Toy-Padel: Coloring Coloring, Content and Feeding

Toy-Padel: Coloring Coloring, Content and Feeding

How often we decide to start a pet and do not know anything about the characteristic features of the selected breed. It is very important to realize that by bringing home puppy, you are fully responsible for his health and life. The four-legged friend will love you and be devoted, and you can not bring it. There are some breeds that have their own peculiarities that are inconspicuous to other dogs. In this article, we consider in more detail the requirements for the content of the one-poodle, we learn the interesting story of its origin, and also get acquainted with the reviews of the owners.

History of origin

The poodle itself is a very old breed of dogs, reliable data about her origin not found, but there are references to them in medieval chronicles, dated by the VIII century of our era. For the first time in the paintings of dogs begin to depict in the XV century. At this time, the Padel enjoyed in great demand in England, France and Germany.

Cynologists believe that the breed occurred as a result of crossing several co-smoked dogs of small dogs, which ever evolved over time. It can be assumed that these breeds were: spaniels, bombats, retrievers, legal and greyhound. By nature, Padel – Hunting Dogs, they were used to hunt for ducks and search for truffles, due to their coaching wool they are less injured, but it greatly made it difficult to move. And so the breed began to cut.



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Security qualities

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* Characteristic of breed “Poodle” Founded on the assessment of the experts of the site and feedback from the owners of the dog.

The name of the breed of the Poodle Dog received in the XVI century, when the French Monarch Heinrich IV scored several dogs for his guard. After watching the monarch, the close setting also wanted such dogs, and even more often such dogs could be found on the balas, and not swamps. Due to the lifestyle of the poodle and got the prefix “Royal” in his breed.

In the XVII-XIX century, the first dogs for dogs appear. Naturally, standards, fashion and haircuts dictates France.

Homeland Poodles International Cynalog Organization recognized France. In the 20th century, the breed began to actively export over the ocean, the range spread to the USA, including.

Description and nature

The poodle has a high intelligence and a fullentic character for complex train, very large four-legged friend, tireless. No less important advantage is an impressive appearance. The prefix “that” is translated as a toy (and though, a dog looks like her).

Despite its short existence, this breed was officially confirmed from the International Organization of Kinologists about his breed.

There is a standard for exhibitions.

  • The head of the dog is a bit elongated. Narrow forehead, closed wool. The nose is big and dark color, the eyes of the almonds that are close to each other.
  • Ears the book expands, slightly rounded at the ends, flat and hanging. Across the area covered with coacher wool.
  • As for the tail, he will be stopped in early childhood. Those who are against such a procedure leaves it, even a natural length is allowed.
  • Torch proportional, with strong not very high legs, with well-developed muscles. An important gait and proud rack is provided by a good posture of such a breed with a high head fit. The paws are collected in a lump and with neat pads, in themselves small.
  • Dog weight varies from 2.5 to 3 kg, most often closer to the minimum indicator. The difference in weight is due to the fact that 4 hybrids are combined in the breed.
  • The growth of four-legged also depends on the breed and type of mixed hybrids, usually from 45 to 60 cm in the withers. Little individuals from 24 to 28 cm.
  • Padel color can be diverse, but it is considered only 5 colors. Pots of different colors differ outwardly on the exterior of each other

Options Color

Official colors can only be in five options.

  • Brown wool. Regarded adopted in relation to black. This type is quite complicated in the breeding due to the increased influence of many other genes. For example, the G gene lashes brown to red or coffee.

  • Silver. This is the same black color, but clarified by genes and an early satellite. Puppy is born black, and for two years already becomes silver.

  • Apricot (peach). In it, as in the previous two colors, there is a black color, it can be understood on black color on the nose.

  • Red. The newborn looks like dark gray with red, but very lesames the brightening and retirement genes in the form of white spots on the chest and body.

This color is relatively new, and the breeder needs to be very much to follow the development of puppies.

  • Spotted color harlequin. Such a color is obtained when crossing white dogs with “truffle” skin and with a black genius genome. This color was recognized in 2008.

Most often occurs in dwarf rocks, because the British dwarf poodle is taken as the basis when crossing.

Dwarf poodle

It differs from its relatives with its small size, due to which makes himself in priority to choose a pet for housing in the apartment. By nature, they are very large and friendly, so they will become part of the family without much effort. Attractive these dogs for buyers by the fact that they are non-conflict and very well get along with children, gentle and patient. The house will not be this bright smell of the dog, as the wool does not smell this four-legged friends (of course, if they bathe them in time). Often it is called a micro or mini poodle.

He does not differ in its characteristics much from the poodle, because it is his direct relative.

Pluses and minuses of breed

When choosing a dog, the responsible hosts always calculate the pros and cons of rocks for the maximum comfort and comfort of the inhabitants of the apartment in coexistence with them.

Dogs of this breed will make a company in the hunt for ducks, but it is worth considering that the hunter out of it (due to historical features) is not the best, so there is no sense to wait for some fantastic results (this can be attributed to the negative parties of the Pensik).

