Spitche content subtleties at home

Spitche content subtleties at home

Like all dogs of dwarf breeds, spitza needs constant care of the owner. Pomeranian spitz is considered the most common among representatives of this breed. Cute affectionate dogs, externally reminiscent of a miniature bear, were bred in Germany. This is a convenient and compact breed for content in conditions of even small apartments.

Features of breed

Spitz’s appearance, especially the face, resembles a fox – a round head and not far as planted, corrupt ears. Rounded small nose, more often brown or black. Pomeranians have no long body with deep breasts and round ribs.

This breeding dog is black, white, rigged with black or blue colors. Also, the fluffy fur coat can be according to the standard brown, cream, brown, orange, dark chocolate, black and red.

Small “bear” have standard parameters: in growth are from 19 and no more than 30 cm, in the withers – 19-22 cm, a pet mass from 1 to 4 kg. The maximum age that spitz is reached – 15 years.

The main difference between oranges – beautiful, soft and thick fur. Thanks to the dense undercoat, it raised up, as if he was specifically laid on a hairdryer. Maximum wool grows by Spitz on the neck, shoulders, rear paws and on the tail.

Pomeranian spitts from birth Pretty strong health. External appeal is often provided by representatives of the breed. First places at exhibitions. A more detailed description of the breed will make it possible to understand whether the potential owner will be able to take care of the pet, and will also help prepare themselves and housing for a meeting and a puppy dresser.

Pomeranian spitz Ideal for accommodation in urban conditions. The dog does not need enhanced care and can become a faithful companion to the caring owner. It is suitable for an experienced dog and a simple fan of four-legged friends. But to acquire a reference sample puppy is important in a specialized nursery, binding only with a proven breeder. Previously need to ask the pedigree fluffy baby.

Seeing once a tiny pomeranian spitz, it is impossible not to fall in love with him. It’s affectionate, easily running on contact, devoted fluffy dog. He is so sociable that simply does not endure loneliness. Wherever the owner be, a little pet will strive to really follow him.

Spitz character has a friendly but brave. The juvenile dog is not aware of his small size and fearlessly throws on large animals. This behavior may be unsafe for him.

If other animals live nearby, they are more detained with them, especially if they rose near. The miniature companion is distinguished by playful, cheerful temper. It is an energetic dog, obedient and extremely smart.

Spites have excellent hearing and a tendency to accept the host “For the main”. therefore dogs are easily leaving for training and perfectly understand teams.

These smart dogs everywhere seek to defend their companion everywhere. Spitsy are endowed with high intelligence devotees, with a clearly pronounced sense of self-esteem. Perfectly get along with small family members and very love games and communication. These domestic pets We need a lot of attention. To someone else’s spitz people incredulously but not aggressively.

The period of growing up the puppy lasts long. If it demonstrates the wrong behavior, it is not necessary to educate it physically. There will be no good form of such a form of education. In the case of Spitz, it is important to look for compromises.

The best option is to distract your pet, or rather, switch it. And all valuable things should be removed on time from his field of view. If expensive shoes or beloved bauble stayed in the zone of reach by the baby and was a complain of them, then the responsibility for what happened on the owners. Spita activity periods are replaced by a passive observation position.

Where to settle?

Little dog is a big “seeker of adventure”, which with curiosity will master all corners in the apartment. Therefore, it is important to eliminate all the slots in advance. Refrigerator and heavy furniture better move tightly to the wall.

If there is an open balcony in the house It is important to take care of design safety for a small pet. Curious puppy can squeeze through the fence and fall. It is also necessary to think about the floor covering if it is slippery for spitz. So that the rear paws of the baby develop correctly, He should not slide them on the floor.

Mat will help to avoid trouble with the development of the baby.

From Spitz stands to hide and all of the following things:

  • Preparations with chemical composition+
  • All small and sharp+
  • rubbish.

It is also desirable to remove away from the dog dishwashing liquid and trash can. If it does not work with the latter, then the bucket must be covered with a dense lid.

    Where Spitz lives, should not be through. Small pets easily caught. But near the batteries, the kids are not a place. The most comfortable puppy will seem in a special mobile plastic box, purchased in the pet store, or in a basket with soft diapers.

    “Lenhing” It is advisable to place in the bedroom so that at night a small pet was not lonely at night.But the bed of spitz can not be taken in any case. So it is possible to accidentally injure the dog, and then we will undress it from the habit of sleeping next to the owner will not come out. So that the baby is more quickly used to his place, you can periodically put different “doggy” toys and delicious treats. They will cause pleasant associations with the baby with the place of sleep and so he will be tied to him.


    After the acquisition of Pomeran Spitz, it is important to think about it. At first, it is better to breed PSA such a food that his breeder fed. If there is no possibility, the introduction of a new feed must be gradual, no faster than 7 days after the settlement in a new place.

    Feed miniature pet preferably Professional dry food with high protein of animal and vegetable origin enriched with vitamins.

