Norfolk Terrier: Breed Features and Care Rules

Norfolk Terrier: Breed Features and Care Rules

Many people are starting in their domestic dwellings. Some of them give preference to dogs. Today we will talk about such pets of the Norfolk Terrier.

History of origin

Breed Norfolk Terrier was removed at the end of the XIX century in England. For a long time, she was considered the Norfolk-Norwich breed due to severe external similarity. Only in 1964, they were recognized by different types.

From Norwich Terrier Norfolk dogs differ only in ears. At the first breed, they are standing, and the second species they hang. Subsequently, these animals became a symbol of the University of Cambridge, as they are quite popular among students.

Description of breed

Norfolk Terrier – Little Dog In size, Height of individuals about 25 centimeters. Despite the fact that her legs and body are small, they are quite powerful and strongly developed. The head in the animal is wide and rounded.

Mortochka trapezoidal form. Eyes of small size, they have an ovoid shape. They have a dark color.

Ears from this breed hang. By the end they spill a little. Dog’s tail is unallone and direct. Wool growing on the head and on the ears, a little shorter than on the other parts of the body. Mustache and eyebrows grow medium length.

Muscular neck and good developed, her length is average. The jaw is strong, and the teeth are quite large. Dog paws rounded shape with dense pads.

Most often wool has a beautiful wheat hue. Norfolk puppies can grow in various red and gray shades. More easily there are individuals of black and tangible color.

Wool grows hard and straight. In the area of ​​the cervical and on the shoulders it is much coarse and longer than on other parts of the body. She is polluted slowly. At the same time, the undercoat practically does not learn.


Norfolk Terrier is an excellent security guard. He is pretty active and cheerful. Adults obedient individuals. They grow sensitive in circulation with their owner and with other animals.

Norfolk Terrier has a calm and balanced character. He does not suffer from sharp mood drops. Representatives of this breed are curious, and they are trying to participate almost in all.

Despite the fact that such a dog grows energetic, it can easily adapt to the lifestyle of his owner. If you correctly raise a pet, it will not suffer from aggressive drops and excessive spoilness.

The dog is considered contact. She can easily be laid with young children, can even protect them in case of danger. Animal behaves with great confidence and importance.

Usually, Among the households, Norfolk Terrier chooses Pets. And the dog loves to watch the owners and for all what is happening around her. At the same time, in the first call, the pet will come to family members.

Life expectancy

Dogs of this breed will be able to live for 16 years. But remember that they cannot exist outside the house. Accommodation on the street in the booth, on the chains can dramatically change the nature of the individual for the worse and significantly reduce the years of life.

 Conditions for content

Such a pet can be kept both in a private house and in the apartment. After all, the animal will take a bit of place in the dwelling. If you hold the terrier in a small apartment, then you need to withdraw it for a walk every day and walk longer with him.

Walking the dog is better in the morning or in the evening. And during a walk you need to pay attention not only to simple active games with pet, but also full physical exertion.

Despite the small dimensions, the individuals of this breed are distinguished by excellent endurance, they may not be tired for a long time.

Walking with Norfolki terriers should not last less than 30 minutes. Optimal option is one hour.

It is categorically impossible to plant representatives of this breed per chain. After all, for such inquisitive dogs it is important to participate in the life of your master. In addition, they love frequent active games.

A place intended for a pet must be absolutely clean and warm. It should be periodically clean and thoroughly wash. Lenja can not be placed on drafts.

Than feed?

Norfolk Terrier can be fed both ready-made special feeds from the store and natural food. If you choose the first option, then consider that for this breed only the super premium-class is suitable.

Norfolk Terrier is considered unpretentious in nutrition of dogs. But sometimes pets begin to eat food in excessive quantities, and the owners seem to be that the animal is constantly hungry.

Currently there is a considerable variety of finished feed suitable for this breed of dogs.

  • Royal Canin. This manufacturer produces special food intended for medium-sized dogs. It is called Royal Canin Medium Adult and refers to full nutritional compositions that can fully restore energy even excessively active individuals.

  • Hills. Such feed allows you to maintain muscle mass of the dog. And also it contributes to the normal operation of the digestive system of the animal. The basis of this nutrition is the meat of lamb and rice grains.

