Nevskaya Masquerade Cats: Description of the breed, features of content

Nevskaya Masquerade Cats: Description of the breed, features of content

Today, as pets in the dwelling of a person, you can find pretty dicker reptiles, birds and animals. But cats in the house are hardened most often, thanks to which these pets are presented in a large variety of breeds. Among the pretty young, but already popular is to highlight the Neva Masquerade Cat, which in a fairly short time gained popularity worldwide.

History of origin

In the appearance of this breed of long-haired cats, a person participation did not accept. The ancestors of Nevsky Masquerade Cats are the individuals of Siberian and Siamese rocks. As a result, the St. Petersburg cat adopted a well-developed strong body and pretty thick wool from his parents. Besides, Animal inherited strong immunity.

From the Siamese breed, the pet received the prevailing bright coat color and a dark mask on the muzzle, which was reflected in the name of cats. Siamese cats transferred to their descendants a very beautiful blue paint colors, which, together with the features of the exterior, highlights cats among other varieties and breeds.

There is also a version that the Nevsky Cat is owned by Siberian aboriginal cats crossed with Persian Color Point. therefore Animals of this breed sometimes refer to the Siberian Color Points. For the first time cats with blue eyes and an unusual wool color presented at the Leningrad exhibition in the late 90s, where she was assigned a very beautiful name – Nevskaya masquerade.

FIFE recognition and WCF animals received only in 2009.


Animals of this breed are notable for features such as grace and power. In addition, the breeders of Nevsky cats characterize them from a positive side of relatively calm in shortness, resistance to many. The fundamental characteristic of the breed is the absence of an allergic reaction in humans for animal wool. The Siberian Color Points have practically no antigens in saliva, which are allergy provocateurs. Such quality makes it possible to contain a Nevsky masquerade cat in almost every family.

It is worth highlighting the main standards of the exterior of these cats.

  • Head. Cats and cats of this breed have a massive trapezoidal skull. Foreheaded, with a smooth transition to the bridge. The chin does not protrude much, cheeks have medium sizes. Ears in animals are widely delivered, can have a small slope to the muzzle. They are allowed for the presence of brushes. Eyes rounded and slightly diagonal, with an upper arcuate age. The color of pupils is blue, however, various variations of shades of this color are allowed.

  • Torchishche. Cats of this breed are among the largest in the world, since the animals are not much lagging behind the famous giants among the representatives of the Feline – Maine Cunov family. The body has a large backbone, musculature well developed. No less strong in cats are limbs that, together with the torso, visually make up the right triangle. Paws in cats have a rounded shape, wool grows even between fingers. The tail is quite wide, by the end it has rounding. The weight of Leningrad cats is about 5-6 kilograms, while male individuals can weigh 2-3 kilograms more females.

  • Wool. The breed refers to long-haired (smooth-haired representatives of this breed can not be according to the standard). The wool of these animals is highlighted in that it has dirt and water-repellent properties from birth. In addition, in the fur coat of Nevsky cats almost never forms koltunov. Animals have a certain gradation that concerns the length of the wool. As a rule, it will be longer in the area of ​​the blades, and on the sides the wool in short and at times softer. Cat exterior is not deprived of jewelry. They are presented with beautiful “pants” and a lush “collar”. Animals have double undercoat, the state of which is completely dependent on the season.

As a rule, in the summer period, it is expressed as minimally and quite tightly adjacent to the body. With the arrival of cold weather, wool becomes longer and thicker, which is also reflected in the tactile sensations when stroking pets. During molting in animals, the decorations inherent in them become almost invisible.

  • Color Cat. The breed is characteristic of very variety of wool colors. The main and most popular are the following options.
    • SEAL-POINT. Representatives of the feline family with this color are most often found. Animals have a light coat color with dark stains focused on the ears, the face and tail.
    • RED-Point. In this case, gradation of shades involves the transition of light tones in red color.
    • Blue-Point. Animals with this color have a bluish hue of wool.
    • Tortie-Point. In this version of the collapse of the fur coat there are only Nevsky cats.

    Cats may have a silver shade of wool. According to the approved standards, admissible is the presence of white socks on the limbs.

    Cats and cats should not be painted in absolute symmetry, so specks can have any arrangement, shape and size.

    Kitten of the Siberian Color Point Appears on the light of absolutely white on its coat. And its final color will acquire wool under the influence of a heat sensitive gene, which will paint into the dark color only the coldest areas on the body of the animal.

