Norbotten Spitz: Features, Character and Rules

Norbotten Spitz: Features, Character and Rules

Likes – an amazing breed that attracts its charming appearance, mind, behavioral qualities. However, not everyone can afford to start a large husky, especially in the apartment.

Dogs in such cases recommend paying attention to the Norbootten Like. It is also called Norbooten Spitz. Swedish rock although it belongs to the hunting, but is the smallest of all varieties. These beautiful little dogs conquer their ingenuity, excellent properties of companion and a friend, home family pet. Hunting instinct is not lost, but not so strong.

Breed history

The ancestors of the Northern Spitza appeared in Scandinavia for a long time, to our era. They were very small. Archaeologists have found a confirmation that in the XIV century BC there was a breed, incredibly similar in appearance with modern likes. Then the Scandinavian lands were populated by people from the south who were accompanied by the first boys.

Evolution influenced the pieces: they became more, rustier, because it required the conditions of the North. At all times of the existence of a husky was a hunting breed specializing in the fur beast.

Since this kind of hunt was very profitable, people gladly bred pieces. North Spitz was incredibly smart, able, knew how to hold the beast before the host arrival.

Norbootten Spitz is genetically predisposed to the hunt, but never used in driving purposes.

PSA’s popularity did not go beyond the limits of the Swedish and Finnish lands, but in the XIX century they were officially registered in the canine communities, after which the exterior description was recorded. It would seem that the breed was to start developing, spread, but this did not happen – the Swedish lady almost disappeared as a view of the beginning of the 20th century.

The livestock was inexorably reduced until the first decade of the 20th century, when the study of the characteristics of the breed was published. It turned out that this husky has perfect qualities of the group, which pushed the focus on the restoration and development of the species.

Nevertheless, in the 30s, Spitz still crossed out from the list of breeds in a cynological club, since all attempts of breeders were in vain. In the 50s there were enthusiasts, discovered dogs in the Scandinavian forests in the foresters. It took only a dozen years so that Norbootten Spitz appeared at the Film Exhibition Forum as one of their most promising breeds.

After the triumphal return in 1968, Lyaki was officially recognized by international focus.


First of all, specialists celebrate the miniature sizes of this breed compared to other likes. Sexual dimorphism is quite obvious. As for the description of the appearance, the main characteristics are as follows:

  • The head is wide, flat type in the head of the nap+
  • The transition from the ears to the nose is extremely smooth, narrowed+
  • narrow type muzzle, without excessive folding+
  • Housing elongated, with well-developed muscles+
  • The neck is very powerful, moving easily+
  • Direct Sword, Chest Strong+
  • The tail is highlighted, rises above the back line, does not twist, slightly bowing to the body+
  • Wool on the tail is longer than on the body+
  • Legs strong, with well-developed muscles, straight+
  • nose on black+
  • Eyes oval, color brown, dark shade+
  • Wool is not too long, rough, with a dense undercoat thick type.

A suit can be three variations: white, white with podpales, white with brown.

Character and behavior

The greatest advantage of the nature of this breed is exposure and calm. Its temperament is so balanced that the dog is very difficult to bring to aggression. Exception – attack, crawling, threats of another obvious order. Moreover, it is not necessary to threaten the dog itself – it can be fiercely rushing and defended its owner. This dog is very leaning and bold on kind, is a valuable addition to natural restraint.

The dog is distinguished by prudence, logical behavior. If you need to decide, it will not be difficult for her.

Norbootten can be found in families with children – they are fine with small owners, peacefully relate to other animals, even to domestic cats.

The difficulty lies in the fact that Hunter’s instinct in Norbotten is fixed and prevails over the mind, so it is simply necessary to educate and socialize it from an early age. If this is not done, the dog will react to other animals like on game. To train them is easy, but sometimes Norboottes are stubborn. People who do not have a special skill in the dresswork, starting a dog for the first time, better contact the specialists of the appropriate profile.

By nature, Norbootten Naka is active, mobile and having fun, it is possible to keep it in the apartment, but you need to walk every day with a pet. The dog loves to play, run, you need to move much. Organization of active leisure is a very important part of the educational process. It eliminates the dog from excess energy, which can be aimed at the purpose of a destructive nature.

If the dog will be very bored, it can even run.

Content and nutrition

Caring for this breed does not include complex procedures and events, After all, the dog is clean, and everything that she needs is regular care and attention:

  • Bedroom contained clean+
  • Compliance with hygienic standards when feeding – dishes should be clean+
  • Fresh water in constant access+
  • full-fledged balanced nutrition.

Poor-quality feed – one of the most common causes of diseases and improper development of NORBOTTEN. Despite unpretentiousness, feeding must be organized correctly, including in the diet, low-fat meat, boiled bucks and rice, fruits, vegetables. Experts recommend choosing dry or wet special feed for dogs so that the diet is really balanced. It is important to choose high-quality feed from manufacturers who have already proven themselves. In any case, it is not allowed to feed the PSA:

  • overdue feeds and products+
  • sweets+
  • Pork, grease+
  • tubular bones+
  • eating from your table+
  • You can not add salt, pepper, spices.

If you plan to keep the dog in a private house, it is best for her will suit. Wool quality allows Norbootten to live on the street even in a harsh climate. Wolter must be equipped:

  • Buddow+
  • Place for feeding.

Sizes should allow the dog to move without problems. It is important to ensure regular housing cleaning, in the summer it is better to wash it with water from the hose.


Norboottes have a pretty good immune system from nature, they are very hardy in any conditions. Of frequently fixed diseases, specialists celebrate Ezophagitis. It is quite dangerous, since the disease causes inflammation in the esophagus. Among the causes of esophagitis:

  • Feeding hot food+
  • Finding a foreign object in the esophagus+
  • infections, frequent vomit manifestations.


  • bad appetite or full failure+
  • Dry slimming.

It is very important at the very first suspicions to turn to a veterinary doctor for inspection, since at the initial stage the disease is successfully treated.

Another common disease of Norbootten – problems with the liver, lack of functioning of this body. It is possible to cure it, if you do not start the process, therefore it is necessary to observe the behavior, appetite, pet chair. It is important to spend Timely vaccination that will save the dog from many health problems.

It is necessary to regularly visit the branch and carry out preventive anti-parasitic activities and from external and internal parasites.


Since norbotten is not too common breed, they are not so easy to buy them in Russia. It is necessary to choose a proven nursery or breeder with good reviews. Most often, these puppies are addressed to the Swedish and Finnish kennels, where the breed is extremely popular.

You should not succumb to tempting offers to purchase a dog at a surprisingly low price, because, most likely, it will be fraudsters or illiquid puppies

The most detailed about the dog breed is Norbootten Spitz, see the following video.

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