Therefore, the cleaning of the tray can be made partially, removing only the contaminated filler.

    How to teach the animal?

    The teaching of the kitten towards the tray is gradually, and this process can take 1-2 weeks, so do not think that from the first day the baby will stop shifting in places that are not intended for the toilet. The owners must show attentiveness and patience to the pet, because he is not easy too.

    First of all, you need to introduce a cat with a trained tray, so that he looked around, got used to the smell of filler. As a rule, a new object becomes interesting to animals, and they don’t even go away or play it in it. It is recommended to visually show him that in the filler you can dig “to dig”, but it is necessary to do it with your fingers, and not animal foot. From the first time it is hardly a pet uses a tray for its intended purpose, as it does not know what he.

    It is necessary to constantly monitor the kitten, to periodically plant it on a pot, especially if he began to behave strangely to behave, as if looking for something or dare. Similar actions need to be made 30 minutes after meals. After the first successful results, it is not worth a hurry to clean the tray – the smell of the remnants of the feces will attract the baby, and the next time, most likely, the pet goes into the toilet to the same place.

    After each successful visit to the tray, the kittens need to praise, but not worth scolding for “misses”. Places where baby has risen, you need to thoroughly wash with detergents. If it repeats repeatedly, then put a bowl with food and water in that place – cats will not shive where they eat.

    Using special funds

    Simplify the task to the owners will help a special means for teaching the kitten to the tray called “Smart Spray”. Its smell attracts animals and signals that it is possible to deteriorate in this place. The remedy is sprayed on a piece of paper, which is placed in the tray, or spray the filler directly. After that you need to bring pet to the tray so that he met his toilet.

    There are also means to protect places that are not intended for the toilet. Mostly they are also produced in the form of spray, but have a repulsive smell. This means need to spray those places where the kitten is shitting. It can be applied not only to the floor, but also to those surrounding items, for example, a sofa, a wall, an end, curtains and so on.

    All specialized funds are completely safe for pets and in no way harm their health.

    About how to correctly teach the kitten to the tray, look in the following video.

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