Pros and Cons Bigl Big

Pros and Cons Bigl Big

Beagle is one of the breeds of hunting dogs, which is characterized by mobility, a naughty temper, well-developed scent. These are inquisitive animals with a light, friendly, but purposeful character.

Characteristic of breed

An old hunting breed of dogs called Beagle today belongs to the most popular in the world. British scientists were engaged in bringing such pets, for this reason the PSA has English roots. Beagle – Animal Small, has a strong body and growth from 33 to 38 centimeters. The head of the representative of this breed is characterized by a massiveness, a dome-shaped form, but at the same time notch.

The muzzle is unintentional, there are no folds and wrinkles on it. The nose of the nose has a black color, the lips stick out a little and answer a bit. Eyes of representatives of this breed usually black or walnut. Like other hunting dogs, the beagle has an elongated neck that helps the animal to go in the footsteps. Pets are long, they pressed against the cheeks.

An animal is characterized by an athletic figure, short muscular limbs. Fur dense, small length, the same on all parts of the body. The feature of the breed is a tricolor wool. In the coloring mandatory is the presence of black, red, white colors, while the tail has a snow-white shade. The weight of the male of this breed is about 11 kilograms, and bitch – 10.

This pet has an excellent character, the animal always listens to its owner and performs teams. Bigli love children, together with them the dogs are ready to persistently explore the territory, play active games, tirelessly run and jump.

From this animal just fasten the joy and love for life, it does not show aggression, so if you are a dull and depressive person, then the beagle is a pet for you.

Features of content

Contain beagles best in the aviary or fencing area. Pet prefers space and freedom of action. You should not start such a dog if you are apartment tenant in a multi-storey house, since this dog is quite loud and how. Most likely the neighbors will be dissatisfied with constant noise emanating from the animal.


Beagle is a clean creature, so care, although very simple, it is necessary.

  • Cleansing wool with a wet rag and combing. Since the fur among representatives of this breed is unallone, it is enough to comb the pet once a week. More often it is worth conducting this procedure during a dog molk. Bathing PSAM is rare, it is advisable to do it only in case of acute need and strong pollution of wool. Bagley bathe just once a year, since their hairpro is characterized by repulsive function.
  • Inspection of the organs of vision. Dog’s eyes are an indicator of their health. In order to prevent them, they are checked in a day. For these procedures, the owner should buy a special care agent for dogs. In the presence of sections, the organs of vision are cleaned with a drug applied to cotton tampon. If an animal has a dull look and constantly arise problems with eyes, then it is worth it to the veterinarian.
  • Inspection and cleansing ears once a week. Due to the fact that the external hearing organs are pressed against the chests, they are poorly ventilated, so animals may have problems associated with the hit and development of bacteria. With timely inspection and cleansing of the ears, it is possible to avoid the risk of serious diseases of the ears of beagle.

Cut the claws to the representative of this breed are not necessary, they are rather short and rated independently. Walking the active pet costs twice a day, while the time spent in the fresh air must be at least an hour. If the pet fits and gets tired, it will behave calmly in the room, and therefore it will be quiet in the house.


Beagle puppies, like adult representatives, can eat dry food or home meal. As soon as the baby appears on the light, the owner will need to choose the type of baby’s power, since mixed feeding for thoroughbred dogs is unacceptable. Feed the puppy you need about 5 times a day, gradually reducing the amount of trapez. Adult dog should eat twice a day.

There is no measures to eat this pet, so the owner must follow his meals. Every day the beagle that feeds on natural food must consume the following products:

  • Meat of non-fat varieties+
  • Sea species fish from which bones are extracted+
  • Meat products and Liver Animals+
  • Indushatin without bones+
  • Dairy and dairy products+
  • fruits vegetables+
  • Kashi+
  • Boiled eggs.

It is forbidden to give a pet smoked, sweets, seasoned and too salted dishes.

Also, you should not give a pork, and meat before feeding is defrosting or punctured with cool boiling water. In order for the dog to clean his teeth, she needs to give bones or calf tails a month.

If the pionee dog is powered by an industrial feed, then buying Quality Premium Product. For puppies, a separate line of this product is produced. If the animal has not come dry food, then stood 120 minutes will sell it better to throw.


Bigley’s activity suggests that they are all right with health. The owner must remember the regular vaccination of his favorite to protect him from dangerous ailments. The most common diseases of hunting dogs include such:

  • Otiti+
  • eye disease, such as glaucoma, cataract+
  • epilepsy+
  • diabetes+
  • hepatitis+
  • Disease disks spine+
  • Lymphosarcoma+
  • dermatitis.

Ease in the training of such an animal should not be expected. To kid learned to perform any commands, the owner will need a mass of patience. Dog breeders noticed that the pet works well for the treat. Representatives of this breed can be used to find living beings in the footsteps. But the security qualities at the beagle are not at a high level, as it is very loyal to people. The cost of the puppy is approximately $ 400, and an adult pet can be bought 4 times more expensive.

Pros and cons

At the hunting dog, the Beagle, like other representatives of the animal world, have their own advantages:

  • Friendly character, non-aggressiveness+
  • endurance+
  • Attractive appearance+
  • Hunting skills, good scent.

There are not many cons of the animal, but dog breeders note that Such a pet can not be for a long time without attention, otherwise it can spoil furniture and interior items. Also, the beagle is poorly leaving for training, can show cunning and stubbornness. Due to the excessive activity of animals of this breed, they should not start old people, lazy or busy people. To minuses can also be attributed high level of gulling, this baby can leave with an outsider if he calls.

Pluses of content:

  • perfectly feels like in the apartment and in a private house+
  • Animal has abundant salivation and a specific smell+
  • during molting does not create trouble with cleaning and leaving, as it has short wool+
  • does not show intelligibility in food.

Some difficulties may arise in the Bigley content. The disadvantages of cultivation of such a pet include its increasing, which entails obesity and other health problems. Also, this dog barks loudly, but this may not like all neighbors.

The mobility of the hunting pet can create discomfort when it is walking, as the dog can get under the car or run.


Beagle – this is a loved breed of dogs. Owners of these animals have already rated their activity, friendliness, love for life. Dog reviews show that with such a pet no one will have time to bored. Dog comes around in the family and quickly finds a common language with all its members, including children. Also, the hosts of Bigley claim that the dog needs to raise and train from a small age, otherwise the pet activity will become its big minus.

This is a small breed of dogs, animals do not create difficulties in keeping and maintaining. From the hunting PSA, the pet turns into a domestic pet, with which you can have fun.

In the next video you will find additional information about the breed of dogs Bigl.

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