Often the minuses of the breed can cause doubts from the owners when choosing a pet and even scare away, but you need to know about them so that they are not an unpleasant surprise.

  1. Padeluk is often a cowardly, very comparatsky, does not see the danger at all in the outsiders, so there is no sense as a security guard. Scare a puppy, and an adult individual, maybe not only a big dog, but also any loud sounds and sharp movements of both outsiders and owners.
  2. With insufficient education, the dog can be dangerous for children.
  3. Very often observed animal barking in situations when there are no threats.
  4. Increased ability to damage yourself something, despite its proportionality of the structure, the bones of the fluffy is very fragile.
  5. High Care Requests: Balance Food, Fresh Shower, Regular Cutting Clauses, Washing Ears and Eye, Prevention of various diseases, Timely haircut and, in the end, Warm clothes.
  6. The dog is very movable, you need to often walk with it, and it can not much like the owners with a sedentary way of life, because in addition to walking on the street, with a dog at home too, you need to constantly play.
  7. Dog soreness can also be attributed to the negative parties. The dog is located in the risk area of ​​diseases such as sugar diabetes, leading hemolytic anemia. It is genetically laid down that the joints of the PSA are very fragile, and osteochondrosis can develop up to the paralysis of the dog. Pets are also subject to such a dangerous disease as epilepsy (observed in many individuals of this breed), problems with the VDP, leading to the trachea collapse. High likelihood of teeth and wool (baldness) in old age, more and more often there is a worsening of vision and hearing closer to the completion of the century.

Given all the cons, we can conclude that with decent education, the poodle will become a true friend and the most devoted pet for owners and family.

The best feature of this pet is the direction of interaction with a person, and they are absolutely not interested in their relatives of other breeds.

Dwarf poodles have a lot of positive parties, thanks to which they are happy to have them as domestic pets:

  • Wool absolutely without a typical odor+
  • Pets perfectly suit people with wool allergies+
  • Due to its features of hunting dogs, it is easy to train and upbringing+
  • Are committed to their owners, and they love them very much.

How many dogs live?

The lifespan of the one-poodle depends on the care and nutrition during life, and may vary from 15 to 25 years. With the right diet and frequent walks, the risk of diseases becomes less, and the chance for the longevity of the pet above. Of course, the life expectancy is influenced by all vaccinations.

Carefully follow the physical and emotional health of the pet.

  • Check out the pet is needed every day, given his peculiarity of high hairstyles, it is very important. For deduction, use a massage brush, and after the procedure, wipe the wool with a wet warm towel in order to relax pores.
  • In order not to appear an unpleasant smell of the house at home, the poodle must be bathed more often than other breeds – from 6 to 8 times a month. Be sure to use a special shampoo with a complex of vitamins and herbs. As mentioned above, they are susceptible to baldness, to ensure strong wool bulbs need to do procedures for strengthening them.
  • After a walk, it is necessary to wash the legs and belly of the pet, so that bacteria does not start, to bathe, as needed, but if he was bought in dust, then be sure to pay.
  • From a small age, temper the peel. To do this, you need to walk a puppy in any weather and play with him. But follow the temperature of the pet’s body, you should not overcoole or overheat the pet. It can negatively affect the vessels of the pet.
  • Swim in the river, revenge on their own peel until the 4 months can not be released, because the foots and joints and joints have not yet fully formed, he may simply not resist water.

  • Pet cutting should be made at least 1 time per month, and if this is summer, it is better more often a pet overheat.
  • Pruning nails should, like haircut, be at least once a month (and watch according to circumstances). Follow the procedure is necessary for special tools: the grother in the form of pliers is more reliable than scissor-like.
  • Teach the dog to the walking still from the very appearance of a pet in the family. It is necessary to walk with it every 2-3 hours so that he understands that the need must be coped only on the street. It is also necessary for the proper metabolism in order not to cause obesity at the PSA.
  • A mandatory event should be visited by the veterinarian once every six months, testing the teeth for the presence of stones, checking wool on the growth structure. Until the moment you do not make all vaccinations, it will be undesirable to bring a dog to the street. To preserve the health of the pet, it will be possible to bring a puppy on the street after a full quarantine period. And at this time, teach a puppy to the tray. It is worth remembering that the tray will come in handy and in rainy weather. In no case cannot withdraw the PSA to the street in rainy weather, then the risk of picking up the disease is several times higher.

At the age of one and a half months, a walk should not exceed a limit of 10 minutes.

Soreness of this breed is higher than any other dog. This is due to historical factors, since the dogs of this breed are always “Sysyukali”, they were not lighted, pumped, here are their immunity and not adapted to the hunt (as laid by nature). Very often there are diseases of the joints, teeth, diabetes and an increased glycemic index.

Problems with breathing tracks (trachea disease, such as collapse, leading to the death of pet), increased risk of such a dangerous disease as epilepsy. And in old age dogs pursue such problems as the loss of teeth and wool, blindness (cataract) and deafness. Some dogs are already born with hearing problems.

