PixesBob: Features of cat breed and conditions for their content

PixesBob: Features of cat breed and conditions for their content

Pixesbob – Breed of domestic cats, winning love and recognition of millions of fans. Today, this exotic handsome man is considered the national domain of residents of the United States of America. The cat, referred to as the “Shorty Elf”, has a number of distinctive characteristics in terms of appearance and conditions of content.

History of origin

Disputes on the origin of an exotic cat, resembling a little lynx, do not stop still. Someone believes that the appearance of unusual cats was a consequence of random mutation, others denied. In their opinion, the breed is considered artificially derived, breeders wanted to create a domestic cat with a lyry appearance. The US Motherland is considered to be US: there is an opinion that the first individual was born as a result of the mating of the male red ryx and the short-distance cat.

It is likely that breed generators could become Cat with superfold and short tail cat. This explains the multipleness and short tail appearing for the light kittens. Symptoms inherited in each generation refute the version of random mutation, because then not every kitten had a lot of fingers and a short tail. By the way, “Bob” (the second part of the breed name) speaks of a short tail length.

One of the most believable versions is the opinion that the breed has appeared thanks to the Breaker Carol Ann Brever. Like many other specialists, she tried to bring cat breeds with the appearance of the lynx and the character of a pet. The kitten became the result of the experiment, he produced a furyor in the breeder environment and was soon registered by Tica and ACFA associations as a separate type of catfish family.

Kitten-female was assigned the name “Pixie”, which means “elf”. Externally, the female dotted on trot, but smaller. From her and began breeding a new breed. This version of the origin of the thoroughbred cats today is the legends, according to one of which the knitting of the lyry was carried out with an ordinary homemade cat. However, if it were true, the kitten would be born with a full tail.


PixesBob is much larger than the usual home cat. His distinctive features are the absence of long tail and intolerance to long movements. For this reason, the cat is rarely exported outside the country, and therefore we can buy such a cat is almost unreal. These cats relate to rare rocks, animal populations are limited.

The short-power elf is characterized by powerful and muscular build. This is a rather large animal, it has a powerful chest, smooth back and slightly protruding blades. On the belly of these cats there is a small skin fold, which is associated with excess skin in this part of the body. The weight of the adult cat can be from 5 to 7 kg. Cats weigh more – their weight is often reached up to 10 kg.

Despite such weight, animals are easily climbing on trees, overcoming height jumps like their forest fellow. Polydactilia on the paws (multiphalterness) is considered the hereditary sign of the representative of the breed: the standard of multiphallency can be up to 7 fingers, which is considered the norm. There is an opinion that cats with polydactile differ more stamina.

Cat, really, is on trot, about which, in addition to a short tail, testifies tassels on the tips of the ears, powerful paws with a rather developed muscles. An animal tail length usually does not exceed 5 cm, the color of the cat is usually sandy-brownish with dark marks throughout the body. The pillows of the fingers from this cat dark, the head is a large, pear-shaped.

The muzzle is wide, the ears in pixiboba are rounded at the ends, individual representatives of the breed have babenbards (typical for long-haired elves). These animals have a large chin, coarse coarse, massive body and deep lines. Short tail is planted low, almond-shaped eyes, wide and deeply planted.

View from Pixesboba Multi-speaking: It seems that he looks into the soul. Due to the dark line near the eye, the small share of the sinusiness attaches.

Noteworthy and color of animals, which in knowledgeable circles is called ticking. Pixesboba ends of hair lines are distinguished by brighter color in comparison with the color of the base. The same feature is characteristic of the mustache and eyebrows of cats of this breed. The tip of the tail is almost always painted in the dark or altogether black. Interesting and color muzzle: it often seems that the dark letter “M” is drawn on the forehead.

As for the weight of individuals, on average, a month-old kitten weighs 540-960 g, the weight of the female at that time varies in the range of 360-830 g. By the end of the second month, the weight of the animal doubles: the kitten-boy can weigh 1.1-1.9 kg, the female will weigh 0.81-1.4 kg. By the end of the first year of life, the weight of the cat will be 4.6-6.5 kg, cats – 2.7-4.8 kg. A two-year animal weighs more: on average cat weight will be 5.4 kg, cats – from 3 to 5 kg.