    Natural food from the master’s table may not come to the baby. Food techniques are distributed according to the recommendations specified on the packaging with feed and taking into account the age of the dog.

    Sometimes it is shown to add dairy products, vegetables and local fruits in natural fresh form, boiled meat. Proper nutrition is usually:

    • High-quality water+
    • No pork meat, sweets, sausages and smoked, salted, spicy food+
    • Limiting dairy products, fresh white cabbage and legumes.

    In a natural daily menu must be attended:

    • Lenten beef fillet+
    • Chicken (flesh)+
    • Fish marine+
    • Eggs in boiled form+
    • Acid products with reduced fatness percentage+
    • vegetables+
    • crackers or fresh gallets+
    • Cruses (without adding oils and unsweetened).

    It is impossible to treat PSA:

    • Macaronov, bread and buns, bean+
    • Potato+
    • delicacies not intended for dogs+
    • Small bones.

    For nothing, it is impossible to go about the PSA, cutely straining something from a common table. Prepare for it it is necessary separately and daily so that the power is always balanced and fresh.

          Against the use of dry feed for daily food veterinarians do not mind. The only rule is “drying” must be a premium class. These feed are more expensive than the economical class, but made from extracuracy products with maintaining the balance of all valuable vitamins and minerals.

          Allowed for oranges and mixed food. But with this mode, it is impossible to mix dry food and “natural rig” in one reception. If the pet first fed the “drying” and later it was decided to translate to the “Nature”, the factory feed should not be changed simultaneously. Starting to prepare him yourself, go to fresh food gradually. First, the mixed type is recommended.

          Carefully evaluate the health of the dog. With the appearance of liquid feces, the veterinarians recommend back to the same power supply. Try again the transition to “Nature” can be later when the dog’s chair is completely normalized.

          The ration is monthly

          From a three-week age in the Music Music menu, meat minced meat is joined. If the monthly spitz is excommunicated from bitch, it is necessary to feed it 6 times a day with liquid porridge on fresh milk, homemade cottage cheese, minced meat with vegetable puree.

          At the age of 2 months, Spitz continues to eat in the same way, but exactly 5 times a day. It should be borne in mind that the feed is done for the baby, so the servings should not be large.

          As soon as the fluffy crude turns 3 months, the minced member gradually replace on larger pieces. They are convenient to add to porridge from rice or buckwheat cereals. It is necessary that the dog gradually got used to eat hard food.

          At this age period, Spita has a decline in the need for “milk”. On the replacement of milk in porridge injections are injected on meat. The amount of feeding decreases to 4. On a mixed diet, pieces of dry food are pre-smeared with broth or used first time canned food to save kid’s teeth.

          The diet of the 6-month spitz is again subject to change. Now the PSU needs to give food three times a day. The prevailing component of the menu – meat in small pieces. As auxiliary products, use rice (buckwheat) porridge, carrots, pumpkin, zucchini, broccoli, cottage cheese, yogurt and yogurt.

          Twice a week of the PSA must be treated with boiled eggs added to cottage cheese or in porridge.

          From 8 months, Pearranets goes to an adult feeding mode – twice a day. It is important to provide a dog free access to drinking water.


          Thinking about buying a vitamin complex for spitz, you must first get the recommendations of the veterinarian. Competent in this matter Specialist in full speed will appreciate the condition of the pet, the quality of his wool and teeth will hear from the host details about the diet. Based on the information received, the veterinarian will make a conclusion in which non-nutrients there is a dog. When feeding spitz, feed from the premium class segment is possible at all without vitamins. Such feed already contain the entire necessary complex of beneficial substances.

          But there are also periods when even in the consumption of the most selective feed, a dog must be given vitamins for additional support. This is a period of molting and pregnancy, after suffering the disease or operation, dental change.

          How to care for spitz?

          To favorite pet lived a long and healthy life with comfort, it needs to ensure the right content. First of all, you need to maintain in order its wool, teeth and observe the day of the day. Key moments of care per lush fur coat is its thorough comb. Can not be allowed to make the fur going to lumps. Also, the pet needs vaccination at the age of 4 months and annual vaccination.

          In walks in the fresh air, Spitz should participate in any season in a year, but also to the tray the dog needs to be accustomed in obligatory.

          Correct care is also a certain day of the day. Feed and walk orange you need at the same time. Thus, the animal will be disciplined, and the owner will be able to streamline its regime based on what kind of pet is required.

          Before taking a puppy of Pomeranian Spitz to the house, you need to prepare for him a personal “house”, comfortable dishes for food and water, tray, special means of hygiene, brushes for combing wool, including high-quality booster. It is advisable to purchase special scissors with rounded ends, a muzzle and ear drops. All these accessories must be purchased with a landmark on a small shallow puppy.

          Care for such a pet need carefully and carefully. Only then shopping effort will be appreciated by four-legged other. In response, he will tirelessly give him his good mood and demonstrate cheerful well-being.


