Pros and Cons Breed French Bulldog

Pros and Cons Breed French Bulldog

French bulldogs, despite their pretty serious and slightly formidable look, are distinguished by good nature and cheerful character. The ancestors of the breed were English bulldogs, which were brought with themselves workers from England. First, the dogs were not particularly popular in France, but over time became the pets of the aristocracy and Beaumd.

Breed characteristics

French bulldogs have an outstanding appearance, which distinguishes them from English and American fellow. “French” belong to decorative dogs, because they are characterized by small sizes. The main parameters of the French Bulldog:

  • Growth 28-35 cm+
  • Weight 8-14 kg+
  • Taurus compact, dense, with well-developed muscles and strong skeleton+
  • The head is quite large, the transition from forehead to the nose is very expressive+
  • Eyes wide planted+
  • Ears big, standing, have narrowed tips+
  • Short face short, with slightly raised black nose+
  • Muscular short neck+
  • limbs in animal squat+
  • chest is quite wide+
  • Pashed belly+
  • narrow pelvis+
  • tail suspension+
  • The approved color is white, tiger, fawn, spotted (although there are blue, black, cream and brown bulldogs)+
  • Wool short and smooth, without underlying+
  • Life duration from 10 to 13 years.

    “French” are very good-natured and friendly. Thanks to a funny character and sociability puppies quickly and easily establish contacts with children, very inquisitive and active, love different games, besides, differ in the absence of aggression, which is important. With age, the dog becomes more passive, the characteristic feature of the breed begins to manifest: laziness.

    To other pets and unfamiliar people, French Bulldogs include an eyelary, Although they are considered good guards. Dogs of this breed love to be in the spotlight. They are different and mind, quite quickly memorize teams.

    Despite his kindness, if necessary, stand up for the protection of the owner, not paying attention to the size of the opponent.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    Like any animals, French Bulldogs have their pros and cons who should consider when choosing a pet. To the positive moments, first of all, the simplicity of the content and light character of the dog belongs.

    • An animal has compact sizes, which is very convenient, especially if the apartment is small.
    • They are quite quickly adapted to a different setting, they can gladly sleep both on the hands of the owners and on the lay.
    • Short paws do not interfere with dogs to show activity and ability: animals love to run and play.
    • Despite small dimensions, dogs are excellent guards, they will always let you know about someone’s approach or some noise.
    • Able to protect the owner, even if the enemy is much more.
    • Relatively refer to other animals (with proper upbringing) and to people. Very well cooked with children, love to play active games with them.
    • Thanks to his intelligence and um, Buldogogs are quite quickly learning teams, but it is important not to forget to pick up and encourage the pet.
    • Because of the short wool of the breed is quite simple in care, there is no unpleasant odor and the need to wash the animal often.
    • Tail no need to stop because it is broken by nature.
    • Do not need long walks, and to the toilet can go to the tray or on a diaper.
    • May remain alone in the apartment, without making unnecessary noise.

      In addition to the large number of advantages, French bulldogs have some disadvantages that are due to the peculiarities of physiology.

      • Because of the short wool animals are sensitive to the temperature regime. In summer you need to avoid overheating in the sun, and in the winter – wear overalls. Pots are sensitive to drafts and cold water, easily caught.
      • Because of the peculiar structure of the skull and respiratory tract of the dog snores during sleep and sometimes produce sounds similar to the grunt.
      • For the same reason, the “French” have an increased salivation.
      • Quite often, dogs have problems with the digestive system, in particular, meteorism. Pet stomach may not absorb some products.
      • Tell allergies to some products, eye diseases and cardiovascular system, as well as obesity and spine problems.
      • French bulldog leather requires careful care. In the folds on the face and in the area of ​​a tightly adjacent tail may appear fungal infections and foci of inflammation or suppuration.
      • Big ears need cleaning what animals actively resist.
      • For the breed, characteristic features such as stubbornness and laziness, so their training requires sufficient patience from the owner.
      • Because of its fearlessness, injuries can be obtained, especially if the opponent prevails in size.
      • Bad bulldogs transfer long loneliness, need to communicate with the owner.
      • Most dogs are afraid of water, besides a big head prevents them from swimming.
      • Due to the specific physique, the females are hard to give birth, and almost always give birth to cesarean sections.
      • Duration of life, in comparison with other breeds, not too long.

      To whom fit?

      French Bulldog is considered a companion dog that will scratch life and, if necessary, will protect. The dog does not require much attention, it’s not necessary to walk with him for a long time and, moreover, care is quite simple. Animals of this breed relate very well to children, they are patient and non-aggressive. “French” perfectly fit families with children, because they get wonderful with them and find faithful partners for the game in their face.

      Thanks to the characteristic goodness of bulldogs with them, you can leave the kids without fears (if the puppy is well brought up).

        The dog finds a common language with all family representatives, loves to be in the spotlight. Although the animal adores the company, but in its nature is very calm and balanced. It will never be intrusive demand attention, but quietly expects when the owner wants to play. Lonely man French Bulldog will create a pleasant company and scratch life, because it is able to distinguish the mood of a person and has a sense of humor. An animal can be alone in the apartment, but not too long.

        Due to this the breed is not suitable for busy people who rarely come at home and are not able to give pet time. Long loneliness can cause animal stress. Active people and athletes are better not to choose “Frenchman” in pets. It is not created for long-term runs or walks, hiking, and also does not like reservoirs.

        Ownership reviews

        Reviews of French Bulldogs are mostly positive. Many owners celebrate devotion, kindness and friendliness of “French”. In addition, they mention the excellent qualities of the guard and fearless dogs that are able to protect their owner, despite their small size. Often owners talk about a calmly balanced nature of a pet, good attitude to other pets. Tolerant attitude towards children.

        But also the hosts complain about the rather weak health of pets, allergies and frequent diseases. Many owners of bulldogs mention the fees and snoring, although some speak of their absence. And also note that despite very rare bathing, the dog does not have a characteristic unpleasant odor.

        In the pretty face of the French Bulldog it is impossible not to fall in love. They are conquered by kindness and give all the love of their little heart, demanding in return only a little attention.

        On the pros and cons of French Bulldog, see the following video.

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