Tibetan Spaniel: Breed Description and Content

Tibetan Spaniel: Breed Description and Content

Tibetan spaniel – a small pretty dog ​​that is considered decorative. Our article describes the description of this breed, as well as the peculiarities of the content, training of such dogs and much more.

History of origin

Tibby became famous for a very long time. Such dogs kept Tibetan monks before. They were used for religious ministries and for protection. As a watchtown of the Tibetan spaniel, it was planted on the wall of the monastery, and when the unexpected guests appeared, he began to lie loudly. Provide protection against strangers Such dogs could not, and here they helped more serious wrame: Tibetan Mastiffs.

Spanies also rotated prayer drums (they were usually the texts necessary for religious services). Such dogs were allowed to live with monks: four-legged companions were with them even during trips. These dogs were not allowed to sell, they were only given. So Tibby and found themselves in China. Then many other breeds arose from them, however, there are still many controversy on these topics.

Europeans learned about Tibetan spaniels only at the end of the XIX century. Miss Maclaren, breeder from Britain, brought such dogs to England. From the middle of the 20th century Tibby has already spread all over the world. Every year, these dogs are paying more attention, and they are rapidly conquer popularity.

Features of breed

In the inexperienced dog may seem that Pekingese and Tibetan spaniel are the same, however, there are still differences. As for the description of Tibby – it is immediately noticeable that this dog is more Pekingese. Tibby weight can reach 6.8 kg, and growth – 26 cm. The proportions of Tibetan spaniel are quite harmonious, his torso is strong, slightly stretched. Dog movements confident light.

Tibby Skull is a convex head – rather small. The muzzle is slightly flattened, short, however, there are no folds. The transition from the muzzle to the forehead is weak.

Eyes oval, planted pretty wide, medium in size. The look is directed right. Eye color – Dark, brownish.

Nose color is usually black. Ears are highly delivered, long, hang on cartilage. The lower jaw is slightly advanced (the bite can be direct, but more often a snack is found). Lips thin, tightly pressed to the jaw, the teeth are ideally visible.

Neck and spin

Neck near Tibetan spaniel is almost no. At first glance it may seem that his head is attached directly on the body. The loin is slightly convex, back – direct.


Tibbey limbs are not heavy, but strong, rather short. Front paws of Tibetan spaniel curved, neat. The hind limbs are more straight, muscular, strong.


Woolen cover Tibby silky, thick, very beautiful. Middle wool length. Woolen cover is two-layer, developed very well. Males typically have a pretty big neck collar. On the chest, in the region of Galifa, on the tail and ears of Tibetan spaniels there are eyes.


Tibbey color can be practically anything, there is no strict characteristic in this regard. On the limbs of such dogs there are often white spots. The most valuable is the dark Tibetan spaniels with white spots on the forehead, tail and chest. Golden Dogs are also valuable.

What puppies look like?

Tibby puppies are born small blind. Eyes they open approximately 2 weeks after the appearance of. At this age, puppies are already quite confidently held on the paws, they begin to move much more. Kids become more severe, stop sleeping a lot.

The wool puppies of Tibetan spaniels with age is usually starting to darken or blighten: it all depends on the color. She reminds a lot of light down. When the dog reaches the age of 1 year, wool becomes more rigid, rough, stains increase or decrease. Change of teeth usually starts from 4 months.

Character and behavior

Tibbey is cheerful, mobile and playful. Such dogs are quite intense. They feel great in the apartment, usually friendly with all family members. So that Tibbee has gotten better, it is better to take it more puppy. Adult dog still already has some certain features that far from always like new owner.

On the therapeutic abilities of Tibetan spaniels, quite often compare with representatives of the Feline family. These animals help to struggle with stress. In many Western countries, Tibby is specially trained in order to be used in the canister panels. These are zootherapy, which is aimed at restoring patients with impaired brain functions.

Since Tibetan spaniels were held for quite a long time in the monasteries, they had a certain imprint on their character. They are rather incredulous and alerted towards unfamiliar people. Tibby is a small dog, so it will not be able to cause serious harm to a person, however, this dog can easily scare the attacker and warn his master in time. So that the dog accidentally did not scare peacefully walking passersby, better while walking it on a leash.

Tibbey friendly, but at the same time they strive for independence. Sometimes such a dog can show character and becomes rather stubborn. For this reason, it is necessary to pay enough time to her upbringing.

Tibetan spaniels are wonderful guards. They immediately react to outsiders, root and other sounds. Such dogs are characterized by significant confidence, as well as some alienation, so do not stick to the pet when he wants privacy. It should be borne in mind that Tibby is usually not lit without a serious reason. If the pet nevertheless lay, it most often means that a stranger appeared on the territory.

Terms of detention and care

Special care for Tibby is not needed. The main thing is how to care for the woolen cover of this beautiful dog. Several times a week, deduct the Tibetan spaniel with a brush and ridge. Twice a year During molts, the Tibetan spaniel by a furminator or a gunpowder.

Special attention should be paid to woolen cover on the tail and ears: In these places, Collunas often appear. To make it easier to determine the animal wool, you can use a special spray during this procedure.

Washing the Tibetan spaniel is recommended to carry out no more than four times a year. Some owners of such dogs give preference to dry shampoo: it eliminates very well from wool spots and dirt. Be sure to use suitable air conditioners and shampoos, providing effective skin care and woolen PSA. Washing out the dog, slightly wipe it with a terry towel.

It is also recommended to dry the wool cover of Tibby in the flow of warm air.

