Overview of Russian nicknames for dogs

Overview of Russian nicknames for dogs

In Russia, it was customary to give nicknames or nicknames for animals by color or other distinctive features. The dog could call Chernysh, Melik, Love, Molchan, Buyan. For mobile “livelists” picked up clinic view, top, buran.

Famous from the Russian folk fairy tale about sprinkling bugs named so because of his black color, the whites were called white, and chestankas – brown dogs. Snowball and Gypsy are also named according to the characteristic color.

There are nicknames that are considered by the original Russians, but in fact they have a foreign-language origin, for example, the trident comes from the French Tresor – “Treasure”, the ball – from the Polish szary “Shary”, that is, gray + Bobik happened from English Bobby – diminutively -ulastic form named Robert.

Features of choice

Russian nicknames for dogs are now very popular among the owners, and representatives of some Russian breeds (black terrier, Russian psovaya) are traditionally so called. For a pet with a pedigree, it is often necessary to choose a name starting to a certain letter. The name will accompany the four-legged friend all the subsequent life, allocate among representatives of one breed, and it is even believed that it affects how the fate of the pet.

When choosing a name for dogs, you must adhere to the following rules.

  • Take into account the dog breed. For a little spitz, Nickname Rex will look comical.
  • The name must match the nature and appearance of the pet. From the little fluffy lump, it will eventually turn into an adult and terrible dog, who does not go the nickname.
  • It should be easily pronounced, be keen and short. For purebred rocks, long names are such as Hydendia Pashanne background, it is easy to cut up to gia or, for example, Puff. Such a nickname is easy to pronounce, and her puppy will quickly remember.
  • It is important that the nickname does not sound like one of the basic teams: “Fu”, “Sitting”, “voice” and others. When training, the dog may not understand that they require.
  • Do not recommend calling animals with simple people’s names: Sonya, Dima, Vanka. Such sets of sounds (and for a dog name is a set of sounds to which it will respond) are quite often. The dog on a walk will seem that the children’s names are not founding. Someone from the names of the name can be very offended by learning the nickname dog.
  • The nickname should be quite original so that your pet is called differently than a neighbor PSA, and several tumikov or balls did not respond to the nickname.

Olderous nicknames were given, emphasizing individual differences in appearance, character: Beetle – black, like a beetle + grip – grab and t. D. Or were the features that the owner would like to see in his four-side friend, for example, Umku – intelligent, and Sapsan – rapid and fast, like falcon.

Beautiful and simple nickname for pet can reflect not only the specifics of a particular breed, but also his personal qualities. For example, if he is progress and playful, it can also be called: rear, playful or game. Light nicknames can be thought of and independently, just carefully watch the puppy.

For puppies of different color you can pick up a nickname characterizing color. White PSA can be called – white, and if figuratively, then snowball + black – Chernysh + for red puppies can come with a pudding of redheads, chestnut and foxes. Ruby, amber, pomegranate – nicknames for noble and huge PSA, the color of the gemstone will cross the red wool color.

Pick up the nickname puppy immediately during dating it does not always work. The name for one can come up quickly, and for the other – only after long searching.

Overview of names for boys

Puppy in the house is joy and care. The first thing that every owner does – picks up a name for a new friend. TOInzologies call the name of the dog by the first team, which she must learn. The name for the boy is selected, considering the features of the breed, individuality, color. A large ps picks up a nickname that emphasizes strength and growth, for a decorative breed boy, it is better for the name more neutral. A small PSA is raised as a companion, perhaps that is why the name he should give a friendly, relating to contact.

For thoroughbred PSA, a beautiful and sonorous name is chosen to point into a pedigree, and then reduce to a short nickname. Of course, each owner picks up the most convenient and colawing word. The polarizing boy will not participate in exhibitions and call him unnecessarily not worth it, it is better to choose a sounding and bright name for a good friend, for example, friend, Tim, Bim.

Watchdog and hunting can, of course, are called the same. Owners try to emphasize in favorite the quality that will be important throughout the dog life. Raced Psu is more suitable for the name, emphasizing the rapidness of the run: Tornado, Typhoon, shot + guard – Baikal, Cupid, faithful, such nicknames talk about stability and fastenness of the four-legged friend.

