Scalary compatibility with other fish

Scalary compatibility with other fish

Aquarium is an underwater world in miniature, inhabited by bright, beautiful fish, whose life can admire infinitely. But in order for peace and peace in the small ocean, it is important to pick up suitable neighbors. Not all fish and animals get along among themselves. So, all the well-known swords are well treated with any peaceful fish, but for the scalar represent a serious threat. But with whom the scalar will stay, will be told below.

Features of scalar

Some of the most famous aquarium fish – scalar decorate the aquariums of many lovers. Amusement fish from the Okunenye detachment are included in the cychlide family. His Latin name pterophyllum fish received the body shape reminiscent of the wing or sheet. As well as scalar called the angel fish.

Strongly fightered from sides, with long filament-shaped side and elongated spinal and anal fins, fish look like a decreasing moon. They are painted in various shades from gray-blue to olive-silver with dark transverse stripes. But there are also monophonic painted individuals obtained as a result of selection. In length, these fish reaches up to 150 mm, and in height – 250 mm.

Motherland’s scalar are such rivers of South America as Orinoco, Essekibo and Amazon. For life, fish prefer slow water with thick vegetation. It is convenient to hide and display offspring.

At home, the scalary contains in high (not lower than 50 cm) and spacious aquariums, the bottom of which is planted with broad-sized algae. The water temperature should be within +24.28 ° C, stiffness not higher than 15 units., Acidness 6-7.4. Angels form groups from permanent married couples, so contain them several pieces in one container.

Fish males are characterized by more dense addition and convex forehead.

Female sweep up to 700 eggs that attach to leaves. Three days later, the larvae are hatched from the cheeks, which become fry for a week. All this time, parents take care of the offspring, removing dead eggs, carrying the laying into other places as necessary, hiding the larvae to the shelter at night. The territory that one married couple occupies is about half a meter around spawning site.

With proper care and suitable neighbors, scalaries live up to 10 years, but I go among them and long-livers.

Fed fish angels alive feed since they are predators. As adult fish is quite large, then many small fish and young other types will be perceived by the scalars as a hunting object. But not all the fish suffer from the angels, many, on the contrary, represent a threat to them, plucking their tails and breaking the fins. Therefore, acquiring such beauties like scalaria, It is necessary to properly choose the fish neighbors, which you can hide with them in one aquarium.

Who can contain?

On the Internet, you can find various tables in which it is indicated, with what fish the scalar has the best compatibility. But experienced people who contain Perophyllum for many years, they say that the table does not give 100% guarantee that it is these types that take place in your aquarium.

The lighter of everything in one aquarium gets around fish that were settled at the same time and were approximately the same age. In the future, the subsidence of even suitable fish can cause problems. But anyway pick up suitable neighbors can be experienced by immediately excluding unreliable.

According to the reviews of experienced aquarists, several types of fish are best getting around with scalaria.

  • Som. Bottom fish fell safely next to the angels, since their life areas practically do not intersect. Crawling along the bottom of the catchomics do not attract third-party attention.

  • Petushki. There is neutrality between the two species. Fish calmly float without noticing each other until the time of spawning is coming, and the scalar begin to actively defend their territory from any guests.

So that the fish do not get involved, it is necessary to plant more plants.

  • Mallons. This type of aquarium fish is characterized by selectivity for the scalar. Simple views do not cause any reaction from Mollyland, but here wealers can suffer greatly, having lost their tail and fins.

  • Pecilia do not cause any aggression from the scalary, peacefully walking nearby.

  • Neons May be seated next to Perophilum only if they were launched into aquarium at one age. Otherwise, a flock of small fish will quickly cease to exist.

  • Pseudotrofuses quite reliable neighbors, but among them there are aggressive individuals. Therefore it is necessary to track the behavior of fish.

  • Danio can get along in one aquarium with scalar, only if they have grown together.

  • Labo. Pretty large fish, in one copy will not be dangerous, except that he rides away from its territory, but here in more will go to everyone – and relatives and neighbors.

