Nuances of Education and Training Akita Inu

Nuances of Education and Training Akita Inu

Akita Inu – ancient Japanese breed of dogs. Symbol of love, devotion and kindness. These dogs are excellent guards, at the same time they are very tender and affectionate, adore children. They are wonderful hunters, and recently become more and more like winners of exhibitions and competitions.


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Security qualities

Excellent security guard

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* Characteristic of breed “Akita Inu” Founded on the assessment of the experts of the site and feedback from the owners of the dog.


Describe the dogs of the Akita-Inu breed can be like this:

  • Bold+
  • strong+
  • decisive+
  • Sports+
  • deft+
  • Stretch+
  • Independent+
  • Smart+
  • resourceful+
  • obedient (with the right approach).

Despite the fact that the breed has been many years, She became popular thanks to the famous movie “Hachiko”. It is after watching the film thousands of people wanted themselves the same faithful friend. But you should not mix cinematograph and real life.

In fact, Akita Inu is a very peculiar breed. Therefore, so as not to experience disappointment in the four-side friend, before buying a puppy, you need to carefully examine the features of its character.

How to choose?

It all starts with a breeder’s choice. It is for him that you will find out the initial information about your future pet. His parents deserve special interest: carefully examine all documents, pedigree, consult with experts.

The best option will be a dog from the middle litter with puppies of the same size. Healthy kids – fun, playful and curious. As these animals are growing, becoming calm and judgment.

Pyazing puppy

Care for this breed is not much difficult, but in order to educate Akita Ina, you need to take into account certain tips of the film. The dog is very smart and instinctively feels that the owner wants from her. Easy tolerates the decor. Perfectly feels in the city and in nature. Education should be consistent and continue all life.

Independence and the immediacy of the nature of the animal begin to manifest themselves from early childhood. An animal decides independently when and how to play, make him do something else is almost impossible.

The main task of the owner is not to miss Akita-In control, using extremely affection, praise and promotion. The image of a cute puppy with a constantly smiling face can be very deceptive.

The puppy will initially know and communicate with all family members and other animals, if any, living with it on one territory. This dog will not suffer subordination, communication should occur only on equal. Akita Inu, in time, learns to understand and execute teams pronounced by a calm, even voice.

Akita Inu Training

Most owners of this breed of dogs argue that it is not amenable to train. However, opinion can not be so unequivocal. Find an approach to representatives of this ancient breed and to independently raise your pet quite real. And the earlier start it to do, the better the result will be.

To start training Akita-Inu need from 2-2.5 months of life. It should be remembered that In the blood of the blood in the blood of other animals and strangers. For social adaptation of the dog, it is necessary to gradually addiction and constant communication. The first six months of the conscious life of the puppy is the period of formation of the psyche, the search for its place in the world. If from the very beginning it does not show the puppy who is the owner in the house, then he will consider himself.

Akitan, like many oriental breeds (and it belongs to them), very confident in herself, is serious and it is very important to be an authority for her. Patience and tact are the key to successful animal training.

Installation of leadership

Akita Inu is almost a wolf. When communicating with a dog, you need to be able to keep leadership and comply with the laws of flocks. To love it is definitely necessary, but at the same time prevent contradictions in your behavior.

To make the dog felt in the owner of the leader and strictly listened to him, the priorities should immediately arrange:

  • Dog takes food after all family members filed+
  • In any room, the owner must enter and go out ahead of the dog+
  • The dog should know his place and sleep only on it – the host bed for him+
  • To position yourself the leader, any game with a dog should start and finish only its owner+
  • Do not allow signs of aggression from the animal (even harmless, at first glance, bites.

Training teams at home

Not everyone has the opportunity to give a puppy to education in a specialized canine school. However, every owner of a little Akita-Inu wants his dog to be obedient, knew the maximum teams and was socially adapted. Having studied the appropriate literature and consulting with a filmologist, you can train Akita-Inu’s puppy at home.

The dog should feel the line for which it is impossible to enter. Her desire to dominate, the submindlement must immediately stop. Even the host security is permissible only by the team. When and from whom to protect one or another object solves the owner, not a dog.

If the animal is at the owner, the authority of which does not cause doubts, then the puppy will grow quite adequate and trained dog. But it will have to constantly control the behavior of Akita Inu, demonstrating its leadership.

The level of educational and self-organization of the animal is determined by its behavior in a crowded place and in the absence of the owner. Ignoring outsiders and external stimuli is produced gradually and for a long time.

Operating basic teams

To teach the puppy of the Akita-Inin breed to elementary teams, you should be patient. To punish the dog in no case. Proper to teach the animal will help the tips of the kinologists.

Recommendations for assimilating elementary commands below.

  • “To me!” – the most necessary team. The dog should be in a calm state (does not play, does not eat, not sleeping), attract her attention, calling the nickname. Move away a few steps, repeat the nickname, add a call “To me!”And show a piece of cheese or meat. When the puppy comes running, praise his voice, give a delicacy. You need to repeat actions 6-7 times a day.
  • “Ugh!” – This skill is needed by a dog, first of all, for her health. If the pet has mastered it well, he will never take me out of the hands of someone else’s man or found on the street. To generate a team need a lot of excerpt. Food pieces need to scatter on the floor and not give the dog to eat them, pronouncing the team. Then put food in a bowl and resolve.
  • “Sit” – Standing next to a puppy and holding a delicacy in her hand, to attract his attention and file a team. Another hand carefully help the pet sit down and immediately encourage him. You need to repeat with each convenient case so that the dog learns the team well.
  • “Lie” – from the first time it is almost impossible to achieve its execution. Puppy just can not understand what they want from him. Learning it needs to use voice and physical impact. Exercise is performed with a leash that should be pulled down, at the same time pressing the withers. As soon as the dog falls, immediately awarded him delicious.
  • “Wait” – The team produces exposure. Go to the dog with a delicacy in the hand, put it above the face of the animal. Pronounce a team, move a little, then go back and give a delicacy. Akita Inu will eventually understand what the owner wants. Distance all the time you need to increase.

Born guard and faithful friend

The fucking instinct in the dog of this breed works exactly when there is a real danger. Adults are not always generous on the manifestation of their feelings in relation to the owner, but do not doubt their love. Restraint and equilibrium are the features of their noble nature.

The ability to adapt to the lifestyle of its owner make Akita-Inu very convenient companion. Little children dog can replace nanny. Young people leading an active lifestyle and sports will be a reliable partner in training or walks.

With representatives of the older generation, dogs behave calmly and measured.

Representatives of this breed are not peculiar to the manifestation of emotions, but do not doubt – the dog needs contact with the owner. Even if inside her all boils from emotions, it may be unnoticed. Puppy crying, you need to be ready that some part of the free time will now belong to him.

For those who are going to buy a Puppy Akita-Iu only so that he was an accurate copy of the hero of the movie “Hachiko”, one can say one thing: Hachiko is not a breed, but upbringing. And to bring up a hatiko from any breed of dogs.

Look at the initial training of Akita Inua can be further.

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