Beautiful names for service dogs:

  • Diamond+
  • Amur+
  • Ataman+
  • Buran+
  • Baikal+
  • White+
  • Loyal+
  • Volcano+
  • Valet+
  • Thunder+
  • Proud+
  • Danube+
  • Gift+
  • Friend+
  • Don+
  • Eger+
  • Euphrate+
  • Zenith+
  • Irbis+
  • KazBek+
  • Klyk+
  • Kuchum+
  • Lyuty+
  • Max+
  • Mukhtar+
  • Mars+
  • Naire+
  • Ratibor+
  • Topaz+
  • Sultan+
  • Caesar.

For hunting breeds in the old days, names made of imperative verbs, such as notes, catchy, crushes, grab. Calling so pet, expressed their hopes for future casualties. Modern names for greyhound and hounds give out their courage and dexterity – the qualities that the owner wants to see the owner in the pet.

  • Ataman+
  • Leopard+
  • The fight+
  • Golden eagle+
  • Bushuy+
  • Vortex+
  • Wind+
  • Wolf+
  • Shot+
  • Dogoniai+
  • Call+
  • Moor+
  • Meteor+
  • Flight+
  • Falcon+
  • Sir+
  • Tornado+
  • Ace+
  • Han+
  • Grief+
  • Tail.

For decorative small rocks, the name picks up differently than for guard and hunting. A large dog with a cute name of the Krosh will look strange, even more ridiculously sounds a clink of a volcano for the left-hander or Toy Terrier. Call a puppy better than its size in the future. For small snacks successfully fit:

  • Bagel+
  • Friend+
  • beetle+
  • Zhuzhik+
  • Kuzya+
  • Mimi+
  • Donut+
  • Pushok+
  • Timka+
  • Umku+
  • Phily.

Clicks for a pet can be selected by different signs, the main thing, it should approach, easy to pronounce, like the owner, to be beautiful and aesthetic. Choosing a beautiful ancient name for a boy-dog, invest your attitude to a new friend.

How to call girls?

For favorite owner chooses a suitable name, spectacular, beautiful, characterizing appearance or character. Dogs are well perceived by ringing sounds “P”, “D”, “B”, “F”, “H”, if such a sound will enter the nickname, the pet makes it easier to recognize it.

Staroral nicknames are given for Russian dogs greyhound and Russian hounds, this tradition has developed even during the formation of both breeds. Hounds and greyhound hunting dogs should be fast, bold and kneading, they are suitable for names:

  • Brave+
  • Wave+
  • Worny+
  • Fast+
  • Spark+
  • Light+
  • Bullet+
  • Arrow+
  • Luck+
  • Courage+
  • Dialy.

For dogs of northern breeds, such as husky, husky, self-seeds, driving more nicknames, which are associated with winter, cold and snow:

  • Arctic+
  • Winter storm+
  • Winter+
  • Winter+
  • Winter+
  • Storm+
  • Winter storm+
  • Karelia+
  • Blizzard+
  • moon+
  • Avalanche+
  • Nasta+
  • Blizzard+
  • Taiga.

For guarding beauties (Senbernara, Shepherds, large terriers) are more suitable for harsh and inspiring. What dangerous dogs that wear names are:

  • Thunderstorm+
  • Gürza+
  • Horror+
  • Cobra+
  • Lutae+
  • Shrew+
  • Tigress+
  • A threat+
  • Plague+
  • Tsunami+
  • Rage.

For little terriers, Chihuahua, Taks are good for simple nicknames:

  • Bead+
  • Cherry+
  • Lyalya+
  • Mushka+
  • Yula+
  • Yanka.

    It happens that the puppy lives in the house for several days already, and it is not possible to pick up the nickname: one is not suitable for a small friend, the other does not like the owner. How to act in such a situation?

    You can try to remember your favorite films and books, where the main characters were dogs – Suddenly one of the characters will seem like a pet?

    For example, the hero of the eponymous story of Gabriel Treopolsky was called a white Bim Black Ear because of the color. And the famous writer Jack London depicted a courageous dog under the name White Fang. Spaniel nicknamed Mu Mu from the story of Ivan Turgenev is known to everyone from school. Or border dish scarlet from the story of Yuri Koval. Poodle Artyamon – Satellite of Malvina Dolls from the “Golden Key” Alexei Tolstoy.

    It is possible to appeal to books or films shot on the favorite works will help to find a good option. The chosen name should like the owner and attract the attention of the puppy.

    Tips for choosing a nickname for dogs See below.

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