Review of Chihuahua Metisov

Review of Chihuahua Metisov

Metis in the world of dogs are called animals obtained by mixing two breeds. The article will be discussed about the methows produced from the smallest decorative dogs – Chihuahua. These animals are so cute that they seem living toys. But in fact, babies have an internal character. Mixing them with other breeds, get not just a dog with original appearance, but also more stable, balanced animals.

General about Metisah

Metis are not related to purebred dogs, they are rarely creating purposefully, more often puppies are obtained when the breeder did not follow the animals. Supporters of methives believe that they inherit from purebred parents all the best qualities, but at the same time you never know what a surprise will be from such a union. A couple of chihuahua can make up both small and medium-sized dogs, for example, Chinese Crested, Husky, Bologna, Shi-Tzu and even a mongrel.

Especially cute animals are obtained from a mixture of chihuahua and papillon-butterflies.

Metis have weight from 1 to 4 kilograms. There are extremely beautiful specimens, but unfortunately, hybrids live a little, and often inherit the diseases of both breeds. Most often they are sterilized, so as not to create in the future a non-verbest. Metisov acquire people who want to have a small cute dog for a little money.

But by and large, such puppies must be transmitted in good hands completely free, do not pay for a breeder’s marriage.

Toyuterar and Chihuahua

Before one year old age, it is impossible to understand who of the parents will be like a kid: it will remain as tiny or grow up to 3 kilograms. Most often pets are obtained short-chest, color can be any – black, red, white. Metis from these breeds look slim, with thin legs and expressive eyes.

Damage Character Puppies can inherit from both parents. But fearlessness from Chihuahua is rarely transmitted, more often, methies are careful and frightened. They are playful, cheerful and very attainable to the owner. Love attention and roarly fighting for him, so do not fit families with young children. Animals are calm enough, but if the child pulls behind the tail or comes, can answer aggression.

Dogs love walks, but often closed, for the walk they need clothes. These babies can be good companions, always able to raise the mood of the owner.

Jack Russell Terrier and Chihuahua

Hybrid is called Jack Chi, it weighs from 2.5 to 3.5 kilograms. Lucky, strong, hardy, with a small triangular head, beautiful eyes and strong paws. Wool short, molting passes in summer.

Dog in vigorous, cheerful and very affectionate. Sometimes other dogs will be avoided, may be independent. Very devoted, but only tied to one owner.

York and Chihuahua

The mixture is called chorks, it is believed that more genes they have from York. Weigh dogs from two to 4 kilograms, have a small body, a small head. In most cases, they have a long and straight wool, but sometimes puppies are born with rare fragments of fur on ears, tail and paws.

Jealous dog, binding and does not endure loneliness. In order not to injure the animal, it is necessary to wear it everywhere, so there is no such metis for busy people. Families with young children should not start a chorf, he can always stand up for himself in response to children’s pranks.

The kid is distinguished by a bully character and often provokes big dogs. He is a fearless and badly leaving training, so we will wean him from wrong behavior.

Pincher and Chihuahua

The mixture of these breeds is extremely rare, as it does not use much popular. Externally dogs larger chihuahua, have huge ears, amazingly elegant legs, a small tail. The wool is short, red or black color, sometimes with subpassions, molting is almost absent.

Such a dog will suit a bachelor with leader qualities. The weak owner of the pet will subordinate to himself, the authority of him from Pincher. From Chihuahua, Metis received courage and failure with everyone, except the owner.

Pekingese and Chihuahua

Such dogs are called pekachi. They absorbed the genes of both parents, approximately equal proportions. These are compact hybrids with a round head and big hanging ears. Dense dense wool they got from Pekingese. Pekachi – decorative bedroom dogs, need care and care. Short paws and flat muzzles that have taken from Pekingese can provoke diseases of the joints and respiratory organs.

On a walk, the dog behaves confident and actively, can attack the yard animals or a car. Like most small dogs, pecachi are tied to their owner, but do not like children.

This type of methives gives care of training, and its lootful nature can be corrected over time.

Spitz and Chihuahua

They are called me. This is a small dog on thin legs, taking up to 20 centimeters and weighing 2 to 4 kilograms. She has a triangular head with acute face and rounded ears. Metis, though small, but has a muscular strong body. I remember beautiful eyes and a small tail, bagel. Wool has a different color, more often found long, requiring care.

Pelt – loyal and devoted friend, excellent companion, but only for one owner. With children, it does not get along, to other family members jealous, strangers does not carry, it does not get along with animals. Walking down the street resembles the Bass “Elephant and Pug” – having all major dogs. This breed is well traced, the animal can become obedient, execute teams. Dog is active, likes to play with the owner.

Dachshund and Chihuahua

Children of the Sozaka and Chihuahua call Chivini. Dominant line in these animals from the fees. They are endowed with a long body, small legs, a thin tail, short wool and large ears that are lifted up, and others hang down.

This dog has two breeds took all the best. Energetic, clockwork, but, at the same time, kind and affectionate. He loves his owner and tolerately treats children.

Pug and Chihuahua

Metisov from these two breeds is called Chaga. The hybrid is very young, but already loved by many. The obvious similarity is viewed with pugs – a felted face, rounded tail, short wool and a cargo caller, like a pug.

Character can take from any parent – either will love one owner like Chihuahua, or will be with a dear, kind of temper, like Pug.

Poodle and Chihuahua

They are called chip, they resemble chihuahua. The result of mixing may be unexpected. Fur is curly or just wave, sometimes direct or mixed – curls with smooth wool. Color is also predicted in advance, as is the character. In any case, these are non-milestone and wayward animals, and such qualities as kindness and aggressiveness will depend on the dominant breed.

Bologna and Chihuahua

Chihuahua cross with different types of bologna. The mixture with Havana Bishon is called Cheenese, and with Bishone Frieze – Chi-Chon. Dogs are obtained with abundant fur, big shaggy ears, and in the penetration with the exhaust, they stand, and with Frieze – hang.

Retriever and Chihuahua

Dogs of moderate sizes are born from this union. They have smooth wool with golden color, beautiful big eyes and large ears. Sometimes the elongated face.

Chinese Crested and Chihuahua

Such dogs are called kits. Their appearance is unpredictable and not always cute. Preferably, it is naked animals with fragmented islands of wool, which most often grow on the face and limbs, sometimes on the uplift.

Metis – Dogs for pleasure, will not build an exhibition career with them, and the devotees of the companion can be purchased.

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