Nuances of the Education and Training of Beagle

Nuances of the Education and Training of Beagle

For the owners of dogs breed Beagle, an important point is to understand that they need to raise them since the very moment of appearance in the house. In this direction, regularity and perseverance are needed. Puppies are very intelligent, easily assimilate information and can immediately recognize exactly how you can behave with the owner. Therefore, obedient and smart dog – the result of painstaking work, regular workouts and tireless education. Talk to our article about all the details.

Basic Rules

If it comes to training, it is necessary to start it as early as possible. Otherwise, the time when it is not too difficult to influence the dog, it may be irrevocably missed. Naturally, first of all pays attention to the simplest rules and teams. Already by half the home the pet must be as raised as much as possible, later it becomes almost impossible.

The main principle that the owner must be pursued – the sequence in training. Maintain it should all family members in which the beagle lives. Formulate commands should be clearly and clear, and encouraging only when the dog does everything to the end.

New teams are studied only after full consolidation and execution of old.


You need to start training, paying this process for only half an hour a day. This is due to the fact that the beagles are very active, respectively, they cannot long concentrate on the same.

If the baby is tired of doing, training will be useless. It is necessary to create a relaxed atmosphere for classes, and it will also be necessary to fix the skills, constantly reminding the puppy about the studied teams. Animal should not experience negative emotions during training.

Bigli love active games very much, they can have fun with balls, chewing toys and all sorts of bait. If the process is pleased to be pleasure, the dog will be happy to participate in it, so it is impossible to punish it for failure to fulfill the teams, it will not benefit, but, on the contrary, aggravate the situation.

The use of physical force is also unacceptable, it will lead to a lack of confidence between the owner and his pet. The most important motivation is encouraging, and it is expressed not only in delicacy, but also in simple praise, affectionately. Delicacies initially need to be given for each command executed.

Later, when the process comes to automatism, it can be replaced by a praise.

List of necessary basic teams

Train the boy or the breed of the Beagle breed, starting with the basic teams. It is their execution that creates the necessary level of obedience. You can do it yourself.

Team training “Sit!”

This command can be called the main. To begin with, the dog must go to the owner and see in his hands a treat. Consumption can not be given right away, but also to hide, so that the dog has lost interest to him, also should not. A hand with a delicacy will start the head of beagle and the team is given to “Sit!”. Dog can sit on inertia, watching hand. In this case, the treat is given immediately. Then the procedure is repeated.

If this did not happen, it should be pressed on the croup of Pesik, holding a delicacy over his head. When the animal sits, you need to praise it and give a treat. In both cases, the team should be pronounced clear, calm voice. The dog must understand the connection between words and actions.

You should repeat the command at any convenient case. It may be feeding, going to walk, walk, landing into the car, when preparing for water procedures and so on. Thus, the Beagle will understand that the execution is necessary not only at home, but in any other place, even when there are many distracting factors around. When the animal is completely litria, the issuance of delicacies should be discontinued and limited to the oral praise.

In this case, the dog will understand that to get a treat it will need to make more effort.

Team Training “Place!”

The next list is the “place!”. Training begins when the previous one has already been worked out. After the animal village, it is necessary to say “place!”, pulling her hand next to you. Beagle must stay in the same place at least short time. If it succeeded, Detachable and the team is repeated, Only when the owner is already at the other point of the apartment.

The main point is that the puppy remains to sit where it was left, and did not go on the place for the owner. I need to give a command to a solid, calm voice.

The main thing is to ensure that the kid does not run for a treat, and waited for him at the main point.

Team teamwork “To me!”

This is the third step in training, most likely the simplest software. If the dog itself goes to the owner, he is enough to repeat “To me!”, And when reaching goals praise and give delicacy pet. It is necessary to do it repeatedly so that in the animal’s brain the connection of one with another. If the puppy is not too often suitable for the owner even at home, the delicacy will be the best bait.

