Spitz’s education and training

Spitz's education and training

Spitz in its appearance very much resembles a toy. Looking at him from the side of some not without reason doubt that this thoroughly restless miracle can be accustomed to order. But if you take up the upbringing and training in time, with time you can be proud of what kind of obedient and wonderful dog. When learning, you need to adhere to the characteristics of the breed and the nature of a particular pet.

Features of breed

Spitchee differ in big charm. Unconditional sympathy for a small dog sometimes leads to the fact that it grows naughty and wayward. This as well as with small beautiful children, which, matured, become uncontrollable due to the fact that at one time they were forgiven and there were no prohibitions for them. To make such a dog with a worthy member of the “flock of two-legs”, should take into account the positive and negative sides of the nature. The pluses include:

  • Cheerful cheerful moral+
  • friendliness+
  • Live Mel+
  • loyalty+
  • cleanliness+
  • Patience in relation to children+
  • Desire to please the owner.

    Among the disadvantages are allocated:

    • Spitz by nature tend to dominate, these manipulators quickly “sit on the neck”+
    • scores by nature, even the dimensions of the opponent do not stop them, which threatens her spitz herbs+
    • loudly, screeching, including staying in the house alone that annoys others, including the neighbors+
    • require increased attention to themselves, which makes them unnecessarily persistent and forces hooligan+
    • Show pretreation, not paying attention to the master team+
    • suspiciously belong to strangers, they may rush on the guest or go+
    • do not tolerate drunk, which leads to trouble.

    From what age can be trained?

    When a boy or a girl of Spitz appears in the house, he immediately needs to be given to understand who is the owner here. Will have to take into account the floor of the animal. It should be borne in mind that girls spitty, contrary to the problem of their softness, often very independent and stubborn. Spitz boy is more affectionate and devoted, not so capricious as a girl, but it requires increased attention compared to it.

    “Guys” are faster converge with other dogs and cats and more responsive to praise in the learning process.

    At the same time, along the course of training, they are fasterly distracted, staying in the soul puppies until the oldest.

    Unlike them, as girls adults, the girls acquire the nobility and restraint in behavior, ceasing to resemble the reckless funny balls of the opposite sex. Despite the cruel appearance of the pet, the owner will have to immediately say goodbye to the thought that you can watch the puppy puppy. Spitz training can be achieved as follows:

    • Pet learn to behave in human society and among themselves such that will ensure the well-being of both him and the owner+
    • The owner will not have to blush for the manners of a shaggy friend+
    • Emotional connections between the owner and dog will be durable+
    • In the process of studying the pet will develop intelligence+
    • it does not have to lock in a separate room with the arrival of guests+
    • Spitz will be tied to his house.

      Start training is necessary no later than 2 months, and acquaintance with the first teams – and at 1.5. Thanks to this, the dog will behave correctly at home. From 3 months you can take action for the dog to study “decent behavior” in the big world. Seriously team work from 4 months. The principle of this work should be a sequence and perseverance. Plugs are unacceptable. The leader should be a leader, otherwise the pet will quickly understand that it is he who is the main homemade deity that can afford any behavior.

      Two-month puppy need to buy:

      • Leash+
      • Collar and tokens to it (where the contacts of the owner are indicated)+
      • toys+
      • Rooms for promotion.

      Without all these things, workouts are very difficult or simply impossible. The presence of a token will help if the dog will run and lost during classes.

      Main teams

      In order for the favorite puppy to quickly learn to interact with a person, it needs to be trained in a number of main teams, allowing you to behave in specific situations.

