Pyrenean Shepherd: Features and Content

Pyrenean Shepherd: Features and Content

Dogs have already been loyal companions for a long time for a long time. However, in addition to the role of a pet, these animals can become guards and assistants for their breeder. Pyrenean Shepherd Dog – breed, uniting all of the above qualities, in the light of what has been popular among breeders worldwide.

History of origin

Among the multiple breeds of dogs of French origin, it is worth highlighting the Pyrenean Shepherd, which has long been used by man as an assistant. Previously, these small animals were in demand as guards for pastures with sheep.

Employment of dogs by these functions is due to such features as the energy, developed intelligence, vigilance and readiness at any second to defend its territory.

Modern representatives of this breed are also used as shepherds, in addition, the Pyrenean Shepherds are actively involved in competitions, and also conquered many hearts of breeders, in the world of which became beautiful and loyal companions of man.

The history of the emergence and formation of the breed has no one ten years since Similar dogs in the south of France met the impact of centuries. Images of animals, as well as mentions about dogs-shepherds are available in the chronicles and canvases dating from the XVI century. A special role in the development of the breed and the consolidation of unique qualities was played by isolation of the region, which made it possible to support and secure the natural gene.

The Pyrenean Shepherds were actively divorced, and the characteristics of the climate and life were caused by natural selection among these individuals, allocating only the strongest and hardy. Previously there were animals of different sizes and exterior, but the natural way of the phenotype came to a single denominator, subsequently allocating two types of dogs:

  • Long-haired shepherd+
  • Gladcomord representatives of breed.

During the war in the homeland of animals, a club contributing to the preservation of the breed was created.

The first standard for dogs was established in 1926, the gradual resettlement of animals around the world happened later. In 1956, the standard was approved separately for short-circuit and long-grayscale dogs, which were highlighted by their size and exterior.

In the XIX century, shepherds got into America along with sheep, animal talents were assessed, so the breed began to quickly gain popularity among farmers. Also, thanks to its qualities, animals were involved in the removal of other breeds of dogs, in particular, the Australian Shepherd.

Long-chest dogs were valued during hostilities, at this time they were used as random dogs, couriers, as well as sanitation on the battlefield.

The soldiers preferred to use animals as assistants, due to their reaction, mind and endurance. Today, the Pyrenean Shepherds are world famous participants in such competitions, like Rally, Flyball, Adjiliti, Jumping.

Description of breed

Currently, the shepherd function is less in demand, however, shepherds continue to be appreciated in the farm as a universal assistant.

Now for purebred long-haired shepherds, the following standards are defined:

  • The growth of males must be within 39-47 centimeters, while the bitch sizes can be 2-3 centimeters less+
  • Animal should not weigh less than 7 or more than 12 kilograms.

As for the Gladcominess of the Pyrenean Shepherd, then:

  • The growth of animal male will vary within 42-53 centimeters, while at the bitch it can be from 40 to 50 centimeters+
  • Weighing dogs can within 10-15 kilograms.

Four-legged pets of this breed can be considered long-livers: On average, with good care, they are able to live about 15 years.

In its external characteristics, the dogs of this breed are characterized by their small size and proportionally folded torso. The head must have medium sizes, the ear shells will be seated, planted quite low.

The eyes are big, pupils painted in a dark color, the nose of the nose will also be dark. The presence of a “mask” on the face is not a deviation from the established standards. The neck is average in size, back without bends. The limbs in the animal are straight, developed well, the chest is unintently, moderately deep. The tail is medium in length, mainly omitted, however, during the movement it will stand high and straight.

Depending on the wool, the shepherd exterior is with long and short hair.

Both varieties belong to one breed. However, according to the description, the smooth-forming shepherd will have short wool on the neck, head, including the face, in addition, it will be excellent on the stomach, legs and tail. On the torso, the length of the wool should not exceed 10 centimeters.

As for the long-grazing animal, the dog of this variety will be completely covered with thick and long wool, including eyes. The length of the wool can reach 15 centimeters, and the muzzle must contain a “beard” and “mustache”.

Regardless of the wool length, Pyrenean Shepherds may have the following color:

  • grey+
  • pale yellow+
  • black+
  • blue+
  • Tiger+
  • beige+
  • marble.

    The presence of stains on dog wool is not considered to be chopped according to the standards entered for the breed. They can be located on the chest, head or limbs.

    The four-legged pets of this ancient breed are highlighted by excellent immunost, so they are extremely rare. However, animals may be subject to the development of pathogenic processes. Among them should be allocated:

    • Displassence of hip joints+
    • pathology of the bodies of vision+
    • Dislocation joints.

    Character and behavior

    Pets of this breed are excreted by active temperament, as well as resourcefulness, courage and devotion to its breeder. To unfamiliar people, the animal shows some suspicion, but without unnecessary aggression. The dog loves to bark, sometimes this trait is manifested above measure.