  • Acana. In the assortment you can find food intended for powering active dogs of any size. Such a diet is perfect for Norfolk Terrier. The menu includes chicken fillet, chicken eggs, cambal. And it may also contain various fruits, vegetables, insides, cartilage. In this case, there are no ingredients that can cause an allergic reaction from your pet (potatoes, grain products, rice).

  • Almo Nature. This brand produces both dry nutrition varieties and canned dogs for dogs. The diet includes a large percentage of fish fillet (white fish, salmon) or meat fillet (most often used chicken or lamb).

  • Brit Care. This brand produces food for active breeds of all ages and any mass. And also it produces diet, designed separately for dogs of medium-sized. Both varieties will be able to approach Norfolk Terrier. They may contain chicken or lamb meat, rice components. As well as in the composition you can find therapeutic herbs that contribute to the improvement of metabolic processes and have anti-inflammatory effects.

  • Bosch. In the range of products of this brand there is a diet created for the medium-sized breeds. Such a meal is called Junior Medium. It has a large content of natural protein, mineral and vitamin additives and essential fatty acids. Power produced under this brand contributes to strengthening teeth.

  • Belcando. This company produces both dry food and canned in banks. Rations contain at least 80% natural squirrel animal. The menu is most often the meat of poultry or lamb. In the composition you can find a large amount of starch and flour of grapes. Such flour contributes to the additional protection of dog cell cells.

Often for Norfolk individuals use natural nutrition. When drafting the diet, independently consider that only a fully balanced menu can be available for representatives of this breed.

Food in equal proportions should contain fats, carbohydrates, proteins. And also prepared food must include mineral and vitamin components.

Dog needs to periodically give meat. Best use beef fillet or boiled poultry. Crops should also be included in the menu. It is worth taking buckwheat, oatmeal or rice grains.

For normal growth and development of such a dog, fruits with vegetables are perfect. Efficiency Products (Ryazhenka, kefir, cottage cheese) are also well suited for Norfolk Terrier.

It is recommended to completely exclude a pork from the menu. For adults of this breed, there will be enough two full-fledged meals on day. Little puppies should be giving food 5 times a day.

How to care?

Norfolk terriers can not bathe too often. Wash the animal follows only as wool pollution. At the same time, regular combing for such a pet is necessary. And this procedure should be carried out at least three times a week.

At least three times a year, the dog is defined for a haircut to a specialist. Clean the ear shells and cut the nails regularly.

Norfolk Terriers are distinguished by strong health, but at the same time their body will be able to react to vaccinations. And also the dogs of this breed sometimes suffer from dislocation of popliteal joints.

Periodically, pet needs to rinse your eyes. To do this, prepare the composition in advance, which includes chamomile (1 tablespoon for 1 cup of water). Conduct the procedure with a cotton disk.

To maintain the health of such dogs, it is recommended to led to the veterinarian at least two times a year. And they should be carried out by the necessary prophylactic vaccinations.

Education and training

Norfolk Terriers need to start raising from childhood. Still a puppy dog ​​should understand who her owner and what he needed to obey. In the course of training, the dog categorically impossible to beat. Otherwise it may adversely affect the nature of the pet. Most often, training is beginning with 2-month pets.

The dog should not experience the host aggression. In the process of raising a pet better encourage small delicacies. It will help the animal faster to learn the main teams of the person.

In rare cases, Norfolk Terriers can observe serious deviations in behavior due to improper education. So, some individuals can exercise aggression. And it can be directed to family members, children or other animals while walking down the street. But it is possible to fix it almost at any age, engaged training.

Some dogs grow too cowardly. They are afraid of sharp and loud sounds, too lively street. And pets can be afraid of people, other animals. As a rule, such problems in terriers may be due to severe fate (if the animal was taken from shelters), due to improper power supply. In rare cases, such disorders may be happening due to genetic deviations.

Incorrect education can lead to the fact that your pet will often bark and sweat without reason. In this case, special zoopsychology can come to the rescue.

It helps to quickly reveal the exact causes of such a pet behavior and correct it.

There are individuals who, during walks along the streets, begin to pick up garbage from the ground. The dog should immediately start moving. After all, such a habit may well affect your pet’s health, cause a sharp allergic reaction.

Certain representatives of the breed suffer from destructive behavior. In the absence of owners, they begin to spoil things in the home. Most often, such naughty pets are nibbled by clothes, footwear family members, furniture or wire items. In this case, you can also use special zoopsychology.

About the Norfolk-Terrier breed, see the video below.

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