Sokok: Description of cat breeds, features of content and selection of nickname

Sokok: Description of cat breeds, features of content and selection of nickname

Today, many people have homemade pets. The most common – cats and dogs. People choose cats, because it is very affectionate and at the same time independent animals. Their diversity is amazing imagination, in our time, with a big desire, you can even get a wild breed. Pets – our friends who will never let us be bored. Many domestic animals will then earn at breeding thoroughbred individuals.

History of origin

Sokok – a unique breed of cats. All their origins take this species in Kenya. So, in 1978, a resident of England Jenny Slater found a cat with kittens on his plantation. They were so cute, with an amazing color, that she could not pass by and took them home.

Later her girlfriend decided to take 2 kittens in Denmark. It was from the moment that the most active breed spread began. And in 1992, the State of Denmark approved the Breed of Cats Sokok (sometimes they are also called African shorthair). The descendants were called as Kadzonzo, which means “like a bark of a tree”. Their attributes are considered an aboriginal Kenyan cats and wild homemade cats.

An interesting fact that the breed was not bred by breeders, but the nature itself. Intentionally they never crossed with other species.

International Cat breeding organization – FIFE – changed the name on the Sumkovok, but most often called still – Sokh. In the modern world there are about 100 individuals.

Description of breed

Cats are characterized by medium sizes, male individuals are predominantly larger. Weight can vary from 3 to 5 kilograms. We can say that representatives of this breed are long-lived, as they live about 13-15 years old, and some – and longer.

In the form of the head reminds Wedge, but on a strong neck. It is elongated, compared to the body seems small and flat. Skills are quite expressive, which emphasizes the face of the individual. Large sizes, with numerous tassels on them. Deep and expressive eyes fascinate many feline lovers. Colors are different: from amber shade to greenish.

The breed itself is satisfied, large, with long body and paws. Musculature developed very well. The rear paws are longer than the front, which creates the illusion, as if the cat goes on tiptoe. The tail of the middle length and narrows by the end.

Standard coloring is considered marble tabby. In the color palette can begin with bright shades of brown and end with dark brown. Wool, though very short, almost without underlying, but still in the light you can notice a little overflow. Very rarely found individuals with an unusually beautiful snowy color. Along the body there are strips in the form of spirals and half-colts.

Distinctive features of the color:

  • Necklace around the neck, optional fusion+
  • tail tip always has black+
  • Butterfly pattern on the back+
  • On the forehead you can see the intermittently drawn letter “M”+
  • On the side is visible drawing bull’ye eyes.


First of all, this breed is extremely active and energetic. They never sit in place and ready to jump, run all day. This feature was transferred from their ancient wild ancestors. People who have experience in breeding cats say it is advisable to start a socket in private houses with a large area of ​​free space.

In the backyard you can construct the playground, and then the animal will not tear the wallpaper and spoil furniture in the house.

In addition to the foregoing, representatives of the breed are very sociable creation, but at the same time wayward and independent. They will not sit on their hands for a long time or annoy the owner – they may well organize the game. It is impossible to miss an important feature: cats are attached to people and the environment, so carry moving very painful. Do not fear for a child: they are always kept and never offended children.

Mind and intellect can be attributed to positive qualities. Cats quickly leaving training. They are very curious and always investigate something new. Sokok quickly finds contact with other animals, such as dogs, which, undoubtedly, can be attributed to the pros. Pets perfectly spend the time of the house while the owners at work. And in the evening they are joyful to meet them, showing attachment to them.

Caring and care

The breed is very unpretentious. What about wool, it is rather short and does not require special care – it will be sufficient to comb out dead hairs with a special brush 1 time per week. The best option will be a comb out of a natural pile: it contributes to good blood circulation in the body.

Swimming – Favorite cat sessions of this species. If you won’t wash them for a long time, then if you wish, they themselves will find a water container. Wash should be no more than 1 time per month. Caring for ears and eyes is to wrap a quickly pollutable places every day or every other day.

The pet will be grateful if you take it with me for a walk, but you should not refuse the cat to give up the cat accidentally. But it is important to know that the pet is dangerous in winter. In connection with the hot climate in Africa, their homeland, winter cats can quickly catch a cold. Do not forget to clean fall to avoid gum diseases. Regular trip to the veterinary clinic is required to maintain a cat healthy and vigorous.

The diet is also a very important component of a happy future cat.

It is important that it be balanced and contained all the necessary items. For feeding suits dry, and also natural feed. Do not forget that products must be fresh.


Cats are distinguished by strong health and immunity, but they are also often ill. Very often they suffer from nervous disorders that are inherited. During the marriage period, when it comes to mating, the cat can fight in convulsions or run around the house in a panic, without recognizing the owner. If this happened, then you should not panic. You should try soothe pet. If it does not come out, call the veterinarian.

Many individuals are subject to meningitis. Meningitis – Inflammation of the regions of the head and spinal cord. To maintain the heart and blood vessels, add taurine and vitamins of the E. It will help keep immunity. Also animals can disturb worms, painful sensations in the field of ears and plague. A possible source can be a contact with the individuals of another breed, when problems occur – limit the circle of communication.

Sokhok is very sensitive to temperature around, so it is better to contain their homes under controlled conditions.

When choosing a kitten, pay attention to his parents, or rather, on their behavior.


The price in rubles varies from 30,000 to 60,000 rubles. Some sell an amazing breed and for the space amount of 100,000 rubles. In this case, all individually. Each aspect is important, starting with the color and ending the pedigree. When buying should be carefully discerning both the kitten and his parents, take the seller various questions and familiarize themselves with the documents – in our time there are many scams who want to be found on trusting customers.

In our country, so far not so many nurseries, but in big cities you will find them. In Moscow, there is a nursery that specializes specifically on the SOKOK breed. Kittens arrive mainly from the United States, but sometimes from other European countries to maintain the development of rocks in different countries.

The selection of nicknames should be taken with all the responsibility, so that it matches the nature and temperament of the pet. Kittens are suitable for clicks: Perseus, Peach, Sim or Siam.

More about cats Sokhok cats See in the video below.

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