          They are important to handle correctly. It is necessary to do it with a sponge or a rut dipped in cold boiled water. The procedure is carried out as pollution. It is allowed to use instead of water heated to the warm state of chamomile decoction or marigolds (calendula). Immediately after the procedure, it is not worth the PSA for a walk because of the risk of dying the eyes.


          It is necessary to care for them at home, as it is mandatory, as they are the most vulnerable place in small dogs. To care for Spitz’s teeth, you need to get a special toothpaste and brush. In order for the PSA to the teeth did not accumulate by falling, it needs to be taken once a week.

          You can use for this folk remedies. Perfectly oral cavity cleans Solution 1 C. L. soda with the same amount of salt at the glad of water. If there is no brush, a piece of gauze is suitable.

          In the period when Spitz starts to change his teeth, it is necessary to contact the veterinary office.


          Their spitza must be cut regularly. They themselves do not steal what is characteristic of some other breeds. Claws haircut is wiser to trust a specialist in order not to damage the vessels inside the claw.

          But if you wish to carry out the procedure yourself, you need to use special quality chalters. It will not be necessary to prepare a hemostatic agent. Crop claws needed by 1-2 mm. With a dog you need to talk gently and firmly fix the paw in hand.


          They also need regular care. Healthy ears look pink and clean. Keep them in such a state easy. Need twice a week carefully clean with cotton wands. When reddening or swelling the ears, the dog needs to urgently show the veterinarian.


          The main advantage and attractive external quality of Pomeranian Spitz – thick and shiny wool. To take care of it is quite simple, having the necessary funds in arsenal. The care of the luxurious fur coat of orange is to comb her twice a week with a special brush that combines extra pooh. Then the wool swallows the usual comb. You can not do a daily procedure, because there is a risk to combine the pet’s whole undercoat.

          As for the haircut of orange, According to the standard, it should not be global. “Koach” only slightly hanging, carefully solent the excess wool near the anus. In the period of molting, the lush fur is combed twice a day to avoid the education of chatunins. It is done very delicately and carefully a soft brush.

          Spitz with a shampoo designed for long-haired dogs. Do it no more than once a month. Exception – the upcoming exhibition. Be sure to bathe a dog before going to “show”. Before bathing, the PSA needs to be carefully combed.

          It is necessary to often determine the pet and carry out treatment from ticks and fleas. During molting on water procedures, taboa is superimposed. Bathing during this period will spit wool spitz, it will begin to worship and will lose the exterior and well-kept species.

          Spitza would be nice to dry the hairdryer, but, of course, not hot air, but warm.

          If the dog is saved independently, mushroom may start in the undercoat and even mold.

          Teaching to the toilet

          Little Pet can show slurry at first. After all, the dog is used to what his mother is watching him. If the fluffy puppy gets stepping, handling need, it needs to be sealed with warm water and wrapped with a paper towel or a soft cloth.

          Leisurely and persistently pass the pet go to the tray so that he will not make unpleasant surprises. For example, when it is not possible to bring it to a planned walk.

          Necessary toys

          If a fluffy member of the family is a choice among a variety of dog toys, most likely, it will not be stolen with furniture and item. Therefore, this item is important to take into account and acquire all sorts of children’s dealers of dense rubber. Plush animals with elements made of plastic and metal for the dog do not fit. Playing with such objects, dog can damage teeth. It is better to acquire toys in the special department of the pet store.


          Walking with a puppy is allowed only after vaccination. The dog needs not only care, but also in vaccinations. Until the moment to visit him is not worth it, and on the street he should be strictly in his hands from the owner.

          After all vaccines are received, Pomeranian spitz can begin to accustom to short-term walking. For the first walking enough and 20-25 minutes “Promenade” 2 times a day so that it is not too tired. Gradually, the duration of the walk increases.

          Under the scorching sun, oranges be unacceptable because of the risk to get a heat blow. In rainy and windy weather you need to walk, but you need to wear a special dog jumpsuit on the kid. So it will be possible to protect your pet from a cold.

          It is undesirable to walk the spitz in deserted places, as the pet must be socialized. It is better to choose for walking parks and squares. From youth, Spitza need to get used to see other people and “communicate” with dogs. Otherwise, he can grow a cowardly decomed.

          Before “Light Light” with Spitz, it is important to learn the basic teams. The main team is “to me”. The main thing is that the dog is unquestioned on the call of the owner. Krocha needs to be kept exclusively on a leash that you need for it. Acqualing to the pet collar is better gradually, putting it first only at home for a short time. Only after he stops noticeing a collar on himself, you can fasten the leash.


          You can vaccinate orange spitts with an extremely healthy state. Two weeks before vaccination requires antiparasitic prophylaxis. Anthelmintic drugs can be given once a quarter, but not more often.

          After vaccinating in 12 weeks, the puppy walks on the street only after 21 days. In the future, the vaccination of the PSU will be held at the age of the year, after changing the teeth, and then annually. Veterinarians advise putting polyvalent vaccinations. These vaccines contain protection against chumki, hepatitis, rabies and other diseases.

          About the features of Spitz content, see the video below.

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