Parson Russell Terrier: Description of the breed and the features of its content

Parson Russell Terrier: Description of the breed and the features of its content

Parson Russell Terrier – Interesting Breed of Dogs from the UK. These cute animals were removed to participate in the hunt for small game. However, such a dog can be an excellent companion, and just a fun four-legged friend. Consider in more detail the features of this breed, we will find out who it is suitable and what care requires.

History of origin

This breed name got no coincidence. The fact is that it created her English priest. Parson translates from English as “pastor”. Russell is the surname of the priest.

John Russell loved the hunt for the fox, so he needed a four-legged assistant who would drive out the booty from the hole. The dog was to have a mind, speed, endurance, sensitive sense of smell and hearing. He had to quietly go close to the horse, and if necessary, fearlessly rushed into a chase for the fox. Then he followed the name of the name of the owner.

At the same time, courage, hunting excitement, persistence in achieving the goal should be combined with a friendly temper.Pastor did not strive to bring the aggressive breed. He wanted the four-legged hunter to track and expelled prey from the hole, but did not tear her.

In 1819, the priest acquired a harsh terrier of a female. The dog had a white with a beige color. From this, the process of removing a new breed began.

Many fighting species participated in cropping. So the courage was formed, fearless, strong grip of pieces. Not only bulldogs were used because of their excessive aggressiveness.

Only animal quality workers were taken into account.Beauty was not important for pastor. Nevertheless, the result was a breed with very pleasant external data.

Until 1990, the world was known only breed Russell Terrier. However, in 2001. The international cynological federation decided to allocate two subspecies. Each of them (Jack Russell Terrier and Parson-Russell Terrier) received its breed standards. The main difference was the height of animals. In Europe, more popular are individuals with longer legs (second subspecies).

Today Parson-Russell Terrier – breed, in demand in many countries, including in Russia. Some still use animals for hunting. Some keep them as farmer working dogs. Often the pet plays the role of companion. Active and inquisitive dog can make an excellent company athlete, travel lover.

The main thing is not to forget about the need for daily physical exertion. Sit all day in the city apartment animal will be hard.

Description of breed

Parson Russell Terrier – Shorthair Dog Small Size. Boys achieve in growth 34-38 cm. Girls a little less – 31-35 cm. Weight in standard is not registered.

Consider the description of the adult representative of the breed in more detail.

  • Head. Medium Skull. The muzzle is slightly narrowed. Nose wide, black. Jaws Strong, Correct Bite (Scissors).

Lips are pigmented in dark color. Almond-shaped eyes, dark brown. The look is smart, insightful. Ears small, V-shaped.

  • Frame. Medium length neck, pretty muscular. Proportional body. Back straight, belly tightened.

Movable ribs. This feature allows the animal to break in Noura. The tail is straight, highly located may be bought.

  • Limb. Strong legs, straight, have a middle length. Stand in parallel to each other. Dog movements are free, light, well coordinated.

As for woolen cover, it is characterized by rigidity, presence of a subhead. Fur covers the whole body of the animal. At the same time, 3 variants of length are allowed.

  • Relatively long wool. Typically, such pets have pronounced eyebrows, mustache and beard. For the convenience of the animal himself, in this case, it is necessary to carry out trimming.
  • Wool medium length. Such dogs are also trimming.
  • Short wool. Such dogs impress smooth-haired. They don’t need haircut.

It is worth noting that until the final length, the wool grows after reaching puppies 2 months. Up to this point, it may be incomprehensible to which type of toddler belongs to this sign.

The color of the purebred representatives varies. Occasionally there are completely snow-white individuals. But more often Parson Russell Terriers are still spotted.

White color protrudes as the main. It can be located Spots and drawings of brown, red, black colors in any combination. The number and location of color areas is varied, but more often it is a back, tail area, muzzle.

Inadmissible according to the standard, tigrous color and spotting more than 50% are considered.

Character features

Parson-Russell Terrier – Funny and Very Energetic Pest. He quickly ties to a person, loves attention, communication. Dog friendly, does not show aggressiveness, with pleasure plays with children. However, whether the terrier makes friends with other pets depends on the specific case. With dogs it is easier for him to find a common language, but cats can annoy him.

Especially undesirable to set in the same house with the dogs of small rodents who will provoke his hunting instinct.

As already mentioned, Representatives of this breed need constant motion. They are temperamentally, love long walks, active interesting classes. Therefore, this dog is recommended to start only energetic people. If you do not give a pet, he needs physical development, he will suffer.

Dogs are smart, easy to upbringing. At the same time, they are able to make independent decisions. From the disadvantages can be noted some plugness of pieces in relation to other dogs. In addition, they are unfounded shaluns (especially in children and adolescence).

In general, Parson-Russell Terrier hosts respond about their pets as devotees, charming, playful and clever animals.

