Tervuren: Breed Description and Content

Tervuren: Breed Description and Content

Among other subspecies, sheepdresses, the brazure is immediately striking, as it is characterized by the most expressive appearance. This dog has simply gorgeous saturated shade wool, strong body and stunningly beautiful almond and good eyes. Like the remaining types of sheepdresses, a thermulare is a strong, rather hardy and very smart dog.

History of origin

The breed was born in the distance 1891. It was then that the branch named Adolf Riyul decided to bring a person who had to become the national pride of Belgium. To do this, he chose dogs of almost some sizes, but with a distinguished color and special types of wool.

In 1907, the very first standard appeared. According to him, Belgian dogs were divided into 4 subspecies – each of them got the name of the city, which was displayed.

At first, these pieces were used as shepherds, during wars, the field of their use increased significantly – excellent messengers were out of the dogs of this breed, they were also used as watchmen as well as – driving and even.

Nowadays, this species can often be seen on grazing of livestock, they are acquired for the protection of dwellings, as well as for other official need.

Features of dogs

Tervurena are very large dogs. Their growth differs depending on the particular floor – in the males, it is 60-65 cm, the bitches – 55-62 cm. Weigh males about 25-30 kg, females – up to 25 kg.

This dog has a proud posture, is proportionally developed, has a luxurious “fur coat”. With one look only on it, it is possible to understand that this is a beautiful and very confident pet.

The standard can be familiar with the full description of this breed.

  • The head is very beautiful, the muzzle is sophisticated, narrowing to the nose, with clear outlines. Middle parameters skull, straight nose, enlarged with extended nostrils.
  • Lips are very thin, painted black. Strong and canceled developed jaw, with a set of large, white and smooth teeth.
  • The eyes are not very large, most often almond-shaped, but there are oval shapes, have a special depth and landing. The iris is distinguished by dark brown color. The dog always looks straight, very carefully, in the eyes there is a living gloss and intention.
  • Ears in the form of a triangle, stand straight, have a high landing, rotated a little ahead.
  • The neck is extended, very strong, as covered with outstanding muscles, is significantly expanded to the case.
  • The torso is lightweight, elongated, proportionally developed, with a good noticeable withers and muscular back. The chest has an average width, well expressed.
  • The stomach is not very fried, while he clearly does not squeeze. Croup in moderate wipe, there is a non-essential slope.
  • Tail Long, very fluffy. Has a straight form or an almost inconspicuous eye isolation. It is not highly raised even with substantial overexcitation and does not take the shape of the hook.
  • Limbs proportional and straight, not very long, but muscular. Paws compact and oval. Pillows very elastic, with strong black claws.
  • The wool has a thick, elongated, smooth, with a medium softness texture. Such a rich woolen cover allows you to form the most catchy appearance of these pieces, it gives them a rich “collar” on the neck and bosses on the chest, belly and limbs.
  • Dogs have thick and fairly tight undercoat, it is he who protects them from the cold.

Standards set specific restrictions in the colors and recognize only a few of their options. The most preferred is considered a reddish-coal color, without oversupply the wool of black color, not blurred, moderately warm.

Small whiten marks on the chest and legs in a similar case are allowed, at the same time, so that they are not, because the breed is lost with the unique exterior.

Thermous mask should be at the face of the face, it also comes to the ears, stands out in the eye area and on lips, in addition, it combines all available markers in a single whole.

Character and behavior

Like other types of shepherders, thermaryines have a very high intelligence, they are able to easily take their own high-speed solutions and perform any singing work. Previously, they more than successfully performed all sorts of functions on farms, these dogs can be seen even in the police in the police.

Of them are wonderful guide. This kind of versatility in activities is associated with a certain set of genetic features of rocks and their increased ability to receive new skills. Tervurena constantly lived next to a person, for this reason they do not show congenital aggression to people around them.

Properly extended shepherd dog is extremely friendly and practically intelligent.

Such a dog can hardly be attached to the owner. Thermous will not be able to do without active communication and permanent contact for a long time. This dog has an extremely thin organization of the soul, because it can even be jealous, sometimes inclined to commit impulsive misconduct and it will be hard to experience rudeness or punishment.

All dogs are perfectly teaching, attentive, instantly remember different teams. At the same time, they are desperately bold and prone to committing courageous actions.

Tervurer – a reliable defender and responsibly will protect your home, it will carefully monitor the guarded object. The dog is rarely happy with someone else’s people and in some situations will be very negative about guests in the home of the hosts.

On the other hand, the pet most tolerately treats children, but it is impossible to leave it for the nurse.

Tevurena can easily leave with other pets – both dogs and cats, but only if he successfully passed the course of training in socialization skills. If the PSA from childhood will teach “communicate” with other representatives of the animal world, then he has already matured, he will begin to treat these individuals very trembling.

Even in the city apartment, the dog will not cease to perform its functions of the shepherd, he will viely monitor the movements of all family members, and if it is necessary – will send lost.

How to choose a puppy?

If you want to buy a puppy for myself to a puppy of this unique breed, first weigh all the “for” and “against”. It is necessary so that you realize that This breed is a full development and proper education of vital. And you will have to spend too much time and money.

You should clearly answer, for what specific purposes you want to get exactly the terveren. First, talk to a specialist and get the most detailed information about this breed.

