Name list for british gray cats

Name list for british gray cats

Choosing a nickname for a kitten is a difficult task, because most owners want it to be not only a sonorous and original, but also a suitable little pet. Selecting the nickname for the British Gray Boy Kitten, you can take into account the shade of his wool and the breed. Some owners look at the nature and harness of the animal before giving it a name. Consider the options for original and unusual nicknames for the British.

Animal coloring is one of the bright landmarks that usually take into account when choosing a suitable name for pet. Gray colors of wool – a rather objective argument to give the cat such a nickname, like:

  • Gray, Grieg or Gri+
  • Smokey (translated from English – “smoke”)+
  • Stone (“Stone”)+
  • Stil (“Steel”)+
  • Silver+
  • Sylvester+
  • British+
  • ASHES (translated from English – “ash”)+
  • TIN (translated from English – “Tin”).

If the owner of the gray cat British wants to tie his future nickname with color, you can consider such original options as:

  • Graphite+
  • Dusk+
  • Ash+
  • Marble+
  • Crystal+
  • Dodo+
  • Stealth+
  • Boeing.

    The popularity of foreign words in the nicknames of British cats is not an accident. Such a tendency is taken to communicate with the country of origin of this breed – Great Britain.

    Other common foreign clinics of British boys cats – Pepper (translated from English – “Pepper”) and Piper (in English means “rats”).

    Foreign human names are also often used to selection of Cotu-Briton. Most often owners call their pets such names as: Tom, Chucky, Stewart, Charles, Matthew, Stephen, Angel, Nightl, William (Willy), Bill (Billy), Douglas, James, Richard, Michael, Mark, Martin, Oscar , Justin, Benedict (Benya).

    If no successful ideas in the choice of the original nickname for a pet does not occur, You can call the kitten in honor of some famous person. The most popular options in this case are such as: Tyson, Lincoln, Churchill, Shakespeare, Bayron, Bono, Darwin, Lennon, Williams, Driver.

      Another simple way to choose an unusual nickname with a gray cat-Briton – to assign him the name of a fabulous character or the hero of the sensational film. Quite funny examples here are such nobilities like: Ivango, Argo, Frodo, Guy Fox, Lecter, Tarzan, Zorro, Maximus, Indiana, Batman, Vader, Sherlock.

      The names of the characters of cartoon films are also capable of becoming a source of inspiration in search of a suitable nickname for a cat. In this case, such common examples can be given:

      • Timon+
      • Pumba+
      • Simba+
      • Sinbad+
      • Alladin+
      • Shrek+
      • Donald

      Other options

      Very many owners of British cats prefer to give their pets names on the names of popular titles, status, titles. Here are quite common, such options are considered: Duke, Marquis, Baron, Graph, Lord, Sir, Prince, Pharaoh, Monarch, Prince, Par. Less popular versions – general, king, leader, Khan, Cardinal.

      Animal Character – Another significant landmark capable of prompting a great name for pet name. As you know, most British breed cats differ in difficult and unpredictable temper.

      They are movable, curious, restless and quite active. If the kitten is characterized by such traits of character, then it may be suitable for him one of these names as: Tool, Shalun, Butus, Burun, Buran, Volcano, Typhoon, Hurricane, Pirate, Ghost, Shadow. In turn, kittens, distinguished calm and prickly temper, are suitable for: Tikhon (Tisch), Miron, Dobrynya.

      Point to a suitable nickname for a British kitten and its physique. As examples of the most popular names here, such as: Kid, baby, Dwarf, Donut, Suslik, Ground, Behemoth, Tank, Titan, Baton.

      You can not get around the attention and the simplest nicknames that are often assigned to cats. Most Popular Options – Vasya, Yasha, Phil, Stepa, Timofey, Grisha, Trifon, Kesha (Innokenty), Barsik. Also there are also often encountered with such novels like Leopold, Alisher, Asher, Lavrentini (Lavrik), Afonya, Nafanya, Platechean, Archi (Archibald).

      How to choose an unusual nickname?

      Very often, pet owners pick up names for their pets by resorting to the topic of astronomy. The most popular examples of such nicknames: Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn, Pluto, Altair, Phobos, Dimimos, Cefi, Phoenix, Mercury, Tarvos, Mars.

      You can choose the original nickname British kitten with the help of ancient mythology. The most striking example here is the nickname Zeus, which is most often assigned to homemade pets. However, other names, for example, Hercules, Prometheus, Perseus, Hepheston, Amur, Hermes, Poseidon, Apollo, Ares, are known in the pantheon of the ancient deities.

      Useful recommendations

      Experienced breeders of cats and cats do not recommend calling a pet too long, difficult and intricate and intricate name. First, it will greatly complicate the process of adding a kitten to the nickname, and, secondly, the owner itself will be problematic to constantly turn to the pet named. Excellent if there will be one or two syllables in the nickname.

      After the search for a suitable name for a small pet will be completed, you should proceed to the training of the kitten.

      In order for the baby to be able to remember his nickname faster, it is necessary to regularly and clear it out loud during the feeding of the animal and during the Games.

        Each response of the kitten in its name must be encouraged by delicate.

        In the process of learning an animal, it is impossible to reduce and in any way to modify its name (for example, to pronounce it in a decrease in ladies). Communication with the kitten should occur in a relaxed atmosphere without outsiders and distracting factors. Call animal by name is needed clear, smooth and not very loud voice. During the training of the kitten is not allowed to shout and increase the voice.

        Check out the most beautiful nicknames for cats and cats in the following video.

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