Life expectancy

This breed is distinguished by strong health and good immunity. This explains quite large life expectancy of animals. On average, such dogs live from 13 to 16 years. Of course, much depends on good nutrition and care.

How to choose a puppy?

If you want to purchase a puppy, better access verified breeders. It is important to know in what conditions a puppy contains. It is advisable to check the authenticity of documents. If there is an opportunity, you should get acquainted with mom kids, evaluate its appearance and health.

When choosing a pet, give preference strong and energetic individuals. Slender puppies are better not to take. The same applies to the most fastened. Be sure to find out which vaccinations are already made by animals.

Nose at the puppy must be wet and cool. Also worth paying attention to the mucous membranes. They should be light pink, but not too pale. Woolen cover must be silky. Preferred individuals with a cropted tail.

Take a puppy to a new house you can take 8 weeks. Experts argue that such kids are already independent and ready to get acquainted with new conditions. Moreover, the puppy can already begin to raise, instill him.

Containing rules

Parson Russell Terrier feels great in the house or in the apartment. But on the street, even in a warmed booth, the cops will be uncomfortable. Moreover, if you live in the middle lane, harsh winter may be destructive for pet.

Representatives of this breed are compact, do not occupy a lot of space. In addition, they are clean, there are no smell of “pillow”, almost do not lose.

The only nuance is the need for daily long walks. In this case, it should be not just a quiet walking near the owner, but a variety of active games and tasks.

If the dog does not be able to realize all its irrepressive energy in the fresh air, it can start a hooligan at home. It can be expressed in damage to furniture or some things, noisy, obsessiveness.

Ideal conditions for PSA – private house with spacious territory for games and running.

City Alternative – Special Spectacles for Walking. In the summer, the pet will be happy to ride with the owners of the country, picnics, go hiking. At home, he needs to still equip a cozy corner with a comfortable layer. It is also recommended to buy toys for a dog so that at any moment she could take something.


Breed does not require much care. Animals almost do not lose. If the pet is short-haired, it is enough combing it every week using a rigid brush. If the hair is medium length or more, you need a haircut. Most dog breeders appeal for this to specialists.

Despite the fact that such dogs have pretty light color, frequent washing they are not required. Pet wool is purified by natural way. In this regard, water procedures are carried out only in case of severe pollution. Also female individuals should be washed after the end of flow.

Mandatory hygienic measures include Regular inspection of the ears and eyes of the animal. If necessary, they are cleaned with a cotton swab dipped in a veterinary lotion. You can also use chamomile infusion.

PSA teeth crawling from small years. To do this, acquire special pastes and brush in a specialized store. The procedure is carried out at least twice a week. Don’t forget about pruning claws.

To keep pet health, it is important to maintain it with proper nutrition, timely vaccination. Required regular inspections from the veterinarian.

Than feed?

The breed is characterized by increased energetic, so the power must be sufficiently calorie and balanced. Almost Half of the diet should be proteins, After all, daily physical exertion require strong muscles. At the same time, fats, carbohydrates food fibers and fiber are also necessary for normal operation of the gastrointestinal tract and excellent pet.

If the owner has decided to feed the PSA of natural food, it should include in the menu Beef, Turkey, Sub-Products. Chicken and pork in this case do not fit. They can even provoke allergies and digestion disorders. To strengthen the muscles of the jaws of animals give bones. Sea fish can enter the diet, But only after the elimination of fins and bones.

Useful dogs Kashi. In particular, good rice, buckwheat and oatmeal. The optimal option is a mixture of boiled cereals with meat or fish. Also vitamins pet can get from vegetables. The latter give both cheese and treated (boiled, stew). Sometimes you can delight PSA apple or pear.

It is worth noting that the terriers are prone to a rapid weight set, so regardless of the type of feeding it is important to monitor the daily norm of calories consumed. Disproing the dog is impossible.


Parson Russell Terriers is pretty smart. They understand the team perfectly, but excessive independence, activity and shaviness prevent them from being perfect students. In this regard, the learning process requires the owner of patience and hardness.

Funny dogs have good memory, but quickly lose interest in boring trains. To achieve obedience, you should turn learning to entertaining gameplay. Then the restless pet will pay attention, and the train will become much more effective.

It is also important to encourage PSA, praise him for merit. It is not worth scolding for disobedience, it is better to try to interest the animal. Start training better at an early age. The same applies to socialization and mastering the rules of behavior in the house.

Long legs allow representatives of this breed to run quickly, overcome various obstacles. In this regard, many owners of hunting terriers attach them to participate in mini-adjust. If you are interested in hunting, then skills, allowing to track and catch game, should also develop from PSA from childhood. Instincts are laid in the animal initially, but only the improvement of abilities will make it a truly valuable assistant in this matter.

Interesting facts about representatives of this breed you can learn from the following video.

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