Tips for choosing feed for cats breed Sphinx

Tips for choosing feed for cats breed Sphinx

It would seem, there is nothing easier than feeding your favorite pet, especially if it’s a cat. But it’s long known that not all food from a man’s table is useful for cats. This is especially important if your exotic breed pet, such as Sphinx.

Features of breed

Sphinx, perhaps, the most unusual breed of cats, they have absolutely no wool, they are also called “lys” cats “.

They are suitable for people who have allergies to pet wool. In addition, they are less troubles in the house, they do not lose.

But precisely because of the lack of wool, they need a special diet in which there must be more calories to maintain heat of the body. They always have an appetite, they eat almost everything and always. Any feed for them should be dosed, but if the animal does not have enough food, it can freeze and root.

Food for adult pets

Cats are suitable for specialized feed and natural food. When choosing a second option, in no case can be fed: raw river fish, bones, canned, smoked and salty products, fatty meat.

If you decide to feed the animal with dry food, it must be necessarily not lower than premium class. Their composition includes all the necessary products: meat, fish, vegetables in the correct proportions.

They contain a ready-made vitamin and mineral complex, this applies to special canned food for cats.

Choose such food better European or American production. When choosing a finished feed, check with the seller, whether it will suit your sphinx, because due to the peculiarities of its body, it needs a high fat and protein feed. And do not forget that there should always be a bowl with clean and fresh water.

Food sterilized cats and cats

After conducting such an operation, animals increase the risk of diseases of the urogenital system. Very often they have stones in the kidneys, which are then painful. To prevent the development of this disease, In the diet of the cat, there must be calcium and it is necessary to completely exclude any fish.

Each manufacturer feed for cats has specialized products for castrated animals.

If your cat on natural feeding, then in the diet you need to add kefir, cottage cheese, sour cream and other dairy products.

In any case, after the operation, an animal will appetite an appetite, so you need to follow so that it does not move, and feed the feed in small portions. The amount of water for such cats needs to be increased in two or three times. It is also recommended once a week to spend an unloading day for a pet.

Food of pregnant cats

Pregnant cat, like any mommy, needs additional attention, especially for her diet. The number of food receptions can be increased to four times a day. In such a period, it is better to breed a cat with natural products than dry feeds.

At the same time, it is necessary to take into account the features of the cat: its age, as far as it is active and movable, what kind of animal weight.

If the average Sphinx cat should consume at least 350 kilocalories per day, then pregnant need to increase this figure to 1200 kokilorius per day. There are several rules for feeding a pregnant cat.

  • At least half of the daily diet of the cat should make raw meat, beef is best.
  • From the menu of a pregnant cat you need to exclude any fish both in cheese and boiled form.
  • Dairy products give animal after reception of the main food.
  • For the intestine of the animal worked properly, add to the menu boiled vegetables and cereals with vegetable oil.
  • Every day in the main welcome, you need to add one small spoonful of bone flour.
  • 3 weeks before the birth Add to the diet leaves nettle, and then separately – raspberries. Plant leaves need to pour boiled water and give cool. Nettle stimulates milk production, and raspberries minimizes the threat of miscarriage.
  • The amount of water consumed also need to increase and, of course, it should be clean and fresh.

Food for kittens

When your cat stamped, and you know all the rules for feeding adult individuals, it’s time to pay attention to small kittens. Like all the kids, they are active, playful and very mobile, only in contrast to other breeds consumption of energy they have to warm up, much more.

Purchase kittens begin at the age of one month. As the first products, you can use some semolina or one fourth part of the egg yolk.

In two months, the kitten in the diet can add boiled hammer non-fat meat, most often it is a chicken or beef.

Then injected dairy products. At three months you can give a small portion to give vegetables, greens, cereals and boiled meat.

If you can not provide an adequate diet, you can feed it with ready canned and gradually enter dry food. But in this case, the feed must be specifically for kittens and no lower premium.

The kitten at the age of three months is fed six times a day, no more. Six-month kittens – three times a day and gradually translate them for two meals.

    There are several rules that need to be observed when feeding sphinxes, especially kittens.

    • Water in a bowl must be clean and fresh, it is desirable to change it two times a day, pour into a separate ceramic or glass container. Animal always needs access to water.
    • Myobs for food must be two to wash them alternately and be able to give two different dishes at the same time.
    • New products or feeds need to be introduced in stages within one or two weeks. The number of food in a bowl need to increase gradually as the kitten grows, to comply with the dosage of food better buy scales. It is important that the animal does not move, but it was enough for me to eat.
    • If food remains in the bowl, they must be thrown away, and we wash the bowl once a day. Otherwise, the feed can scatter and harmful bacteria may appear in it.

    Always remember that you have an unusual cat, and you need a special care. If you have doubts or questions, consult your experienced breeders, but do not leave the problem without solving.

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