Toy Terrier ears: setting and care

Toy Terrier ears: setting and care

Little and Miloid Toy Terriers are cheerful and unassuming dogs that have obvious mental abilities and devotional character. Their peculiarity consists in hanging from the born of ears, which must urge and stand up with time, which fully complies with the standard of the breed. Owners of these cute animals will need to examine the problems associated with this issue.

When getting up?

According to the standards of the ears of the terrier must be thin, quite large, while they are supposed to be high landing. When an animal appears on the light, the cartilage of the auditory body is too weak, but as the dog grows, they are strengthened and in a short time take a standing position. This is a natural process that can be accessed, and when it is unsatisfactory, it is stimulated. For this reason, the owner of a pet whose life provides for participation in exhibition shows, you will need to get acquainted with all the necessary procedures.

Some relaxation concern the breed of the Russian Toy Terrier, which is distinguished by a long hair – ears can stand half. Such an assumption is due to the fact that heavy wool makes the auditory body heavier. But in the case of smooth-haired individuals, the judges are extremely strict, and the wrong ears may cause disqualification even with the rest of the predominant characteristics of the animal.

A feature of strengthening and becoming the ears of TEV is the uncertainty of age, at what point it happens. But the formation may influence the factors described below.

  • Often, the slow development of cartilage tissues depends on the state of health of the patenter of the puppy, defectively fed during pregnancy. Perhaps the mother had other pathologies, so the formation of the ears of the cub occurs slowly. This means that the owner must take care of the puppy, and, first of all, until it feeds on breast milk from the mother, the diet must be correctly compiled.

  • The reason that the ears do not get up long, is the wrong selection of the father and mother. If you need offspring with high-quality ears, you should not cross the short-haired representatives with terriers with long, shaggy wool. If it has already happened, you can expect an unsuitable problem.

  • The human factor also plays an important role in the formation of a proper stand of the animal ears – to adjust the process must begin at the age of 2 months. Timely intervention makes it possible not to worry about a positive result. Little puppy tolerates the necessary procedure easier than a graceful animal. But if the prunciance is not carried out on time or completely passed, it is difficult to predict how the authority will go further.

Other causes of weak cartilage, except for undesirable genetics, which does not happen with a net pedigree, determined by the presence of both short-haired parents – lack of nutrients, vitamins, especially calcium and stressful state of the baby, depleting its immune system and the energy reserves of the body.

According to film specialists, the development of cartilage occurs in dogs during the first 6 months of life, And by this time, puppies ears should stand. In practice, it happens in 4-5 months, and in some of some even earlier. But it also happens that the hanging ears remain up to 1 year one of the above reasons.

Need whether to stop?

Unlike other breeds of ears, the terriers do not stop, since these are the requirements for the appearance of the dog. Let it not surprise inexperienced dog breeders – it is believed that the exterior of the animal with his long legs is balanced and looks more proportional due to the latter ears.

But if the puppy has an inflammatory process, accompanied by the suppuration, or necrosis of ear tissues, the relief is justified, as it prevents dangerous complications. But this is, perhaps, the only benefit of such an operation.

If the relief is considered an advantage in such a situation, then its unconditional minuses can be identified by the following positions:

  • The distortion of the noble image and the facial expressions of the animal, as a result of which it looks aggressive, which deprives the possibility of communicating with other dogs+
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder, that is, a significant violation of a petomy, whose rehabilitation can take a long period+
  • Physical recovery (healing) capable of bringing suffering+
  • Disqualification and closed entrance to the exhibition.

Many dogs against the relief of the ears. In Europe and many other countries, such an action is prohibited by law, and the owner must be ready to bring punishment for cruel treatment with his animals. Most kinologists, truly loving dogs, with such a question of the issue fully agree.

How to put?

Put the ears of the pet can not only with the help of a special corrective procedure – it is possible to start in order to find out whether the stress puppy does not experience. For this you can watch animals. Owners with the experience of breed content transfer such reasons:

  • Large physical activity related to training+
  • Repair or moving to new housing+
  • Visit to veterinary clinic+
  • Appearance in the family of another animal or newborn.

