Spitz clothing: varieties and tips on choosing

Spitz clothing: varieties and tips on choosing

Many owners love to dress up their pets. Four-legged friends are buying intricate clothes in pet stores or sew their things with their own hands. Spitz as it is impossible to suit those who love to wear pets, because it is one of the most popular decorative dog breeds.

Spitzam is inherent in good kind, they are pretty responsive and love to play with children. Painstaking care of this breed is not required, making dogs even more attractive for breeders. Despite the presence of thick wool with a good undercoat, they, like all the decorative little dogs, can freeze. In the summer they are dressed only for demonstration performances at exhibitions, but in the cold season, clothing dogs becomes necessary. Let’s stop more on the question of which the goals of the owners are putting spice, and what things they need.

Necessity or whim?

Spitz from nature possess everything necessary for survival in a natural habitat. However, during the selection of decorative rocks, people paid attention not to their resistance to weather changes, but on external qualities. For this reason Little dogs need clothing, which will protect them from precipitation and too low temperatures.

The necessary things of the dog wardrobe include Raincoats and jackets: hitting under the rain, spitz can chip and get sick. The raincoat is not equipped with insulation, since he doesn’t need spitz. Cold this breed tolerates better because the dog wool is very voluminous and delays the heat of the body.

Without the extreme need for such dogs do not dress in insulated things even in winter.

In winter, roads often sprinkle with special substances to fight snow. From the reagents may suffer pillows of spitz paws. To avoid damage, You can use protective ointments, and it’s better to just shoes a pet in shoes.

In the wardrobe for girls must be present panties. During the period, they protect the floors, carpets and furniture. For the time of walking in the fresh air so underwear does not wear a dog.

There are things in which there is no clear necessity, but nevertheless many owners acquire them to decorate their pet. For spitz, a huge amount is invented Costume models with butterfly ties, dresses, skirts, T-shirts, vests etc. Do not forget dog fashion designers and shoes – Winter and summer models allow dogs to keep paws clean. Traditional elements of the wardrobe are often accompanied by accessories – Sunglasses, caps, hats.

Of course, many of the above-mentioned dogs do not need a dog, but nevertheless, the owners dressed their small pets as much as possible. The main thing is that the dog does not give discomfort, as the animals do not tend to wear clothes.

It must be remembered that dogs must rest from wearing things at least at home.

Types of clothing

Among the popular things that are spitched, we note the following:

  • raincoat+
  • overalls+
  • Mike+
  • dress+
  • skirt+
  • shirt+
  • Popon+
  • boots.

Jumpsuit – the very necessary thing in winter, as it protects the body of spitz from the cold. Just like a person, the dog requires a thing that is suitable in size: not close and not huge, otherwise it will be inconvenient to walk. On top of the overalls usually goes a layer of Bologna, and inside there is a bike or cotton lining so that Spitz do not sweat.

Cloak has the form of a jumpsuit or fastened on the stomach. Sew it from waterproof material.

Boots – fashionable element of a dog wardrobe. You need to buy shoes, coming to the store with a dog, where in the process of fitting you can immediately observe the reaction of the animal. If the dog categorically refuses to go to the shoes, then you do not need to force it.

T-shirts, shirts and skirts usually put on pets to demonstrate them at the exhibition. Often the hosts love to paint the dressed dogs on a walk. Of course, it is nice to wear a dog without a special reason, but remember that the materials of dog clothes Must be natural.

Especially this is important in summer when the dog can threaten overheating. As a lightweight clothing option for hot summer is suitable.

Hand-Made lovers with pleasure sewing clothes for their four-legged friends themselves. Now you can easily find a huge number of cuttings for spitts and other decorative dogs.

How to choose?

Need to acquire things in which the dog will be comfortable. The lining of dog clothes should be from the bike or cotton, since synthetics may threaten the pet with contact dermatitis. If the thing is too small a dog, then it will not only put her movement, but also threatens frostbite. But very volumetric clothes may threaten the opposite effect – overheating. Not to make a mistake with choosing clothes, Go to shopping together with the dog.

A wide range of accessories and things for dogs allows you to buy them Taking into account the floor. Pick up the girl leash and collar with rhinestones, as well as cute pendants with pebbles, framing the fruit wool can be fixed with decorative hairpins. Female dogs are decorated with bows and flowers.

For boys, designers came up with butterflies and bandans. Clothes for them usually do not sparkle sparkles and does not involve the use of jewelry, but also looks very cute too.

Teaching a dog

The owner must be patient and not scolding a pet when he first encouraging clothes, because not all dogs like it. Dining a dog, you can see that she goes slowly and all his appearance demonstrates you your discomfort. In addition, you can have the impression that things do not in size, although when buying the size of the animal was taken into account. It often happens that it may not work out with the first attempt.

Acqualing to clothes the dog needs gradually. Here are some recommendations how to facilitate this process:

  • At first, put on the dog T-shirt+
  • More serious things, such as jumpsuit, you must first diagnose at home and only after a successful passage of this stage, you can go up to the street+
  • Do not let the peel to tear things+
  • Try to make a game element in dressing up+
  • To secure skills, encourage the pet with a delicacy when he successfully gets free with his clothes+
  • no need to punish a dog when she refuses to dress up+
  • Hearing the dissatisfied growl, set aside your idea and return to the dressing process later.

Teach the dog to wear shoes it is also step by step. First, put on the feet of the pet socks. For the first time, it will be enough to pull them on the front limbs. Encourage him with food for obedience. When the dog gets used to socks on the front paws, put them and on the rear.

Let the animal walk in socks first for several minutes, then half an hour, then an hour. When you see that the pet is ready to try on shoes, boldly put them.

General recommendations

In order for choosing clothes for Spitz was successful, It is important to take into account some details.

  • Well, if the outerwear in the form of a jumpsuit and a raincoat will be equipped with a pocket. There you can put a handkerchief or a wet napkin, which you will wipe the dirt.
  • There are things with straps, which allow you to change a little product size for a growing dog. If your favorite is still a puppy, then he can become very useful.
  • Clothes do not just protect Dogs from cold, rain or mud. Sometimes she helps protect the peel from barns and grass that is confused in wool.
  • Fans of Bayani You may need robes of fabrics well absorbing water. Looking at a short time in this thing, your dog will quickly die.
  • If you take an animal to the cottage or in the forest, then put on it with a hat. She will protect the dog’s ears from pollution and possible injuries.
  • Turning out clothes to craftswomen, You can order dog things under the color of your wardrobe or even make them from the same fabric itself. This is an extra way to demonstrate the surrounding your delicate taste.

Leash and muzzle – these accessories do not belong to clothes, but they are sometimes decorated with decorative elements. For such small breeds like spitz, leashes should be light and thin, but strong enough. The length of them should be 5 meters. Material of such products – nylon, tarpaulin, braid, leather. Carabiner should be fastened so, so as not to tear spitz wool.

Leash-roulette convenient – it easily changes his length, and if you are in a crowded place, you can easily reduce it.

The little spitz nose is not very comfortable to hide in a muzzle, but In some cases it is necessary to do. For example, if the dog is trying to bite passersby, growls loudly or eternally knocks down to eat something, pickup on Earth. Usually these products are made according to individual sizes to order.

Today, sewing clothes and the manufacture of accessories for dogs has become a real industries.

Choose clothes in which the dog will feel comfortable, and let your pet pleases those who surround their bright and unusual views!

About how to sew a spitty sweater from the header, look in the video below.

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