Character features

Representatives of the homemade rock breed differ from wrinkling domestic cats by degree and grace. They are royal in everything, have a feeling of tact, never impose their society and do not require attention when the owner is not up to them. At the same time, they can not be reproached in ladies: they are not at all sofa deer, quite active and jump. Breeders argue that exotic cats are pretty smart and understand the intrusion of hosts.

Despite the Terrible View, they are sociable and friendly. However, none of the representatives of the breed will never allow yourself the arrogance towards the owners. For example, he will not be closed on his knees and demand attention without invitation. However, if a cat call, he immediately reacts to communicate with the owner or household. This is explained by a feature of character: PixesBob very badly tolerate loneliness and in his own way chirbing, meeting the owner after even the short separation.

He sensibly reacts to parting with the owner and shifting the situation. By devotion, he resembles a dog: the same attentive, kind and gentle. He willingly and without any aggression in contact with children and does not harm them, even if children flirt. In this case, they do not give delivery, but prefer to retire. In general, their energy is enough for long-term games with children.

Breeders note that these cats often apply equally to all family members, not highlighting as an object of adoration of someone. They communicate in their own way with a person, making interesting sounds, unlike the usual meow. A unique feature of the nature of such an animal is the possibility of adjusting under the rhythm of the owners. For example, a cat may well sleep peacefully near the owner at night and awake in the afternoon.

For them, all family members become “their packages”, the cats themselves adore to be in the center of events. They miss households and are waiting for them from work or study. They are very devoted and fun in games. For example, like dogs, they are in their teeth their toys and get used to their name very quickly, and therefore they react better to their name than the traditional “Kis-Kis”.

Animal will not allow themselves to swear or fight with other pets. It gets perfectly with other cats or even dogs living in the house. Unlike them, he will not be the main scandalist, will be restrained even when the feeding time is suitable. As for the period of greater activity, this is the first 4 years: only after the expiry of so many years, the animal is called adults.

According to the assessment of some breeders, other individuals of the breed differ with jealousness. It usually happens when they are the only pets in the family. However, if there is a newborn, cats in the house, and in particular, males can exercise parental feelings. It can manifest in the desire to be near and protect the baby, taking care even about his calm sleep. Often, “caring babes” and even “children’s guards” are often obtained from such cats.

Conditions of detention

Despite the fact that cats are considered unpretentious in care, some nuances take into account. For example, taking into account the thickness of the wool, it is necessary to do it more often, especially among representatives of breed with long wool. It is necessary to do this at least once a week with a rubber brush, combing wool in directions from head to tail. The very same wool is distinguished by soft and silky, she is especially fluffy on the stomach. Increased attention of combing wool needs to be given during the molting period. At this time, the procedure is made 2 times a week.

Cats of exotic breed are easily trained and quite quickly understand what a tray is. If from childhood to teach them to the tray, they will be very clean and neat. Even at the achievement of having age, they will not allow themselves to mark the territory or shift in the wrong places. At the same time, the ripping of the cat does not require global time and strength.

Molting in animals occurs 2 times a year: in spring and autumn. As for the nuances of bathing, then experts note: no need to wash soap every time. Sometimes for washing quite ordinary warm water. Accustomed to water procedures Animal is necessary since childhood.

Pet size is large, and therefore in small-sized rooms it will be closely. Ideally, this cat should live in a private house with access to fresh air, where she can walk along with the owner. For a walk, you must purchase a special collar. Cat behavior on the street royal: She is not afraid of something new, does not run away with fear, and therefore the risk of losing it is minimal.

It is worth noting such a nuance as The need for upbringing during the entire period of growing. During this time, you can teach a cat name and different teams, it will understand the meaning of some phrases and react to them. In addition, the educational process will allow you to prevent aggressiveness, because such individuals are not allowed to breed felinologists, they do not participate in breeding work.

It is impossible to independently be breeding the breed: some difficulty impede. Felinologists inspect the animal on the subject of whether it is suitable for the continuation of the kind.

Despite the fact that kittens can be born with conventional tails, the breed has its own standards. You can not cross such a cat with conventional pets, as this leads to degeneration of the species and loss of characteristic hereditary signs.


