Patterdale terrier: Description of breed dogs and contain

Patterdale terrier: Description of breed dogs and contain

Patterdale Terrier is a representative of hunting dogs. She was brought out in the UK in the mid-60s of the last century.

A bit of history

In those days, in the small village of Patterdale in the north-west of England before the residents stood the problem of protecting livestock from predators. The herds that needed to protect against numerous foxes consisted of defenseless sheeps that needed a hype and a bed guard. Available dogs did not work well with this task because of the mining relief.

Local breeders of dogs took up work, and as a result of crossing leukeland and bull terriers brought a new breed. Initially, it was not considered separate, but only a subspecies. However, then it is this combination of genes that distributed increasingly and more. The breed was really interesting, and when other breeders attracted to the process, the process went more active.

As a result, Patterdale terriers became quite popular among farmers and hunters due to their excellent qualities.


This breed can not boast outstanding body sizes, But for the tasks set in front of it, this is exactly what is necessary. It was enough for the animal to cope with the fox and all predators of this size, more and not required. Besides, Patterdale terrier is athletically folded and therefore incredibly hardy. Its body sizes can be described as compact, however, the housing itself is powerful and strong.

Strong jaws allow a ps to win in a fight with another predatory being. Eyes of these dogs are widely and often repeat the color and even the shade of wool. Ears are not very big, but allow you to finely catch the rustles, have a triangular shape, up to half have cartilage, then hang down.

Among the flaws of pathterdale terriers, it is worth noting a rather short back, which is rather preventing the PSU to wonder in the holes underground, since he can get stuck there.

However, in this situation, a thick and durable tail comes to the rescue, for which the animal from the hole can be pulled out. Paws – under the structure, also strong, but flexible.

Wool in patterdale terrier, as a rule, happens different types. It is either tough and quite rare, or more thick, soft. Such a cover performs a protective function, thanks to the terrible plants, nor moisture. In addition, the dog is protected from the cold because it has quite dense undercoat.

The usual for Patterdale terrier is considered the coat of black and tanning color. But there are many different shades that can please the owner: from pure black to chocolate, wheat color and even pleasant rust color. If we talk about standards, then it is a monophonic black, all the options for brown and redhead. The presence of a large amount of white in the dog indicates a mixture with another breed.

Physical parameters

As we noted earlier, the patterdale terrier is not very big, Height in the withers does not exceed 38 centimeters. If we talk about the minimum value, then 25.4 centimeters can be considered a permissible minimum. West patterdale is also quite small – from 5.5 to 10 kilograms. It affects the development of muscles and, of course, food.

If we talk about teeth, then This is a working breed, and therefore, even at the exhibition, these parameters do not affect the overall assessment. The dog is characterized by his endurance, and therefore it worries and cold, and heat, and moisture. Possible health problems this breed went around the party. Live such a coaster friend can up to 14 years old, in some cases even more. Even with injuries and abrasions, these dogs still die with their death. Genetics on the side of such pieces, their health has almost no deviations.

Features of content

Patterdale terrier is characterized by a special structure of the body – strong and muscular. Such a physique is especially good in action, which implies active activities, be it hunting, walking, traveling, or sports games. Accordingly, it is very difficult to keep such pets in a small apartment. He will need long and tedious walks.

Only when the muscles will work, and all the energy will be used, the dog will be happy and kind. Breeders have noticed than walking with a dog, the more calm and healthier. It is better not to make such a PSA in the absence of your own site.

However, if you have enough time to walk, you can try to keep Patterdale Terrier and in the apartment.


The character of Patterdale terrier is very volitional, even a puppy will always be distinguished by courage, mind and loyalty. However, such qualities have only in relation to its owner. Since this breed has always been a defender and hunter, such qualities are manifested in everyday life. And if you did not teach a puppy to friendship with other dogs, then, most likely, the terrier will not get along with them. He will see in other dogs of the most predator, from which something or someone needs to be protected.

If you really try, you can make friends such a dog with homemade cats. But rodents will never interact with such a dog. Since the hunt for similar animals in the breed in instinct, then you should not expect mercy from dogs towards home chinchilla or rat. Separately, it is worth saying about the breeding of the dog. If the Patterdale terrier becomes calm and kind of active walks, then If the PSA is long done without movement, it will become irritable and evil.

Similar breed It is perfect for the connoisseur of physically developed dogs, as well as an active lifestyle. If you are engaged in sports, travel or just long walks – Patterdale Terrier will become an excellent satellite. “Cooperation” with a two-way friend on the hunt will especially please you – it’s his “element”. If you are not ready to spend a lot of time to raise the PSA and do not have a large plot, you should look at another breed.

On the activity of pathterdale terriers, see the video below.

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