Haircut for Tibby is not needed. If you often cut such a dog, the quality of its woolen cover deteriorates significantly.

Walking with Tibetan Spaniel, be sure to inspect his ears: there may be ticks. Weekly carry out the ears of the pet with cotton chopsticks and cotton disks to remove sulfur and other contaminants. They will need to pre-mix hydrogen peroxide. Several times a week, wipe the eyes of Tibby with a soft cotton disk or a cloth moistened in a weak chamomile branch or conventional boiled water. Claws on Pet Pet Strengthening as farming.

Weekly brush the dog’s teeth using a special paste and a soft brush for this. Especially attentive should be when constant teeth begin to grow on the place of dairy. Tibetan spaniels, milk teeth may not fall out too long. In such cases, it is better to go to an experienced doctor.

One or twice a few months, apply a means from parasites and fleas on the withers. In the summer and spring seasons, when they become active ticks, it is recommended to use special collars and sprays.

Tibby – Animal, which is quite energetic, and this energy must be given. Otherwise, the nature of the dog can deteriorate very much. Walking with Tibby needs to be performed every day, they must be quite long. Such animals love jogging, active classes, nature.

Tibetan spaniel is unlikely to want to lie on the sofa all day, so it will not suit for a person who is not inclined to active lifestyle.

To various living conditions, Tibetan spaniel is usually adapted to be pretty easy, but it should be borne in mind that it cannot dwell on topping or in aviary. In the house for a dog, select a separate corner: it must be cozy and secluded. This place should be away from heating devices and drafts. In some cases, such pets are sleeping along with the owners.

The thick woolen cover of Tibetan spaniels reliably protects them from the cold, but with severe frost or high humidity it is recommended to put on the poppons, sweaters or overalls.

Tibby feel good in the heat.


Tibetan spaniels need a large number of useful elements. One of the main rules is to give such psam as much fat food as possible. Tibbee eat both natural food and special mixtures. Many owners of Tibetan spaniel give them Nutro Choice, Merrick. Tibby can be fed by such natural products:

  • Ryazhenka, kefir, cottage cheese+
  • Buckwheat cereals, rice+
  • Kozdyatina, Veal, Beef+
  • Sea fish (cod, not flow, heck)+
  • Boiled vegetables (tomatoes, zucchini, carrots, swakes)+
  • Sub-products (heart, liver, kidneys, stomach, lungs).

As for corn and meat chicken – it should be borne in mind that because of them, tibetan spaniels often arise allergic reactions. If you encounter such a problem, you will need to stop giving the dog these products. It is strictly forbidden to feed Tibby by the following products:

  • Tubular bones+
  • potato+
  • Bakery and confectionery+
  • Acute, Salted, Smoked Food+
  • Pork, lamb.

Fish for Tibbee is better cooking, because after eating fresh meat, the dog can get to worms. Adult PSA, the age of which has reached 7 months, it is better to feed twice a day, Tibby, the age of which is 3-6 months – 3 times, a small puppy – 4 times a day.

Education and training

Tibby requires early socialization. It is recommended for a long time to walk with Tibetan spaniel immediately after his appearance in the house: so you teach PSA to other animals and people. If this is not done, the dog can become aggressive in relation to strangers.

Relationship of Tibetan spaniel with his master should be partnership. If you often scold the PSA, use physical punishment, he will cease to trust the owner and hurts offense. If you respect Tibby and demonstrate it in every way, the pet will answer thanks, devotion and love.

Such dogs can be trained. The thing is that they seek to please their owners and to delight them in every way. However, such qualities as freedom and stubbornness can be awakened in Tibetan spaniels. Some Tibetans begin to ignore the teams and come, focusing on their instincts.

Because of this, such dogs are better not to use as service.

Health and possible diseases

Tibetan spaniels live up to 15 years. The health of such pets is usually quite strong, but they are still inclined to some diseases. Most often, those or other diseases of Tibby arise due to genetic predisposition. For this reason, to acquire puppies of Tibetan spaniels is better in reliable nurseries, where they provide information about the pedigree animal. Most often, Tibbey has the following diseases.

  • Allergies. Symptoms – eath, skin itch and so on. To avoid the occurrence of allergic reactions, you need to mostly approach the choice of suitable products for Tibetan spaniel.
  • Otitis. It develops due to a peculiar form of Tibby. To prevent the development of such a disease, you must follow hygiene. After walking in wet weather and water procedures carefully wipe the woolen cover of the pet next to the ears. This can be done using wool disks.
  • Atrophy retina. Regularly drive the animal to the ophthalmologist veterinarian. If you ignore the problem and run the disease, the dog can completely go blind.
  • Problems with musculoskeletal system. Such diseases arise due to the features of the physique of Tibetan spaniels. They are most often developing in elderly animals.

If we take into account the guidelines for feeding Tibby and correctly care for such a dog, his health will continue for a long time.

Attention should be paid not only to the physical, but also the psychological state of the dog. Dosage the dog’s stay in noisy and crowded places, make sure that it is not nervous.


Tibetan spaniel becomes having a warm-creation approximately 9 months. To the first knitting dog is ready for 12 months, female – 2 weeks after the occurrence of flow. After a day it is necessary to repeat the mating.

Puppies at bitch appear in 2 months. During pregnancy, it is necessary to limit the activity of the dog, and it is necessary to feed it more often: about 4 times a day. Before childbirth, Tibbey usually refuses to eat, it is concerned. Thick discharge arises, the body temperature is reduced. At once, the female usually gives rise from 2 to 4 cubs.

Read more about the breed, see the video below.

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