    Puppies and young animals can show stubbornness at this age, which should be taken into account in the process of upbringing and training.

    Shepherd is well in contact with children, however, pronounced paternal or maternal feelings are not experiencing. An animal can be trained to supervise the kids, then it will perform the role of the shepherd in the family, without releasing them for the designated boundaries. For the Pyrenean Shepherd, the owner will be only one owner, however, it may experience a favorable attitude to everyone without exception to family members.

    Shepherds are capable of teamwork with other dogs, Also, a pet perfectly gets around with other animals, but conflicts are possible with dogs of one sex, associated with attempts to take a leading position.

    Content and care

    Pet of this breed is highlighted by its activity, so it will require a lot of free space for life. Pyreneans will suit country houses in which the breeder will have the ability to equip a spacious aviary for a dog. Good health and thick wool allow an animal to live without any problems on the street.

    For the Pyrenean Shepherds, which are planned to contain in the apartment, it is necessary to provide daily walking in the fresh air with exercise. To maintain a good form, the pet will take place in the air at least 2-3 hours. Since the dogs are very movable, it is recommended to play games with them, it is also allowed to take a shepherd on jogs or bikerogulk.

    Special attention in the content of dogs of this breed will require animal wool. The task of the owner of the Pyrenean Shepherd is Regular deduction of pets. Cleaning the ears and trigging claws are carried out as needed, As a rule, animals that spend a lot of time in the fresh air, claws are rated independently. You can use cotton wheels for cleansing. A healthy dog ​​in the ears should not accumulate any discharge. The presence of such will be evidence of the development of hearing infection.

    Trimming and a variety of haircuts shepherds do not conduct. The exceptions are situations where long-grates varieties are irritated to the cornea of ​​the eye. In this case, it is better to cut extra hairstyles.

    Bathing a dog is recommended no more than once every 2-3 months. To maintain the health of the oral cavity, the Pyrenean Shepherds should brush their teeth weekly.

    The dog needs planned vaccination. Usually the first vaccination is made at the age of 6-9 weeks, then after a month and a half. In the future, the Pyrenean Shepherds vaccinate each year, in addition, degelmintion is carried out.

    Breeders planning to engage in further breed breeding, it is recommended to select a partner for the concerns, taking into account the type variation. Bitch will be ready for mating after the third estrine.


    Shepherd dogs are omnivores, so the breeder does not have problems with food. But for strong immunity, the animal will need to competently plan the diet, because the lack of vitamins will adversely affect the health of the pet. In most cases, the Pyrenees are fed by dry foods of industrial production.

    For this breed, it is important that in the composition of products there was a high percentage of meat content, in addition, the feed must be additionally enriched with minerals and vitamins.

    When choosing an option of a diet using dry feed, it is impossible to give natural food in addition to this product. When transferring to another type of feed, it should be done gradually, paying attention to the reaction of the organism of the animal and its behavior.

    When choosing a natural diet for a dog, it should be noted that the following products must be present in the menu:

    • Meat, offal+
    • Dairy products – cottage cheese, sour cream+
    • egg yolks+
    • seafood.

    It is necessary to plan a pet menu in this way, So that protein products amounted to 2/3 of the total volume.

    The rest of the diet will consist of vegetables, fruits and greenery. Vegetables can be given dogs in raw form. Porridge are not natural food for the Pyrenean Shepherd, so do not bring real benefits for her health. But the cereals are important, from the point of view of energy value, so the use of buckwheat, rice, millet with mandatory alternation is allowed to introduce into the diet. Breeders It is recommended to add to the food of the dog unrefined vegetable oil on one spoon to fill the stock of polyunsaturated acids.

    Feeding of a two-month shepherd puppy will be a four-member, from 4 months a pet can be translated into a three-turn reception. When a dog is 10 months old, it can be fed twice a day – in the morning and in the evening.

    Clean drinking water should always be in free access, In particular, when feeding with dry foods of industrial production.

    Education and training

    Pyrenean Shepherd has a well-developed intelligence, in addition, genetically laid the ability to trainee. These features of the animal will allow the breeder pretty quickly to train his pet main teams. Dog obedience largely depends on the number of time that the breeder spends on communicating with his pet. It is important not just walking with a shepherd, but to actively interact by the game or training.

    Pyrenean needed early socialization, so immediately after purchasing a puppy, it is necessary to start teaching the rules of behavior in the house, the pet must learn his nickname, know where his place is.

    Also breeders of dogs of this breed are recommended to use a pet as a participant in various sports. This will have a positive effect on training and discipline, in addition, the dog will have the opportunity to realize its potential in the plan of congenital activity. Today, the Pyrenean Shepherds participate in the settlement competitions, search, Agility.

    Evaluate the livelihood of the Pyrenean Shepherd and get additional advice from the pet content experts in the video below.

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