Sterilization and castration of British cats and cats

Sterilization and castration of British cats and cats

It’s no secret that cats are quite prolific. The exceptions and representatives of the British breed. Barely Family Family reaches puberty, how problems begin: heartbreaking “screams” at any time of the day for several days. And so more than once a year. In addition, attempts to quite a pet escape to find yourself a couple. And believe me, not exit lock loving part of the house.

Therefore, there is a need for such procedures as sterilization and castration. It makes know that these are absolutely different things, but people who are far from medicine, they are often used as synonyms.

Objectives of the operation

The ultimate goal of this operation serves:

  • Getting rid of an unpleasant smell – males and females during this period begin to mark the territory+
  • Increasing the life expectancy of a pet – hormonal stresses take too much energy+
  • The possibility of preventing many diseases to which the feline breed is predisposed+
  • Improving character – Catuals and cats become affectionate and cheerful+
  • No undesirable offspring.

Preparation for surgical intervention

Any operation is a serious burden on the body not only a person, but also of any living being. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare for such a test in advance to completely eliminate negative consequences. Below are the rules for the preparation of the kitten to the procedure. Need to take into account that it is most safe at an early age.

  • Next to the veterinarian follows only an absolutely healthy pet – with any ailment, the risk of complications arises.
  • Do not forget to instill an animal in advance. With a reduced immunite in the first days after surgery, the likelihood of “pick up” infection is great.
  • Removal of hormone-forming organs pass under anesthesia. It is advisable to make sure that the thoroughbred pet has no contraindications for it.
  • Sterilization of cats during estrus can cause inflammatory processes that will continue to affect her health. It is better to do it until another burst of sex hormones or somehow “survive” this period, and then go to the clinic.
  • Before the procedure feed animals is not recommended for the last semisal, but you can give water.

Sterilization of British cats

If you follow veterinary terminology, then sterilization means dressing of uterine pipes. Cat will not be able to bring offspring, in other words, will not be able to become pregnant, but in all the rest will remain a full female. It will also have time periods, hormonal bursts and other intergenerational problems associated with sex ripening. All this over time can lead to serious health problems. British.

Increasingly used, again, based on the terms of veterinary doctors, castration, although it is still called sterilization in everyday life. The difference between two operations is essential:

  • When castting cats, childbearing organs are removed – only ovaries or with the uterus+
  • just sterilizing the female, all organs leave on the spot.

It is the complete deprivation of animal genital organs responsible for childbearing, allows you to completely save its body from all the “charms” of sexual hunt. In addition, the absence of hormone formation makes it possible to significantly extend the life of a home lovedness and prevent the risk of cancer.

British cats sterilize aged 7.5 months to one year. This period is considered the most favorable:

  • An animal from the kitten has already turned into an adult special, therefore, there will be no delays in growth and development in the postoperative period of time+
  • The young organism is easier to cope with the effects of surgical intervention+
  • The domestic beauty is faster from transferred stress and begins to live a full life.

If you decide to sterilize a British favorite, which has already been 6 years old, it is preliminarily recommended to do all tests and consult with the veterinarian.

The postoperative period will be longer, additional care may be required. In addition, it will be necessary to pass a re-examination to eliminate the development of complications.

Castra Bitter Boys

With the appearance of a new pet in the house, if this is not related to profitable breeding business business, the owners begin to think about how to avoid feline “labels”. During puberty, the British cats will not only make the territory, but also behave very aggressively. Of course, the fault of the animal is not in this – natural instinct requires the continuation of the kind.

Specialists recommend not torturing a pet, but simply carry out an operation to remove organs responsible for the formation of hormones. Like cats, the males also distinguish:

  • Sterilization – dressing of seed cakes, eliminating the output of genital cells+
  • Castration – Removal of testicles.

The sterilized Briton is deprived of only the possibility of continuing the kind, all other instincts and sex hunting remains. The castrated cat completely loses interest in females, becomes calm and affectionate, hormonal splashes are no longer bothering.

Veterinarians note that the correct castration increases the life of a petitioner for several years, and also allows you to completely eliminate the possibility of developing oncological diseases.

Castrate British cats when the age reaches 7 months – it is impossible to do before, because:

  • The body has not yet managed to strengthen – there is a period of intensive growth+
  • The process of puberty has not yet been completed.

It is advisable to conduct an operation up to a year – this is the most favorable period for the procedure:

  • The young male easily takes the anesthesia and after 10 minutes will come to himself+
  • seams will heal quickly and painlessly+
  • the cat has not yet known the joy of genital merits, which means that serious stress will not.

Of course, you can resort to surgery and at a later age, but the older the animal, the more difficult and longer will be the postoperative period. British over 6 years old can be castrated only after consulting with specialists of a veterinary clinic and a thorough examination.


Fabd after the operation of representatives of the British breed should be balanced nutrition rich in vitamins and minerals. Termination of hormone production provokes a violation of metabolism in the body, as a result of which animals are able to quickly gain weight. To stop this process, it is recommended to strictly stick a diet and established norms.

Many feed producers have developed a diet specifically for neutered cats and sterilized cats. In their composition, the minimum amount of calories, while they do not lose useful properties. In addition, they contain ingredients for the prevention of urolithiasis. This is very relevant, since after the transferred operation, urinary ways in British purebred individuals are narrowed, and the risk of rock formations in the kidneys and ureters increases many times.

You can choose not only the dry feed of the premium class, but also the variant of the diet based on natural food. Never late to translate pet from one type of food on another.

Dry feed

Selection and feeding rules:

  • It is necessary to choose feed not only for the operated individuals, but also specifically for the British breed+
  • Before choosing, it is advisable to consult with an experienced veterinarian+
  • Periodicity: no more than 3 times a day with small portions, adhering to the norm specified by the manufacturer on the package+
  • With this diet, clean water in animals should always be present in sufficient quantities.

Natural nutrition

The list of products that must be present in the diet of neutered cats and sterilized cats of the British breed:

  • Beef or poultry meat in boiled form+
  • Vitamin complex+
  • fresh vegetables+
  • Sub-products+
  • cottage cheese+
  • Porridge type Hercules.

Prohibited products

What you can’t feed the British who have undergone operation:

  • Fish and fish products rich in phosphoric are categorically contraindicated+
  • Also under the strictest prohibition of other types of meat, especially pork and lamb+
  • Various sweets and smoked breaths are harmful even to ordinary individuals, not to mention the devoid of some kind of, albeit a small part of the body+
  • about cheap and low-quality speech products also can not be – they are contraindicated absolutely to all.

So that your pet is healthy, you should take care of its full-fledged and high-quality nutrition. Pets are also family members, it means that you also need to take care of them.

Opinion of the owners of the British on Castra is waiting for you in the video below.

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