  • Tetra. Scalaria and tetra are indifferent to each other and can peacefully coexist near. But tetras are very loved by greens and can quickly spoil plants in the aquarium.

  • TERNECTION. Easy to habitable fish represents a threat only for voutele species of Perophilum. With the rest of the angels of the thorns get along peacefully.

  • Bats. Non-conflict in nature Fish Easy to get along with angels on one territory, occasionally contacting without aggression from the side of the scalar.

  • The iris and the angels will walk away only if they have grown nearby. Otherwise the iris will have to tight. But even in this case, no one guarantees the preservation of young. Predator – He is always a predator.

  • Lyalius. Labyrinth Fish can get along near Perophillum, provided that she has where to hide, but this conditional opportunity. Here much depends on the desire of the aquarium owner and the nature of the angels. If you want, you can mix them in one aquarium, perhaps and staying.

  • Gurura and the scalari get along well and beautifully look nearby.

Much depends on the requirements for the conditions of content, lifestyle and nutrition, as well as the nature of the inhabitants of the Water World. It should be remembered that With some kinds of small fish, the angel fish are getting around only if they rose near.

Who are incompatible?

Incompatible species can be immediately attributed to those whose requirements for living conditions differ from the requests of the scalar. For example, Siamese algae is not suitable for an angel in the neighbors due to the fact that it needs more rigid and alkaline water. As well as inappropriate neighbors include some other fish.

  • Middle Mares. Neurizuctural bright fish with long swindles are very aggressively refer to the angels, rushing the lower fins.

  • Barbusa. Aggressive, nimblefish will quickly bring angels to hungry death and cultivate fins.

  • Cichlida, like Perophyllums, predators, and much more shrous. The content of these species in one aquarium will lead to the fact that the scalaries will be starved. But no rules without exception. Sometimes it is possible peaceful coexistence, it depends on the character of fish.

  • Goldfish absolutely incompatible with the angels both in character and according to the conditions of content. Different temperature modes and requirements for purity of water will not allow the scalaries and gold fish to live nearby.

  • Guppy. Here is only one word: feed. Want to give angels the opportunity to hunt, launch a pack of gukemk to them.

  • Astronotuses do not get along with anyone but their kind. These fish even not every plant is suitable, not the fact that other fish.

  • Danio. If they grew up with the angels, then they still have a chance to stay alive, provided that they will quickly hide in the lower levels of the aquarium. And so the scalar will quickly empty them.

  • Famous Piranhas Those predators themselves, so there is nothing to do with the scalaries next to them, unless you want to get rid of them.

  • Omnivorous Severum He is a countryman of Perophyluma. Has a very fighter character and large territorial requests. Along with him can only have a rather large and nimblefish. For angels, the rule is valid: lucky – it’s not lucky, but it is better not to risk.

  • Discusses. Similar to the angels on behavior and the requirements for the habitat of the fish can be seized with each other only in a large aquarium, where the life zones of rivals will not cross. Otherwise, the case will end the mass brawl.

  • Shrimps. A good shrimp is not a fish, but it is food, especially their small representatives. Therefore, if you decide to keep shrimp in aquarium with angels, then be prepared for the very first eaten the second in the break between feedings, as the scalar tend to incur.

How to get along with each other?

Scalaria – Fish living with packs consisting of monogamous couples. As in any pack, they have a leading couple who get the best feed and spawning places. In principle, the fish coexist peacefully, only the dominants occasionally drive subordinates, showing who the owner is here. The greatest aggression angels show during spawning, protecting the nest. During the spawning, any, invaded the nest, is expelled or may be killed.

During the rest of the time, fish only take threatening poses, banging in front of the rivals.

It is not worth putting new individuals in the current team, because it will lead to cruel fights between fish, and beginners can hurt much.

Contain the scalar by one, pairs or small groups, how much allows the volume of the aquarium. For a comfortable stay of one pair of angels require an aquarium with a volume of at least 60 liters.

More about the scalaria you will learn from the video below.

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