      • Team “Place!”. She needs to start teaching the baby as soon as he appears his own corner in the house. First time, pronouncing this word, a puppy must be transferred to its litter.
      • Team “To me!”. It is hardly the main order for the dog, providing rapid interaction. On the pet you need to put on a leash and say the team, demonstrating it to him. If the pet does not understand what they want from him, to start it will have to pull behind a leash. Then he must learn to respond to a team, accompanied by a cotton man in his thigh.
      • Team “Fu!”. Pronounce this short word Roughly and detribably so that little shaggy friend penetrating displeasure leader. On the puppy there should be a trainer, twitching for which you can prevent the baby dragging in the mouth with any nastyness from the ground or scared.
      • The team “Sit!”. Education exercise with appropriate action takes place on a short leash. Kids need to bring a treat to the nose, raise the hand above and say the team. When the puppy sees, treat his promised delicacy.
      • Team “Lie”. This indication of the dog should master after learning to sit on the orders of the host. From the sedental position it is easier for him to demonstrate what is required of it. Dog should be pressed on the withers and without sharply pull down the leash so that the dog accepted a lying pose.
      • Team “Dai”. It is convenient to work out along the game. Need to take a favorite pet toy. And when he grabs her teeth, the corresponding word should be pronounced. When Spitz gives a thing, approve it with a piece of goodies.
      • Team “Walking!”. The word pronounced before leaving the house is usually easily perceived by the baby, and he gladly obeys order.
      • Team “Voice!”. She needs to teach Spitz to bark only in the case. “Prize” give to sniff, and then raise your hand, saying the right word. When the dog can’t give the promised.
      • Team “Near!”. Calls on a shaggy friend to go on a leash near the master’s leg. So that the dog did not run forward and did not care about, it needs to be held in the right place with a leash. At the same time, the dog should not have discomfort.

      If the kid behaves correctly, it should be encouraged first every few steps, and then a few meters, giving him to understand that he behaves like an approximate dog.

      Stages of learning

      Teams “Location!”And” Fu!»Pesika is better to teach in the interval from 1.5 to 2 months. Up to 3 months, Spitz must master the team “To me!”, “Sit!”, “Walk!”, And up to 6 -” Near!”, “Give!”.

      General Recommendations for Education

      Education of the toddler spitz requires comprehensive measures.

      So that the dog from the small years got used to the big world and felt in it as a fish in the water, it takes a little teaching to order at home.

      Small PSA systematically need to take with them, going on business in the city, to the country and so on. For transportation is suitable small bag. Little spitts are good in it, not experiencing inconvenience. Feeling under the defense of the leader, the baby will not whine and bark. If he often be among the strangers, it will quickly cease to strain at the sight of many strangers and street fuss.

      Also, the little spitz should learn to communicate with other dogs. Pre-pet needs to make all vaccinations put in age, after which it is to go there, where other dog lovers walk their four-legged buddies.

      Need to teach the baby to not bark on larger congor. Well, if the dog succeeds in making friendship with other puppies. Walks should be sufficient so that Spitz can come down and throw out its irrepressible energy. Then in the house he will be able to behave calmly. In addition, it will save the apartment from a mess who is able to teach a dog who has not found another application of his forces.

        The order of a lot depends on how much the pet is explained that it is possible, and what can not. So that no incident arises, the dog needs to provide the opportunity to scratch the teeth about special toys, and not about master shoes. Rail up a small pet – I don’t care what to teach the rules of the behavior of an inconspicuous child. You need to be prepared for the fact that small household troubles are possible, but if you have a patience, everything will turn out.

        Common mistakes

        If the dog behaves completely uncultivily, feeling helplessness man can hit pet. Physically punishing the animal is unacceptable and meaningless – the dog will become aggressive and apathetic.

        Disapproval can be expressed by teams and appropriate intonations in a voice showing that a friend has guessed.

        If Spitz begins to climb passersby, the owner dislarously switches his attention to the toy. Error in this case – immediately start playing or give a delicacy. The dog will decide that loud barking is worthy of encouragement. The same conclusions will come pet, if with the unsuccessful behavior to take him. For a dog, this means: you actually act, my friend, do it and further.

        The error will require a puppy to perform commands that are unbearable by him by age both in terms of physical development and in terms of existing skills. Should not be tired by the repeated repetition of the same actions, seeking to “drive in the head”.

        About the peculiarities of spitz education, you will learn from the video below.

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