    Character features

    As for the ingredients of these animals, a pet, living together with a person, demonstrates his balanced character, in addition, representatives of the cat’s family from childhood are very tied to their breeder. And cats get used not just to the habitat, but to members of their family. Pets are social animals, however, their relationship with a person can be called partner, and not slave. So in handling them It is necessary to avoid a Panibrate relationship, since the cat is capable of offended for quite a long time. Mission is not peculiar to this breed.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    Breed has its own positive and negative features. Benefits include the following characteristics.

    • The popularity of animals is due to their attractive exterior. This applies not only to the color, but also the quality of the wool itself. Plus, the cats and cats have a pretty cute face.
    • For maintenance at home, a very valuable advantage is the balanced temper of the feline family.
    • Animals are characterized by developed intelligence.
    • Despite the fact that the breed is in demand, as an exhibition, in terms of care, Nevskaya masquerade cats do not require any specific nuances of content from the breeder.

    Among the minuses of rocks allocate the following features:

    • High cost of thoroughbred kittens+
    • Since the cat is not short-haired, when the pet is maintained at home, more frequent cleaning.

    Life expectancy

    Siberian Color Points with good care live with a man about 10-15 years old. Among the representatives of this breed are also found long-livers, the life cycle of which can exceed the established average values. Such features are inherent in cats due to congenital resistant immunity, thanks to which the pets are sick extremely rare.

    Among the diseases that can seriously reduce the life expectancy of animals of this breed, it is necessary to note hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Late diagnostics can lead to a sudden death of the animal.

    Conditions of detention

    Highlights concerning the care of a masquerade cat, similar to the nuances of the content of the remaining representatives of the Feline family. The main emphasis in the process of animal care should be done on wool. Pets need to be performed regularly, for this you will need a massage brush and a booster, which are used depending on the season and molting cat. Also for its pets will need to purchase special shampoos for long-haired cats.

    As a rule, a molting of cats comes twice a year, it is necessary to bathe it more often than once every two months. Breeders of the Nevskaya masquerade cat should be known that combat the tail of the animal is prohibited. It is connected with the structure of hairs, which in case of careless movement can be very easy to pull out. This will adversely affect the external characteristics of the pet.

    Bathe cats in case of extreme need. For hygiene procedures to the bottom of the bath, the rubberized rug is placed so that the animal is comfortable in water. The bath is filled with no more than 10 centimeters.

    To avoid water in the ears, they are usually temporarily closed with wool pieces. Out the animal need twice, strictly in the direction of wool growth, you do not need to wet. After shampoo, the wool needs to be thoroughly rinsed with ordinary water.

    Dry the Nevsky Cat after bath procedures is resolved by a towel or a hairdryer. It is advisable to carry out all the procedures quickly to the animal not overcooked. After bathing the cat needs to comb.

    In addition to wool, care assumes trimming claws, as well as cleaning ears, eyes and teeth. Hygiene oral cavity should be carried out using a special paste and toothbrush. Eyes and ears can be cleaned with cotton wrappers in boiled water. Ears usually clean no more than once a month. To facilitate the removal of sulfur and pollution from the oars, the breeder can purchase a special solution recommended for these purposes. You can also use a small amount of petroleum, olive oil.

    To care for eyes, in addition to the water, cotton swabs can be wetted in tea brew. In the process of purification, it is important to remove all the extra accumulations from the corners so that they do not get into the lacrimal channel. With a large number of secretions, a cat should show veterinarian.

    Pet need to cut crush if the animal clings to the surface of furniture or carpets with their tips. In this case, they need to round them, for this purpose the use of manicure scissors is allowed. It is also recommended to shorten claws before the exhibition, if there are several pets in the house, which in the game can hurt each other. Cropped them is allowed no more than 1-2 mm, and only the transparent part of the claw is subject to removal. These manipulations with extreme caution should be performed so as not to hook a living part.

    As the recommended measure relating to the content of this breed of cats at home, it is worth highlighting Walking with pet outdoor. Animals with big hunting and curiosity spend time on walks.

    Also, the Siberian Color Points did not lose their hunting instincts, they are inherent in good endurance and a lightning reaction. As the most suitable place for walking, it is worth considering private territory in the courtyard of a residential building, and balconies are also suitable for walking, if the cat lives in the apartment.

