Scottish kitten care

Scottish kitten care

It is impossible to just buy the Scottish Fold Kitten and do not take care of its content. Like any other pet, he needs caress, proper care, upbringing and balanced food. Otherwise, it will not grow up a duplicate cat with excellent health and smooth wool.

Before shopping

Typically, Scottish Fold kittens separated with a cat’s mother in 2-3-month old, But breeders are looking for the owner immediately after their birth, because:

  • Pets are pretty expensive+
  • The future owner will need time to prepare the house for the movement of the kitten.

The essentials need

For the Scottish Goth do not buy anything supernatural. He needs bowls for water and food, bratechka, dressing tray, toys and laying.

Bowls for food and water

Ideally, the kitten should have three bowls: the first – for water, the second – for wet, and the third – for dry feed. In order not to create a jumble of them in the kitchen, having two shallow-low-soft bowls of metal or ceramics, provided that one of them (that for feed) will be two-section. At the same time, a cup with water is kept from her.


For the kitten, equip a secluded corner to play alone, rested from everyone and everything. The main thing in it – Lena. What it will be depends on the taste of the owner. Buy either a separate house, but to it a brake, or a cottage house, made in one design, or a rug (quite suitable for the old shelter).

Feline tray

Species of feline toilets several. Suitable choose by familiarcing the advantages and disadvantages of the model you like from the table below.

Type of tray



Plastic without grid

Easy access, affordable price, simple filler replacement, compact size

Dispersion of the filler (without it is impossible), does not hold odors

Tray with mesh

No filler, lack of source of pollution for fighter

Unpleasant smell, wash after every visit

Toilet with sideboards

Easy cleaning, use for destination, reliability

Larger compared to other models size


No unpleasant odors, automatic disinfection without host participation, saving on filler

High price, possible fright in a cat from the seen process cleaning the tray


Hold odors, no dirt and garbage

High cost, use is not intended – for sleep

The perfect option is a tray with sideboards, but the owner has the right to choose another model based on its own preferences, taste and budget.

Recommendations for care

Sometimes Scottish Fold Kitchen appears in the house before 2-3 months of age. If he is only a month from the family, listen to the recommendations of the person who buy a pet. Often they are traditional, and the only thing that has discrepancies – in nutrition (in four weeks of life, sustainable food habits are formed).

Caring for eyes

Practically from birth kittens brush eyes to seek them to hygiene. The procedure is carried out once in 5-7 days. To do this, take a cotton disk in the hands, wet it in water and carefully handle the corners of the eyes, the upper and lower part of the eyeball.

As you grow, the eye care frequency changes: an adult cat enters cleanliness without the help of the owner.

If the kitten has embodents in the eye area, the procedure is carried out more. Per day two or three times handle eyes with simple water or a weak chamomile solution. In the solution (in water), we smell a vaccine or soft cloth, and then apply it to the inflamed place. If inflammation does not pass over the week, turn to the veterinarian.

Haircut claws

From the first days, the kitten is involved in the haircut of claws. Cats of this breed cut claws on the front legs. Chatter spend once a month, cutting off with manicure scissors or cat grain tip of the nail (no more than two millimeters). Cutting more, a great risk of damaging a blood vessel and scare a pet.

Care of wool

Scottish Folds themselves cope with care for wool. Even though they are clean cats, but it is impossible to let everything in a self-shot. In the pet store acquire a special brush for wool with short and frequent teeth or silicone glove. Stresty hack every two weeks to prevent her lumps in the stomach.

If the pet is linked, they put the wool in order more often – one oxidation per week.

The main rule of care for the Scottish kitten: it is impossible to bathe it without much need. Sometimes it is very dirty or picks up fleas, walking on the street. It is impossible to bathe a kitten if he does not have 2 months (it is better to protect it if possible from pollution). If you do not do without swimming, it is poured in a pelvis (optimal temperature – + 36 ° C). Pet washed with the addition of a special shampoo.

After a thorough washout, the fuse is dried, roving water with a towel, to prevent colds and supercooling.

Sometimes one bathing is enough to frighten the Scottish Fold and to beat her hunt forever. She is afraid of water noise. To distract it from it, put rubber toys. So that the water does not get into the ears, closed them with a rut. To prevent irritation of the mucous entrance to the eye corner oil drops.

It is impossible to wash the kitten using funds for people. Otherwise the wool state will worsen, and the skin will inflame.


Behind a young cat not only care, but also raising. If you do not teach it to the toilet and clawtema, then it will later snew and destroy all the furniture in the house.


From what filler will be chosen for a cat, much depends. For quick addiction to it do not fall asleep in the sand tray. Use natural wood or compressed filler granules. The first few weeks do not wash it often and carefully so that the pet easily find him by smell.


If from the first day in the new house, the kitten to Kohtotchka, matured, it does not scratch the furniture, will not exist clothes and does not cut wallpaper on the wall. To do this, show a new item with an animal, tie a toy to it, drawing attention, or splashes on a soft upholstery of the cogged flavor with the smell of cat mint.


Scottish Fold vaccinated according to the schedule. It is impossible to refuse vaccination, even if your cat does not attend the street. Otherwise, the risk of infection with a dangerous disease. Antickels are required to the vet to the veterinarian. The reception lead a healthy kitten.

Features of nutrition

Carefully think over the diet for the kitten. He must be balanced. It is fed dry and wet food or natural meal.


Day feeding frequency

up to 4 months

4-5 times

Over 4 months old

3-4 times

Experienced breeders feed Scottish Fold dry and wet feeders premium or super premium-class. They are balanced, contain minerals and vitamins. Food for kittens choose a special, with an appropriate packaging inscription. Otherwise, normal development will be at risk, and the daily rate will be more than.

Rarely feed thoroughbred cats ordinary food. Food “from the table” will not suit. Have to cook for households one, and for the kitten is another. It is booked buckwheat, rice, oatmeal on milk without adding oil. Give a little beef minor with oat flakes and yolks. Gradually introduce fermented milk products like replacing milk. Kittens feed with boiled vegetables and boiled sub-products.

Fish give no more than once a week, in boiled form. Do not include herring, sweets, smokers, sausages and Solonin in the diet.

Will there be a properly Scottish Fold Catics or not, its life expectancy and nature depends on.

About how to properly care for the Scottish kitten, look in the following video.

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