Representatives of the breed are distinguished by excellent health and average life expectancy in 13 years. Separate individuals live longer, while they are uncharacteristic genetically diseases. However, the breeder must take into account the sensitivity of the exotic cat to some vaccinations, and therefore the consultation of the veterinarian before making the vaccine is considered mandatory. If you follow the health of the individual, it can live to old age, which is 15 years.

It is important every time after a walk to inspect the animal for small parasites (ticks and fleas). In order to prevent them, you can buy a pet antiparasitic collar. His action usually lasts a month, after which the accessory is replaced by a new.

But as noted by some breeders of cats, 100% guarantees such a product does not give, and therefore a systematic visual inspection – a prerequisite content.

It is important to follow the hygiene pet. As for swimming, it will not be a problem for an animal, nor for the owner, because Pixesbob not only is not afraid of water, but also likes to soak it in it. Other individuals and altogether, like dogs, love to splash and frolic in water. However, the frequent bathing of the cat is not needed, unlike the ears and eye hygiene.

Although it is easy, but should be Regular and correct. To do this, use wet textile napkins or a soft cloth moistened in warm water. They get rid of emerging pollution.

If white highlights appear in the corners of the eyes, it says about the presence of worms. In this case, it should be applied to the veterinarian, which will prescribe treatment, will select the correct dose of the drug and its multiplicity. PixesBob needs fresh air: this handsome can not be locked in four walls, thinking that it will be constantly active and healthy. It is not enough to air the room, opening the vents: you need exactly walking outdoors.

As for climate, the shortly elves are calmly tolerated and cold. Walking with a cat on the street is often necessary, the duration of the games on average can range from 15 minutes before half an hour. In addition to other hygiene rules, you can not forget about claws. They are cut as needed, paying special attention to rudimentary fingers, where they do not steal and can hurt the animal when walking.

You do not need to cut hair, you can buy special shampoos for swimming. In rare cases, cats have hypertensive cardiomyopathy (thickening of the left ventricle of the heart). But if you manage to care for a pet, the forecast will be favorable. Once a year, breeders check animals for cardiomyopathy. Because of how often the animal is shown by a specialist, his health will depend. To identify this disease helps ultrasound examination.


The guarantee of homemade lyry is its weight. It is necessary to feed it twice a day, choosing the best industrial stern dry type. Unlike some pet pets, Pilisbob is unpretentious to choosing feed and will not allow themselves the quiet strikes in anticipation of beloved delicacy. The type of feed should be different: An animal cannot be exclusively industrial feed, in the diet there should be natural food.

The choice of this or that product should be thoughtful, because the body and kitten, and the adult cat can not digest carbohydrates. The power mode must match different age periods. Despite the good appetite to issue food is needed portion, given the recommendation standards for each age. In the diet should be a skimmed chicken meat or turkey.

In addition, you need to feed pixieboba by the subproductions, it is important that it gets cereals, vegetables, fermented milk products and fish. In order to compensate, the lack of beneficial substances that are not in catfish, it needs a vitamin and mineral complex.

Care for kittens

As a rule, more than three kittens are rarely in litter. At the same time, in comparison with other breeds, these kids are larger and active. They seem fasten, but to maintain a good species need daily care and incessant to the owner. If the kitten belongs to the long-haired breed, it will have to be combed more often. Until the baby is near Mom, it is she who moves well to move and eat on time.

Buy such kittens when they are run 3-5 months. As a rule, by this time they are already vaccinated and processed from parasites. Purchase of each individual is regulated at the legislative level. Bathing babies are carried out with warm water without soap or shampoo.

As for nutrition, you must not forget to watch, So that in the bowl of the baby constantly there was drinking water. You can feed it with crushed meat of low-fat varieties, stirring it with porridge in proportions 3: 1. Seafood need to be given at least once a week, like eggs and cottage cheese. Multiplicity of feeding kittens should be at least 5-6 times a day.

At the same time, it is impossible to forget about the fresh greenery, which is acquired in a specialized store. As the baby grows, the power is changed and gradually bring up to three times a day. Adult Some feed twice (in the morning and evening). You can learn a kitten to eat at certain hours. Food do not give dimensionlessly, pouring a full bowl. This can harm the baby’s health.

About the features of cats breed pixiebob look next.

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