    If the owner does not plan to use the animal for further breeding, It will most correctly castrate either sterilize your favorite. Such a step will help to avoid unnecessary random animal mating with representatives of the Feline family of other breeds.

    In addition, a similar solution will be useful for pet health, since unrealized natural instincts can provoke a serious disease. Most often they are found in female individuals. Optimal time to cast cats – 8-9 months, cats sterilize a little later, usually closer to year.

    When the content of cats of such a breed is also worth considering that the hairs that fall together with the food in the stomach of the animal can not digest. With their large clusters, the so-called fur balls are gradually formed, they can cause serious food disorders from pets. If the Nevsky Cat is not able to periodically get rid of them, then the breeder is recommended to help the animal, causing vomiting. For this, the animal is poured one spoon of vegetable oil, for kittens with an optimal dose there will be a teaspoon.

    Despite the resistance of the breed to most diseases, with the Nevsky Masquerade Cat, it is recommended to regularly visit the veterinarian. To a greater extent, this is due to the control of the heart.

    Another feature of these animals is the refusal to go to the dirty tray, so Clean the container with product life products needed regularly. So that the animal wool remains fresh as long as possible, it is recommended to select wood filler for tray. This option will also be suitable in the light of its features well absorb an unpleasant smell.

    In order to avoid damage to the soft furniture for cats, it is recommended to purchase Several brates, putting them in different angles of dwellings. As toys for home color-pointes, you can buy balls, a variety of teasers, feathers fun for cats.

    Sound or flashing goods are recommended to bypass as an animal can disturb the host at night. In the absence of a masquerade kitten of personal toys, it can use important things of his family members for these purposes. They can be wires, chargers from phones, slippers, as well as hazardous items, unpredictable for the game.

    Than feed?

    These animals are highlighted by their major dimensions, however, they are not inclined to obesity. Optimal option for feeding animals is a two-time. The norm on one reception will be 120-130 grams of food. It can be both a premium-class dry food and natural food. Dry industrial feed will become an excellent preventive tool preventing the formation of a tooth stone.

    The main ingredients of the diet of cats are meat and offal. In priority there will be rabbit, beef or a bird that will become indispensable sources of protein. The liver of Nevsky cats must be offered occasionally because it can provoke changes in the color of wool. The seafood also affects the color, so representatives of this breed are advised not to give fish at all.

    Equality products should also be present in the diet. Animals Better to acquire products with minimal fat content. In priority, low fat kefir, Prostokvash. Cats also need to offer vegetables in the cheese and stewed form, they must be filled with a small amount of vegetable oil.

    Kittens to three-month-old age should be fed 4-5 times a day, by half a pet gradually translated into three meals. An adult cat is considered in one year, then feeding will be a two-time.

    Under the ban are:

    • fatty food+
    • confectionery+
    • pickles+
    • Acute Products+
    • Food with dyes or other chemistry, which can provoke an allergic reaction in an animal.

      Pet water should always be in free access.


      Nevskaya masquerade cat is not allowed to cross with animals of other breeds. A couple of pets are recommended to look in advance. It is best to choose cats or cats for the subsequent preparation of offspring among animals from nurseries, in which they seriously belong to the preservation of the peculiar features of purebred individuals.

      Sexual maturity Nevsky cats reach much earlier than the representatives of the other breeds of the Feline family. As a rule, the animal is considered to be inherited at the age of 9 months. Due to the specifics of climatic conditions in which their ancestors were forced to live. In the Siberian cats, due to circumstances, high mortality was observed, so it was much earlier to preserve the population and ripening. Similar characteristics were transferred to their direct descendants.

      As for the opinion of the breeders of the Siberian Color Points, they are not recommended to carry out a mating before reaching cats of one and a half year old age.

      Cats are best reduced with an already more experienced partner. Pregnancy in these animals lasts 9 weeks. Cats of this breed are inherent in well-developed maternal instinct, so all concerns about the offspring can be safe to trust her.

      Ownership reviews

          According to feedbacks of breeders of pets of this breed, the cats when communicating with a person demonstrate their flexible temper and affection. But if necessary, the animal is completely able to give serious rebuff. After purchasing the kitten, special attention should be paid to its early teaching to the tray, otherwise the owner may have serious problems, since cats can demonstrate some stubbornness.

          Nevskaya masquerade cat Getting well with young children, in some families, she gets great and dogs.

          About the features of this breed, see further.

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