Pisces: Types of aquarium plant and content

Pisces: Types of aquarium plant and content

For the organization of aquarium need to be placed inside enough vegetation. Selecting the greens for its design, it makes sense to draw my attention to writing.


Aquarium plant of writing is also known under the names of the “water rose”, “floating salad”, as well as “water latch”. Outwardly, it resembles an ordinary cabbage kochan. The root system of the plant is under water, and the sheets on short stems float on the surface. The length of one sheet ranges from 20 to 25 centimeters, and the width reaches 10 centimeters. Rounded plates with narrow bases painted in a green-blue shade are collected in the outlet.

Elongated and slightly depressed veins are located parallel to the length of the leaflet. This gives the plates the effect of the corrugation, which additionally provides the stability of the plant on the water surface. The surface of the leaflets is covered with short gray hairs, preventing wet plates. The length of the reel is no more centimeter. It is shrouded in a leaf of a salad color and is located on the top with several male flowers.

As a rule, their number ranges from 2 to 8 copies. Under the two surrounding stamens there is a single female flower with several nurses. Self-pollution in the wristness takes place in itself. However, no less effective is the use of seeds formed in the fruits of the plant. Active growth of culture begins with an increase in the daylight. In addition to the emergence of new sheets, there is an increase in sockets (from 10 to 12 centimeters). In addition, side shoots are actively formed. All this period lasts about a pair of three months.

At the junction of summer and autumn, flowering can begin, but only in favorable conditions.

In nature, writing in the tropics of Africa, so high humidity and the same temperature are an integral condition for the development of this culture. The plant grows so quickly that in a short period of time covers the entire surface of the reservoir. In vivo, the diameter of the outlet reaches 30 centimeters, While thin twisted roots go under the water almost 60 centimeters.


Water salad has few species, but they all differ in the height of the “original” and are suitable for germination in aquarium. Blue water salad is characterized by the presence of beautiful leaf plates of the blue shade. Most often, floating writing is not chosen for aquariums, but for the design of small water bodies. Corrugated water cabbage is distinguished by miniature sheets with the same corrugated ends. The diameter of the plates ranges from 7 to 10 centimeters.

Motley water latch has spotted leaves, The surface of which is also covered with strips of beautiful creamy yellow. As for the names of “Piste Limpical” or “Pisks television-shaped”, all this is simply different names of water lettuce.

Growing conditions

Piste content in aquarium is a fairly simple task. The temperature is recommended to be maintained from 25 to 28 degrees. Lower performance of special harm to the plant will not apply, but the size of the sockets will be smaller. The rigidity and acidity of the liquid, in principle, do not play a special role, but well, if the pH level will remain within 5 to 7. Overhead hard water will contribute to the slowdown in the development of culture, and the deterioration of the status of bushes. This implies the importance of regular water renewal.

For writing, an important condition for existence is a sufficient amount of light. Natural sources in this case is missing, so you have to use artificial. Incandescent lamps are not allowed, since their use contributes to the appearance of burns on the plates. But luminescent devices will show well. The required duration of the daylight reaches 12 hours. Understand whether the plant is grabs, it is possible in his mind. Well illuminated writing open sockets during the day, and closes them at night.

Experts also recommend slightly cover the capacitance with a lid, not allowing the occurrence of the greenhouse effect. Such a coating will provide the necessary level of humidity, and therefore further flowering culture.

Summer water lathouse can be exposed to insects. Treat it to be treated as a common plant. The sick bustice is extracted from the aquarium, processed by pesticides according to the instructions, and before returning to the vessel, it is necessarily washed under the crane.

Correct care

The main components of the departure of water rose are regular feeding, as well as providing conditions for winter holidays. It should be mentioned that sometimes water cavities need to carry out. If you give it uncontrollably, it will float the entire surface of the water, Create a strong shadow at the bottom and thereby will deprive the necessary coverage of all the inhabitants of the aquarium.


Feed the writing recommended in spring and summer when active vegetation occurs. Best of all, complex fertilizers are suitable for this purpose, necessarily containing iron. The amount of feeding is defined as follows: 100 liters of water accounts for only 1.5 to 2 grams of dry powder. In order to determine whether there are enough phisos nutrients, you need to carefully examine her roots. If they look like us, then everything is in order, but if they started to increase, then the plant is not enough organic substances. In addition, it is important for water latch that water in the reservoir possessed enough nitrates. Optimal soil for the culture is considered fertile and or pitiful soil.

Winter rest period

Like most plants, writing development is modified in winter. Her growth gradually stops at the end of summer. Almost all foliage falls and only several small leaflets remain on the bush. Subsidiary processes also slow down in their development. In this case, the culture needs to provide a soft transition to a state of rest, after which the next spring it will be able to return to growth and growth with new forces.

From the beginning of the fall, the temperature in the tank gradually decreases. Since on the fish it can affect quite poorly, probably for a while you have to select writing in another vessel. The temperature of the liquid will have to gradually lower up to the interval from 17 to 19 degrees. When moving during peace, it will be necessary to gradually reduce and lighting. Undercores for these months are not made at all, and water changes much less.

It is important to understand that if you ignore these recommendations and, on the contrary, start increasing the amount of light and useful elements, the water rose will gradually perish. First, leaf outlets will begin to decrease, then the number of plates will decrease to 4-5 pieces, and after writing it is simply degenerated.


Water latch is made to multiply either seeds or processes. The easiest way to use side processes or collines. When the bush reaches 8 centimeters in diameter, it is possible to separate small processes from it, created by the time a couple of full-fledged sheets. On the columns they are separated by full-fledged babes, resembling the mustache of strawberries. If the required processes appear during the winter rest period, they will have to be removed to preserve the surface of peat moss and cover all the glass plate.

When the collishes are transplanted into a separate container, it will be important to maintain the water temperature at the level of 11-13 degrees of heat. In the spring, they can already reset in the main aquarium. In nature, by the way, children will be discharged from the parent plant on their own and fall on a new habitat with the help of the current.

If the writing is decided to multiply with the help of seeds, it will have to collect sowing material before the beginning of the spring months. In the aquarium, this process is problematic, as seeds fall to the bottom and collect them quite difficult.

Possible problems

Despite the fact that the water rose – the plant is unpretentious and having congenital immunity to most common diseases, even it happens to problems. Hot summer plant often becomes a target for insects. Besides, Pisks are sometimes subjected to fungal or bacterial diseases In the case when the plant itself is no longer young, but something weakened. In this case, unfortunately, the culture can not be saved, she dies. It is necessary to immediately remove a bustard from the aquarium, after which it is necessary to fully replace water.Pisel infection can occur and with an unsuccessful transplant. To prevent such a situation, it is necessary to re-remove the plant, thoroughly rinse its roots, after which it is removed for about a month into a separate container. When quarantine is over, water latch can be returned to the overall aquarium.

If the bustle leaves have yellow and it even begins to rot, there may be several reasons for this. The problem occurs either due to insufficient lighting, or due to a tightly closed aquarium cover. In addition, it can be guilty of an excessive or insufficient fertilizer or the effect of drugs used for the treatment of fish.

Some inhabitants of aquarium, such as snails or other mollusks, often spoil the sheets. What begins as a violation of the decorative attractiveness of the plant, as a result, can even lead to the death of painting.

On the aquarium plant of the writing, see the video below.

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