The main thing is not to forget to repeat the command more often. It is necessary to praise a dog for success so that she understands what does everything right. Rushing in this business should not be as well as scolding a pet. After all, he can understand it so that the words “to me!»They are associated with punishment, respectively, fulfill everything will correctly refuse.

It is best not to show no reaction if the beagle does not work.

Control of ukuusov

Both very small and adults beagli can start biting, appearing in a new house. Such attempts need to be stopped initially. If this happens during the game, you should change the way of classes to a calmer or give a dog to gnaw a stick or a ball. The game itself needs to stop immediately.

If this happens regularly, the animal will understand what exactly the bites served as the cause of the cessation of the Games and stop biting. In general, the dog can bite for several reasons, except active games. First of all it is a fright, as well as peculiar defense. The main thing for the owner is to understand that the bite can become a random phenomenon, not talking about the aggression of the pet.

As for the beagles, the bites during the game they really happen. The dog can not scold and even more shouting at her. Do not apply physical strength. You just need to limit contact with animals for a while.

If it does not help, you need to contact a film or veterinary doctor. The cause of bites may be diseases, and in adult dogs – bad education.

Teaching a dog to chisto

One of the main points – to teach the dog to the cleanliness on the territory of the joint residence and in other places. It follows this issue Since the appearance of a puppy in the house. First of all, it is necessary to designate the place that will initially serve the toilet, put a tray there, and put a diaper in it. The baby will need to take there until he does all his affairs in the right place. To secure the procedure it is to repeat several times.

Accustomed to cleanliness – an important factor in raising beagle. If the baby is trying to hide need elsewhere, you need to persistently attract it to the tray, repeating the command “Toilet!”. Over time, the puppy will understand what exactly is required.

Do not forget to praise the pet when he did everything right, it can be done both verbally and using treats.

At first, it is better to highlight one room for the dog. After teaching to the toilet, which takes about 3 days, you can release it to learn the entire apartment whole. When the necessary vaccination is performed, you can start walking. After the beagle goes into the toilet on the street, you need to praise it. It is done until all the natural needs of the kid will start to cope outside the apartment.

To begin with, the walks should be as frequent, literally every half hour with the possibility. You can attribute a baby to the same place so that the conditional reflex has developed. With age, the number of walks decreases, shrinking to three, and later and twice a day. Praise must be as active as possible, you can use delicacy, and stroking, and voice.

With proper training of problems with the execution of teams at the Bigley should not. They are very smart and smart. Usually, if you wish to go to the toilet, the dog behaves restless. She can start to whine, move circles, sit at the door or sniffing the floor. These symptoms are a reason to bring the animal to the street. Even if there are doubts about the causes of such behavior, it is better to reinforce.

The owner must understand that Little puppies can sometimes shift in the apartment. They do it not specifically, so it is impossible to swear and beat the beagle. However, in this case, a special cleaner will be required, otherwise the smell of urine will again attract Pesik to the old place next time. Use household chemicals with ammonia and chlorine during harvesting is forbidden.

Chlorine has toxicity, and ammonia due to the specific smell, on the contrary, can attract an animal.


The power mode is also part of the education, with an important. It is from his implementation that the health of a pet is depends, regularity is required. Small beagles should be fed 5-6 times a day. Teenagers are enough 3-4 times. Adult dog feeds on 2 times a day, in the morning and evening, therefore the delicacy is a great way to stimulate pet.

The volume of portions is selected according to the weight and age of the dog, if on the packs of dry feed this indicator is indicated. In the case of natural food, optimal will consult the veterinarian.

From how often the dog takes food, the frequency of the fun. Therefore, with age, the frequency of feedings is reduced, and the duration of staying on the street, on the contrary, increases.

Masters need to take into account that Between the hikes in the toilet puppies are able to endure the number of hours equal to their age, for example, in 2 months this period is 2 hours. This moment is very important when planning the schedule of the day. Adults Beagles can tolerate up to 8 hours, but it is categorically recommended to exceed this figure.

About the training of beagle.

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