Pluses and disadvantages of Chihuahua breed

Pluses and disadvantages of Chihuahua breed

Any potential dog breeder knows that before bringing a puppy to the house, it is necessary to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of a particular breed. It is especially important to have an idea of ​​the strengths and weaknesses of decorative dogs, which will allow to understand what difficulties of care and breeding can be. The material of this article will tell readers about the advantages and minuses of dogs of the Chihuahua breed.



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* Characteristic of breed “Chihuahua” Founded on the assessment of the experts of the site and feedback from the owners of the dog.

Characteristic of breed

Chihuahua belong to the smallest breeds of decorative dogs. The weight of many representatives of this breed often does not exceed 1 kg. Based on a variety, it can and polona. Large individuals can achieve in weight 3 kg, while growth on average is 20 cm. The standard allocates the following key characteristics:

  • body body in dogs is a fried and neat, muscular belly, the back is short and straight, the croup is a common, distributed in width+
  • The physique of decorative dogs average, the chest volumetric, has rounded ribs+
  • The tail in the kids is thick and long, it is high, slightly bends to the lower back and narrows to the end + depending on the variety of rocks on the tip can be observed a brush (characterized by individuals with long wool)+
  • Skull is small, but wide, tapering to a short nose looking up+
  • Eyes big and dark+
  • bite can be direct or scissor+
  • The ears in Chihuahua are large, are located up, wide at the base and approved to the ends + in a relaxed form can be slightly lowered+
  • In dogs, small shoulders, long front paws and tightly pressed to the elbow body, which allows the kids relatively quickly+
  • The rear paws are more developed, the fingers in dogs are out of the dogs, there are sensitive pads on them.

Important! Despite the small size and decorativeness, Chihuahua are energetic dogs.


Baby Chihuahua has a lot of advantages. Note the most significant of them.

Appearance and nature

Chihuahua has an exterior. These dogs have a pretty face, big eyes, an interested opinion that leaves no one indifferent. They are always on a positive wave, easily raise the mood to all family members. At the same time, they are not hysterical and not choleric, like other dogs.

    Dimensions and food consumption

    One of the advantages of dog breeders is always called compact size. It is believed that the smaller the size, the better, the higher the dog appreciates. Such a kid is not only charming: he still eats little. And this means that the purchase of even expensive feed will not make barefaches in the family budget. The same can be said about natural food: such feeding will not cause any difficulties.

    Life resource and placement in the house

    These kids do not need much space for accommodation and comfortable existence. Even in the conditions of a small-sized apartment there will always be a place to arrange a bed for chikhov, a small house or a mattress. And even in a small apartment, the dog will not be limited in movement. Its average life expectancy is 15 years old – these are dogs-long-livers.


    Chihuahua is pretty brave: despite their dimensions, they are not afraid of opponents superior to them in size. Dogs are pretty sure not only the owner, but also their territory, despite the fact that the chance of their victory is small. Chies are nailed rather ringing and loudly, so always notify the owners about the presence of others.

    Low need for exercise

    Chihuahua does not need large physical exertion. For full development and maintaining the form, it is enough to run around the house and jump into a short sofa several times and back. In addition, dogs do not arise in trips. The owner will not delay where people are usually not allowed.


    And puppies and adults of the decorative breed do not create problems when moving. They positively belong to different changes. They do not hurt when changing the place of residence, do not suffer when they are taken on travel. The main condition of their well-being is the favor of the owner near, everything else is not so important.


    Chihuahua Available-based, with the right approach to their upbringing, they are able to assimilate even a complex training program. The kids not only remember the information obtained, but literally absorbing it, in view of which they understand their owner of the Poluslov. Period when the owner has no mood or he is angry, the dogs understand the way aside. At this time they are not imposed and do not ask for attention.

    Attitude towards households and other pets

    It is believed that Chihuahua is distinguished from the whole family of one owner and show their devotion to him. However, as practice shows, the kids do not deprive the attention of all households. They are not only active and funny, but understand with whom and how can you play. At the same time, the Child is becoming the main authority for the dog, who teaches him and feeds. Dogs of this breed Naugressive, Although individuals of the breed are not averse to take the leader position.

    Care and teaching tray

    Chihuahua’s care is not as complicated, it implies the fulfillment of all standard procedures, including cleaning ears, eyes, oral cavity, claws and combing wool. In view of the small size bathing dogs goes quite quickly. The pocket breed of dogs quickly tears to the tray, which is considered unnatural for ordinary dogs. The owner can not worry that the kid will shift in the house.


    In addition to the advantages, Chihuahua has its drawbacks. Deciding to start such an animal, it is necessary to have a presentation and the minuses of dogs of the pocket breed.