If you follow the health of your pet throughout your life, a sufficient amount of time spend on the street, do all vaccinations, organize proper nutrition, then you can not worry about the state of the body of the peel in old age. The living conditions of the poodle in the apartment will directly affect the emotional state of the puppy and on his health and self-confidence. As well as on the duration of life.

Therefore, these moments can not be neglected.


Consider Basic Pet Content Requirements.

  • The temperature in the room should be no lower than +16 degrees Celsius, so as not to cause the hypother of the body of the dog – it threatens with serious diseases, in addition to a cold, it can cause inflammation of the lungs or swelling of the auricle, which also adversely affects the state of the peel.
  • It is necessary to highlight the place for the dog, so that she felt like a part of the family. It is desirable that the dog’s place did not give drafts and hit the straight rays of the sun, preferably near the battery. The place should be equipped with warm blankets or special “beds” for dogs.
  • The dream of a dream dog needs to be removed so that it is clean, it is unacceptable that the place is dirty or non-heavy, then the dog will be sad, will suffer its emotional health.
  • The feeder should always be in one place, there should always be fresh and clean water in it so that the pet knows if necessary, where he should go.
  • In winter, it is necessary to wear a pet for a walk, because the cold of his body tolerates very hard. It is worth remembering that the clothes should be convenient for walking and for handling the needs of Pesik.
  • As for the leash and collar. It is very important that in this he looked worthily, this is an important aspect of the well-being of PSA. The more he will like himself in the collar, the more confident he will feel.

Than feed?

The condition of the teeth and wool is entirely dependent on the balance of the pet. The owner has the right to choose for feeding dry food, but then you need to feed the ps once a day and only for the night, calculating the required portion (25 g of dry feed per 1 kg of weight). You can feed the pet with wet and wet feed, on the same principle, only consider it is necessary that the feed of a premium and super premium feed is needed, they are most contained in vitamins, and the percentage of meat is higher than in other feeds.

You can set a balanced nutrition to the dog. To do this, you will need eggs, porridge, meat (boiled chicken or pork meat) and fruits. But with fruit you need to be careful, choose only those that will not cause fermentation in the body, for example, you should not feed the dog with grapes or orange. You can add a grated apple in porridge or a pressure cherry.

It is worth remembering that the health of the puppy is depends on the proper balanced nutrition throughout the life and reducing the risk of chronic diseases.

Better, of course, feed a puppy with natural food, but if it is not possible to constantly cook for him, then read the composition of the feed that you choose.

As soon as the pet appeared in your house, in his diet, it is necessary to include fresh greens and fish, boiled and without bones, little to mix fish oil – it is very useful for a growing body and helps to strengthen the bones that the poodle has very fragile.

Puppy must be fed with vitamins, but just give it a pill is not crowned with success, so they need to be mixed in food. In the diet, it is necessary to add such vitamins as b, a, d, about the dosage, it is necessary to consult with a specialist, and also consult the veins, the vitamins of which manufacturers and what class are better.

In no case can not feed the poodle from the hands, it must be accustomed to the trough. If you choose to feed the feed of a super premium class, then such mixtures are already balanced by a sufficient amount of vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and fats for healthy pets.

Ownership reviews

The opinions of the owners were divided: some believe that this is a very cute and useful animal, not very demanding. Easily adjusts to family members, even under a lazy family. The dog is very emotional, loves to be in the center of attention, she needs to be constantly “in a flock”. Very jealous breed, many notice the loyalty to the owners and devotion to the family. If the pet has a personal place in the house, his mood and state is clearly better.

It is worth paying attention to the arrangement of a pet. He can sleep with you on the sofa or chair, but his territory should have – it is the key to His self-confidence.

Other owners believe that the poodle in old age is very difficult to care and is already greater as punishment. On the slope of the years, the dog may have such symptoms: the brightness of the ears and eyes, he sees badly and hears, bad orientation in space. Epilepsy acquires a more dangerous nature. If the street is cold (less than zero degrees), then walking the dog is meaningless, she will cry and does not want to go. To the toilet begins to walk where it fell to old age. Small Poodle young, handsome, playful, but then it can change everything.

Based on this information, you need to seriously think if you can afford the content of such a capricious animal like a poodle. In addition to the cost before buying a pet (place to equip, feeder), the content of the pet is also quite expensive in the course of life (vaccinations, vitamins, balanced nutrition and so on). As well as buying toys for moving games both on the street and at home, special shampoos and brushes for deduction.

But it is worth remembering that in return you will get a very responsive friend and devoted to you and your family who is able to give the joy to his presence in your life. Although they say that a person chooses a dog, but in fact this pet chooses the owner. Any pet-poodle pet is able to fall in love with family members almost immediately. It is only worth allowing yourself to love the four-legged friend.

About how to cut the one-poodle, you can find out, looking at the video below.

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