The puppy can be taken away from the mother when he turned 10-14 weeks, at this age the baby is already quite independent and can even assimilate his very first skills in raising.

It is best to buy PSA in the official nursery or a breeder who has good recommendations. It will give you a 100% guarantee that you bought a purebred and healthy pet.

When buying it is worth familiar with all the documents provided for the puppy: it must have a pedigree, a puppy card, a card with information about vaccines. You may also offer to see the parents of your future four-legged friend or at least one of them so that you can imagine how your thermurerene will look like in adulthood.

The more titles will be a puppy’s parents and the larger the nursery will be from where you take it, the higher the pet costs. The price can develop from the individual characteristics of the puppy, its future perspective will be taken into account.

Content and care

Belgian breed puppies are distinguished by high mobility, activity and curiosity, therefore it will be necessary to remove all the danger of things even before the pet will live in your home.

This breed is simply great for the content in the aviary, with frequent walks in the yard and beyond. But sometimes the owners decide to make such a dog in an ordinary urban apartment. In this case, they should be ready for constant intense ps and frequent walking lines that can take more than one hour, as well as classes on specially designated platform.

It is necessary that the pet move as much as possible, because it will provide him with an excellent shape and will help get rid of the overaffect of energy.

This type of shepherd was awarded the nature of the stunning look of woolen cover – long and smooth, very voluminous, and to keep his beautiful appearance, its owner will have to be very trying. Tervurena 2 times a year actively lean. In these periods of time, the pet will have to constantly comb – up to 7 times a week. During the rest of the case, the combination procedure can be carried out by about 2-3 times in the same time.

Tervurers are not cut, but wool that grows between the fingers of their feet, you will have to delete. Batty dogs rarely, only with special needs. Excessively frequent washing bad can affect the form of thick wool and in the state of the skin.

When bathing, experts recommend applying special hygienic shampoos and other care products.

Eyes and lips of pieces need to carefully examine every week. But the teeth will require special attention, since this breed often manifests itself a plaque and a stone on the teeth. Pet’s teeth will have to be cleaned every other day, besides this, it is worth treating the PSA with dentological delicacies and buy special toys.

Be sure to drive a dog on prophylactic inspections in the veterinary clinic, do vaccines on time and regularly remove worms, What will avoid all sorts of diseases from your pet.


Belgian Shepherd – this is a powerful and large animal. To make a healthy dog ​​from the puppy, it is necessary to treat the nutrition of your pet with special attention. It is extremely important that your dog gets The right amount of animal protein, Therefore, you will have to feed it with a raw beef, in which there are no bones and lived. The product is cut into small pieces.

In the diet of the dog should be Ocean fish. Beef is better to give together with vegetables – carrot, zucchi or pumpkin, as well as cabbage. Cereals, by the way, will not be considered a mandatory product for the nutrition of this dog. But if he likes it, you can cook your cops Buckwheat porridge.

Useful for digestion pets will be fermented milk products – cottage cheese, yogurt, kefir – all without harmful additives. It will also be necessary to take vitamin and mineral complexes.

You can use alternative nutrition dry food. It needs to be chosen, focusing on the age of the pet and the state of health. It is best to acquire a premium-class food, as it is produced for large and active dog breeds.

Education and training

Tervurena are sufficiently capable of learning, differ in mind, and sometimes- and independence. Because of this, they sometimes have problems with training. That is why it is so important to start learning your pet early, while manifesting the hardness of his character, but, without affecting the dog, rude savings.

From the very first day of stay, you should show a pet in your home, who exactly is the owner and will occupy the position of the leader in it. The dog will easily obey you without any problems, but only if you recognize your unshakable authority.

Quite often people who still do not know the temperament of this shepherd, are unforgivable, constantly punishing their pet. In this case, you will quickly turn the PSA into a cowardly animal, because of your ineptness it will lose the congenital courage and exceptional fearlessness.

Before starting to engage with the four-legged friend, it is best to prettily be prettier at first, to give a pet to rolling and jump. Training should not be the same type, otherwise your pet will quickly lose all interest in the learning process. You need to diversify these classes to the maximum, to warm up the interest of the pet for his learning every day.

All “Belgians” are also considered to be working rocks, which means that the standard walks and ordinary workouts may not be enough for leisure. If your thermage is not engaged in work, you should think about actively participating with him in some prestigious dog competitions. These individuals can be successful in many sports, and in Agility they have no equal.

It is important to socialize your dog correctly and you need it early.

  • The handsome pet should calmly respond to people, and for this you can make a puppy for a walk in places where many people are forbidden to have the surrounding teases or scared your dogs, thereby provoking it on aggressive behavior.
  • Pet should be taught to communicate with other dogs – in any case it is impossible for him to be afraid of them or showed an unmotivated malice towards them. Experts advise as often as possible to withdraw the thermage for walking on the playgrounds for dogs.

It is necessary since childhood to teach the PSA to various hygiene measures – to combed, neat cutting claws, swimming. All these procedures should not cause a rapid protest. Even if your dog does not like any of these procedures, it should be unquestioned to submit to you.

Tervurena need to teach calmly to treat various external stimuli – sounds of cars and a working vacuum cleaner, the explosions of Petard.

Belgian breeds perfectly apart and you can teach them even very complex stunt elements. If you become doing with your dog regularly, you will soon be able to achieve truly amazing results from it.

About the features of the breed, see the video below.

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