    What is the advantage of dogs on the one hand, turns into a disadvantage on the other. It is the small size of animals that plays against them, because of what individuals with tiny parameters are often born with underdeveloped organs. In general, Chihuahua is vulnerable to larger dogs: they need to be protected literally from any potential danger. You can accidentally come on a pet if it is coming under my feet. It can be squeezed by a door, and in addition, despite his courage, it is impossible to let go for a walk of one.


    Not all dogs of this breed follow the teams of the owner, and learning in general. And the point is not that the dog got stupid: she often reflects over the teams, thinking whether she needs it. Other kids reach in their reflections before heitryat, trying to manipulate the owner. They can be called first-class actors, sneezes can play the necessary emotions, trying to intercept the initiative in raising.

    They quickly understand the faces that are installed, but often literally “sit on the head”.


    Alas, the brave nature of the dog does not allow her to understand that the chances of fighting with another dog or even a big cat she has no. Chile rarely think about other animals, they rush into battle, protecting the owner.

    It is important to ensure that they are not injured in the event of a conflict, and this means that the owner should be particularly attentive when the pet walking.

    Nuances toilet

    Even the trained dog can create a problem over time. After she starts increasingly walking on the street, Accuracy when performing natural needs, often disappeared. Not only that the animal spreads the filler, it is also often not looking at all, does it fall into the tray. In addition, other individuals persistently store “all their” on the street, considering that getting rid of excrement and urine better in the tray.

    Socialization problems

    Depending on the size of the dog she may not be leaving no longer learning. This is especially true of the representatives of the breed with weight below 1 kg. Other kids, remaining alone, a panic, others begin to frankly heat, spoil things, the third bring the neighbors to long and unfortunate lare. There are those who begin to jealous other pets to the owner, showing aggression towards them.


    Alas, and here Chihuahua has its own nuances. Dogs are subject to many genetic diseases, despite competent selection, which reduces the likelihood of transferring mutating genes. In view of the ineffective selection of partners to light, silences with patologies of the heart and digestive organs can be born. In addition, dogs have a tendency to such problems as soft bones (including teeth), epilepsy, food allergies, hydrocephalus, eye disease.


    Chikhov development is in different ways. There is a soft speck on their temke, which is usually delayed when puppies are running half a year. However, often in dogs, the so-called rodnikov does not overgrow at all. You need to handle it very careful not to injure pets. In addition, dogs are susceptible to dislocate the knee cups, it is possible to straighten to straighten, but discomfort when driving in chikhov.

    Attitude to cold

    Most likely, breeders paid attention to the fact that silences are constantly trembling. These dogs need a warm climate, not always in winter it warms winter clothes for walking. In addition, winter has to shorten the duration of the outdoor walks. However, the lack of fresh air does not fill the air ventilation, the dog without walks weakens. If the sneeze will stay for a long time on the street in bad weather, he will catch up, which is especially important for short-haired representatives of the breed.

    Requirement to attention

    Some representatives of the breed do not understand when the owner is busy. They can be obsessive and demanding, because they are characterized by a shortage of care. And if someone has nicknamed someone, it can afford to put into the course of the teeth. Wrongness can grow into weakness, excessive rigor – in division on “favorite” households and “unloved”.

    Who is better to choose: Boy or girl?

    Before you have a pet, the future owner often interests Paul Dogs. And this question is justified, because in dogs, and females have their own nuances. One of the important factors is the radical type of character in various sexes. In addition, it may be due to the peculiarities of physiology in adult dogs.

    For example, often breeders do not acquire females due to estimates, which passes twice a year and delivers certain inconveniences. At this time you have to acquire diapers for dogs or close a female in a separate aviary. In addition, females have difficulties with childbirth and pregnancy. Rhodework passes with the participation of the veterinarian, and the mating must be monitored carefully.

    It should also be noted that there is interferes with the participation of dogs in exhibitions. In general, the exterior of the females is inferior to dogs, although the activity of females above. As for males, they constantly make the territory, need more prolonged walks, differ disobedient character. Cryptorchism can be revealed.

    Ownership reviews

    Chihuahua is considered a beautiful ornamental dog that is worth becoming a favorite pet in the house. This is evidenced by numerous reviews of dog owners of this breed, left on the forums of information portals on the Internet. Breeders call these dogs tiny friends, pets and even family members. They are sure what dogs will become, completely depends on the owners. They note that kids are quite active and interested in literally to everyone, but if you do not follow their upbringing on time, the jar of advantages will evaporate quickly, as a result the dog will acquire a lot of bad character traits.

    Chikhov owners write in reviews that dogs of this decorative breed can not be offended because they really understand the intonation of the voice.

    They can literally “sit on the neck”, if they understand that the owners will do everything for them, so in the upbringing it is necessary to be extremely attentive and even cunning.

    About whether to start chihuahua, look in the following video.

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