Trimming and Grooming Jack Russell Terrier

Trimming and Grooming Jack Russell Terrier

Regardless of the type of wool, all the terriers of the Jack Russell breed need regular hair treatment, as they are subject to constant and seasonal molting. Such procedures are somewhat different, but have a common task – to maintain the health of the animal and its beautiful appearance.

Jack Russell Terrier: Wool Features

Animals of this breed differ not only on the color, but also by type of wool.

Dog breeders divide them into three main types.

  • Smooth terry terries have hair tightly adjacent to the skin, and thick undercoil. According to the standard it is not allowed if the bottom tier of wool is soft and thin. Since this type of dogs is intended for a norny hunting, its hairpro should protect the pet in different weather conditions.

  • In long-haired dogs hair is characterized by rigidity, but only visual. To the touch, they are not rough and sufficiently soft. Looks such animals with lochmata, and they are also called rigorous, based on the external appearance.

  • Broken – Terrier with intermediate type wool, very long and broken, however, it also adjoes to the body and does not stick to the sides. This dog has in most cases there are no eyebrows and a characteristic beard.

Based on the structure of woolen cover from different terriers, the breed requires a full grinding, trimming and haircuts, in accordance with the peculiarities of each type.

Why you need to trimming

Trimming Jack Russell Terrier is an artificial mink procedure, which is important for rigorous representatives of the breed. Unlike smooth-walled individuals, whose hair periodically falls out, the “chests” and broken brooms are deadly rods remain on the body. It can create a lot of problems. If in natural conditions, the absence of molt can easily get rid of necrotic hairs, then a man should help the breed animals.

The need for this is determined by the following arguments:

  • For an elite dog with a pedigree quality of wool and a neat appearance – this is a compliance with the requirements of the standard and the “business card” with participation in exhibitions+
  • The remaining non-living hair is weighting the hair cover of hunting PSA, which should be active, light and energetic+
  • Extra hairs interfere with the growth of young wool and create a threat to the health of the animal, because they interfere with the flow of air to the epidermis – due to this, dermatological diseases and allergies may occur.

With constant irritation due to the lack of proper care, the dog can get sick and infectious diseases. Therefore, kennels who are familiar with such trouble with the terriers, recommend regular grooming, including all types of skin treatment and additional hygienic procedures, providing health and well-kept view of Jack Russell.

Grooming: Basic Procedures

For the owner of Jack Russell Terrier, it is important to know all the events that are part of the Grumbel.

  • This is trimming – Procedure that implies plucking up old wool using a special calculus (trimmer). Animals that do not take part in shows is enough to trimming every 5-6 months, for exhibition dogs it is carried out much more often, as the cover of a pet loses its well-kept species. Dates in any case are individual for each terrier and depend on the speed of the wool.

  • Washing time every 3 months, Since the dog is extremely clean and rarely dirty on a walk, not counting cases when its hunting instinct works. Shampoos for terrier must be designed for dogs, but it should also be taken care of them to fit the pet. You can choose from softening, hypoallergenic and nutrients. For frequent use it is better to buy dry shampoos.

  • When bathing, it is important not to cut wool and animal skin, Therefore, special balsams are used, which additionally contribute to the easy-to-leaking and do not need to wash off after applying.

  • Drying a hairdryer It is carried out at an average temperature, after part of the moisture absorbed when the terrier turns into a towel.

    • The next step is to read with a furminator and rubber brushes. By the way, the first tool is allowed to use daily, but it is necessary to buy it specifically for small dogs with long or short wool.

      • At the end, a haircut of Jack Russell Terrier is usually held: Hair is removed near the genitals, eyes on the neck and limbs, tassels on the tail. What can not be done, so it’s cut the animal by an ordinary machine, which is capable of disrupting the structure of the hair, as a result of which the natural type of wool can be lost forever.

      Also during the grooming cut claws, and such procedures like Cleaning the ears and teeth, you need to exercise every 2 weeks.

      How to cut a smooth-walker puppy

      Jack-Russells with smooth wool do not deliver a lot of trouble to their masters, especially if they live in a country house, because the molting is happening 2 times a year, unlike terriers living in the apartment – they are driving constantly.

      For smooth-walled representatives of the breed more suitable Stripping. This is a gentle procedure that allows Refresh Wool With Furminator – calculations, perfectly coping with removal of dead hair.

      This animal fits the brand S – Small or Short Hair.

      Puppy in 4 months can be cut through with their own hands, during the first processing it is not necessary to bathe, in order to avoid stress. If washing in plans, it is better to dry a puppy with a towel without the use of a hair dryer.

      To work, you will need a table and a knife for stripping and branch, as well as rounded scissors. Vyching starts from the head in this order: the occipital part and neck, then the area of ​​the withers, back, tail and limbs. On the legs, the wool is removed to the jumping joint. In the end, extra hairs are removed by milling scissors.

      During the haircut, special attention should be paid to:

      • neck – From its lower part, the abnormal, hanging wool is removed+
      • Tail – Tassels and growing eyes are cut off from it+
      • Paho – Wool carefully cuts off with scissors with dashed tips.

      You also need to try to shock smooth. In general, the procedure takes from 3 to 6 hours. Such an operation is carried out once a month in relation to dogs that melt all year, for animals with seasonal molting – 1 time in 2-3 months.

      Processing of wool in broken and rigid terrier

      Long-haired Jack Russell Terriers Wool is more hard, however, they are often linked. Therefore, the only way of hair treatment – trimming. Teach this procedure a dog needs from 3-4 months, And experienced dog breeders advise the first haircut from professional cargo. The event is repeated every 3 months, but, at the same time, they regularly deduct the woolen cover of the dog.

        Trimming features:

        • Highlighting hair in the direction of their growth in order to avoid damage on the body of the animal – for this hold the skin with one hand+
        • Start trimming always from the back of the head, moving on the dog body+
        • Do not capture too big strands+
        • Attention should be paid to uniformity and smooth transitions from short hair to long+
        • An important point is the formation of the mustache, beard and the common muzzle.

        To reflect the appearance of broken broken, also with rude and rigid ishing hair, it is possible with a similar procedure performed every 3 months.

        About how the grooming and trimming of Jack Russell Terrier occurs, look next.

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