Picardi Shepherds: Description of the breed and conditions of dog content

Picardi Shepherds: Description of the breed and conditions of dog content

Picardi Shepherd refers to the group of French shepherd dogs. This is a friendly and devoted animal, loving children and experiencing strong attachment to a person recognized by the owner. Breed Representatives – Wonderful Storamen and Companions. But such a pet is not suitable for each owner, so it is necessary to study his features.

Description of breed

In France, the view was derived when crossing the French shepherd breed Briar and Boserona, but, according to other information, the Picardians were brought by the selection of Belgian shepherds with Dutch. Currently, the number of these animals is 4,300 individuals. They live mostly in France, but also found in Canada and the United States.

Picardi Shepherd – a security guard, and this is its main purpose.

Characteristic features of an animal appearance:

  • Medium body size+
  • muscular, slightly elongated torso, but not devoid of elegance+
  • Rising males 60-65 cm, bitches can be both lower and higher males: 56-67 cm+
  • The weight of the adult dog varies from 22 to 33 kg+
  • An animal has a rather large head with a wide skull, medium cheekbones, the forehead, along which an almost imperceptible strip runs out, because of which it seems flat+
  • The dog has a direct nose, a moderate beard length and a mustache, dry compressed lips and scissor bite+
  • Eyes, as a rule, dark, medium size+
  • The ears are not very large, highly planted, with rounded tips, in length reach 10 cm and are usually in a raised state+
  • The neck is strong, muscular, breast width exceeds height in the withers+
  • The limbs are quite long, muscular, and the paws are short, rounded shape with dark strong claws and rigid pads.

Wool length – 4 cm in the face of the muzzle, on the body – 6 cm, including the tail hanging or bending at the end. The standard includes the following colors:

  • grey+
  • Gray with rust+
  • Gray with black+
  • gray-blue+
  • pale yellow.

Permissible stains on the fingers and chest. White linations of large sizes reduce the value of individuals. Due to the shaggy wool, the dog loses in decorativeness, but this does not prevent it from being in its own graceful, energetic and sports creation, which is preferred by many lovers of these animals.

Temperament and character

Shepherd has congenital guard skills, well knows its territory and is ready to defend her fearlessly. Despite the share of stubbornness and a certain degree of independence, its behavior is distinguished by a balance, the absence of aggression, sociability, therefore Long separation with the owner can lead to oppressed state and longing. To someone else’s Picardi Shepherds experience mistrust, but adore family members, especially children.

By nature, dogs are true workaholics, they are glad when they can send their energy to the usefulbed and perform the owner’s instructions. Satisfied high intellectual abilities of such a pet: Shepherds are observed, have a sense of humor, quickly find a common language and can even make friends with other animals.

Health: Features of the body

French shepherd dogs have strong immunity, which allows them to avoid many diseases caused by bacteria and viruses. However, they have identified a number of genetic pathologies and hereditary predispositions, with incorrect care of provoking such ailments as:

  • Violations of the visual function: cataract, residual embryonic membrane eye, dystrophic changes of the retina, retinal dysfunction due to multiple damage (multifocal retinopathy)+
  • Diseases of the endocrine system, in particular, a functional decrease in the secretion of the thyroid gland, inflammation of the autoimmune etiology+
  • Congenital dislocation of hip joint, raising the risk of dislocation of the femur+
  • Sometimes cardiovascular diseases are found.

Often, females suffer due to changes in the hormonal background, as a result of which problems with a childbody function. Distehiasis can be attributed to harmless innate defects – an additional second row of eyelashes that does not harm health.

Young individuals before a year it is desirable to protect against supercooling and drafts that may cause illness. But the adult animal, the less likely the fact that it will seriously get sick. In good terms, representatives of the Picardian breed can live from 13 to 15 years.

Care and content

Despite the fact that historically the dog is adapted to free rustic life, shepherd-picardians are easily adapted to urban living conditions if their active leisure and walks are organized by the owner. You should think about it before bringing a puppy to the house: Animal is very vigorous, and if its movement needs are not satisfied, it can spoil things and furniture. Adult individuals behave more calmly and can wait for the host peacefully.

But walks and physical exertion is not the whole list of requirements for content: the dog needs psycho-emotional communication. And also the picardians love to swim, run next to a person, to play for a long time or perform interesting tasks for them, and this also needs to be taken into account. There are other important moments when leaving for animals.

  • Daily calculation. Dog wool is subject to confusion and formation of chatunins. With a seasonal molting, the number of drop-down hair increases moderately. At the same time, the pytoma does not need.
  • Shepherd will need regular claws, Especially if it moves insufficiently much and does not steal them independently.
  • As necessary, the animal is cleaning the ears. Eyes wipe with special compositions to avoid inflammations caused by the hit of dust particles, dirt or microbes.
  • Clean the teeth and remove the dented stone Picardi Shepherd can Alone either by visiting the Cabinet of the Veterinarian. For use at home on sale there are special cleaning agents: sprays and pastes, for example, “Tropiclin” based on natural plants.

Sheepdocks are bathed quite rarely, only if the wool is badly contaminated: approximately every 3 months. More often you can use dry shampoo. We must pay a proper breed: the wool of dogs does not exude a strong peculiar smell, since the skin and hair rods of the animal contain the minimum amount of natural fat.

Unfortunately, Even the most spacious apartment will not be able to replace the dog place in the fresh air in the aviary, which is better both for shepherd and the owner. However, animals feel perfectly and in the city, provided that the owner constantly pays attention to them.


Features of nutrition are related to the fact that obedient and unpretentious dog may be election in relation to food. It is best to choose her daily menu, consulted with a veterinarian. Rules that need to be performed:

  • Feeding suggests the same clock, puppies up to 3 months give food 4 times a day, up to 7 months – 3 times, adult individuals are fed twice a day+
  • Most of the diet is boiled meat, sea fish+
  • And also an animal should give rice and oatmeal cooked on broth+
  • Vegetables (carrots, cabbage, cooler and greens) are crushed and added fresh (at least 120 g daily).

And also need food supplements like fish oil, calcium, yeast, liquid vitamins. Puppies give calcined cottage cheese. You can give a shepherd and ready-made high-quality feed from well-known manufacturers, which already contain all the animal ingredients. When a dog gets used to its feeding mode and a specific menu, problems with feeding in the future usually does not occur. Therefore, this aspect should be paid attention until the pet is in puppy age.

In Russia, it is difficult to find a high-quality animal of this breed, and to look for it abroad. It is the most reasonable to contact breeders in the territory of the French state – the homeland of Shepherdka. If there are all related documents about a pedigree puppy can cost about 1,200 euros, and this is a normal price for a picardine.

About the features of this breed of dogs See below.

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