If such moments cannot be excluded from life, you should resort to sedatives capable of reassuring the dog (“Stop-stress”, “Adaptil”, “Phospasim”, “Fitex”).

Right will pay attention to diet food. It’s one thing if finished feeds with a balanced composition in the recommended dosage, for example, PURINA PRO PLAN, NUTRA NUGGETS, NUTRA GOLD, BELCANDO or ADVANCE. But when the animal feeds on natural food, he may not be enough of some minerals and vitamins, which means that they should be introduced into the diet.

And finally, at home, you can spend the necessary correction of the ears, allowing them to confidently get up after a while. The ears liner can be conducted independently. This is a safe procedure when the ears do not get up, or raised, and then fell again.

To perform this work, you will need the following means:

  • antiseptic+
  • scissors+
  • Small pieces of plastics as a frame+
  • For fixing – hypoallergenic plaster for preventing skin problems.

The following actions should be taken:

  • Cut 2 pieces of patch size slightly less inner part of the animal ear+
  • Prepare plastic tires and enclose their plaster on both sides+
  • Treat animal ears with a disinfectant and add.

Plotch is done using two strips of the plaster, the optimal width of pieces – 7-10 cm. It is important to start “salary” from the inside of the ear shell, from its angle, and then continue the sizing on its circle. It should be acting pretty quickly so that the animal does not have discomfort. You can not allow rubbing the ear of the skin of the Ear – it can provoke irritation. It is also necessary to leave an open auditory channel.

Keep the frame on the ears allowed no more than 2 weeks, But the veterinarian can recommend to extend the course to 30 days.

Correction is necessary to strengthen the cartilage tissue, but it should not create inconvenience for the dog.

So that unpleasant complications do not follow, it is necessary:

  • avoid animal experiences+
  • To improve the condition of cartilage and the growth of their tissues, enter the dishes in the menu using gelatin – it may be food based on broth or milk.

To stimulate the growth and raising of the ears, you can apply a massage to improve the blood supply of the organ, but it is necessary to carry out it is delicately and at intervals.

To activate the strengthening processes, the use of means containing glucosamine sulfates and chondroitin, increasing growth and improving the quality of cartilage. Special preparations that differ in chondroprotective action refers “Hekalan”, as well as “phytochonldrovit”, “Artrophit” and “Kinosil”.

Sometimes need radical intervention. The extreme measure is the plastic of the ears, in which the doctor makes skin suspender, and the ear is without assistance.

It is clear when such an operation is ordered by breeders, trying to hide from the buyer puppy error pedigree. In the event that it comes to the prestige of the dog, the owner will have to fully accept the consequences, including lethal, on their conscience. The operation passes when using general anesthesia, and if an animal has a weak heart, a liver or kidney, he can perish.

How to clean?

If the terrier constantly scratches the ears, and this is due to their adjustment, but at the same time with this puppy full of energy and positive, then the reason in this phenomenon should be sought in the long absences of the owner. It is worth worrying if the baby has painful symptoms. I wonder immediately contact the doctor to avoid annoying signs, as well as slowing down the process of strengthening the young cartilage. You can prevent any pathology with periodic animal ears.

How to carry out a procedure:

  • With the help of olive, boiled oil or special, clean, soft tissue or wipes, wool disks+
  • When cleaning the head of the animal is fixed by hand+
  • First, the zone inside the ear with cold boiling water and a cotton disk is cleared+
  • After that, for mitigation and dissolution, oil is buried and left for 20-30 seconds+
  • Next, it is necessary to insert a pure tampon in the ear and wait until the remedy with pollution is absorbed+
  • In the end you need to wipe your pet ears dry.

When leaving animals, you should not use cotton sticks – puppies are too mobile and impulsive, and sharp movements are able to seriously damage the ear.

It is impossible to let the formation of such a part of the body of the terrier, like ears, and the attentive owner perfectly understands the relevance of constant tracking of the animal state. This is necessary for the proper type of dog, but not only, because the health of the animal and a dedicated friend for a person represents no less value.

Read more about how to care for a terrier, look in the following video.

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