Types of cattle corridoras

Types of cattle corridoras

Coridorati catches are incredibly popular both among aquarists with extensive experience and among beginners. Small sizes, active behavior, simple care makes them an excellent option for home aquarium.

The only problem is the species that have more than 150. Choose a pet among such a variety of options by the injective breeder will be quite difficult. Julie and Nanus, Dlikareus and Broches, Adolf and Trilinoatus corridors – to deal with who of them will become a real decoration of a home aquarium, we will try in this article.


Small shell catches Corridors – incredibly peace-loving fish, preferring the bottom layers of soil and performing the role of Sanitars in the reservoir. With such pets, when creating sufficient conditions for their content, there are practically no problems. Among their subspecies there are relatively unbroken, but very hardworking and active fish. However, the handsome men with a bright, attracting look appearance here are also enough, you only need a little more details to explore all the types available for aquarium content.

Coridorati catches – small inhabitants of South American freshwater rivers that have long been turned into aquarium inhabitants. These fish grow up to 10 cm under household conditions. Compact COM has a short body with a convex back and erased bone plates on the surface of the case, head. They replace the scaly and give some names another name – shell. In addition, this kind is often called short – Corey Corey.

In addition to the protective shell consisting of bone plates, these small fish have other means to ensure their own security. Their chest fins have a radiatic shape, they are solid and sharp. When transplanting a sacc, you need to be careful – the grid can break.

Corrido colors color can be both solid and spotted or striped. There are albino forms devoid of pigment by artificially. But most often in aquarium, it is decorative versions with an unusual, spectacular coloring body.

The mouth of the fish is located at the bottom of the head, it allows catches to effectively collect food from the bottom of the aquarium. On the lips from above and below there are characteristic mustache, allowing “see” the world around even with a high turbidity of water. Unusual and respiratory system of fish. Coroids can breathe gowns under water or swallow air bubbles mouth on the surface.

Females have a pale color, on their back is a rounded fin. Males brighter and their definition on the achievement of puberty occurs fairly easy. Corey – Real long-livers. For the joy of the owner, they are able to show activity and feel great to 15 years.

Peace-loving character allows the fish to be easily parted with representatives of their family and other inhabitants of freshwater aquariums.


Among the variety of sobsics, Coridoras can be found quite unusual names. For example, the smallest fish reaching no more than 3 cm in length are called “Pagimia”. And som with a depigmented body called albino. Almost all varieties in the aquarium look more decorative in packs of 5-6 individuals. Their individual features should be considered in more detail.


Colorful fish with a cream or pale gray tint of the body has an interesting drawing of black specks all over the surface of the head and case. Symmetrically located ornament emphasizes originality and expressiveness of the appearance. Julie’s corridors in the aquarium grows up to 5 cm.

A characteristic feature of the species is the presence of a black spot on the transparent coarse fin.


Corridor Nanus has body length not exceeding 5 cm in males, females are even smaller. This species is characterized by a silver coloring case, an olive shade is expressed on the forehead and back, on top of which the clear mesh ornament of black. There are 3 clear light stripes on the sides, males painted brighter females, they have a golden shade in the lower part of the tail and abdominal fins.

Crap or Paleatus

This type of cats gave the beginning of an albino variety. Cracking corridors have a convex back, body length up to 6-7 cm, gray-olive brace and yellow-pink belly. On the surface of the head, housing, fins are asymmetrical dark spots of the wrong shape. On the side there is a characteristic strip formed from transversely arranged features.

Golden (Gold)

Somics Corridors with bright golden color are also sometimes referred to as bronze or aneuses. For this species, color variation is characteristic – from lemon to almost orange. Especially saturated in the color of the body in the back area. Somomik is very decorative, popular among amateur aquarists, grows up to 7 cm.


Unusual fish with a body color resembling a famous bear color. Panda corridors grows up to 5 cm long. His body has a pale pink or silver-yellow color with pronounced dark marks: in front of the eye (in the form of a mask), on the back and at the base of the tail fin. Unusual appearance makes these fish popular among amateur aquarists.


This species has a great resemblance to Adolf coridois. Fish have body length up to 4-5 cm, golden orange background color, darker back, lane in a gill area. These celebrates are quite broad, all pigmentation as a whole looks quite bright.

The only obvious difference of fish from similar species is the smallest jar passing on breast fins. True, the naked eye is quite difficult to see them.


Coridoras brochis related to major representatives of their species. They grow up to 9 cm long. But not large dimensions are the main advantage of this fish – Brochesis corridors are painted very brightly, has an unusual emerald green hue of the shell with bright neon tint.

Such an inhabitant of aquarium will definitely be quite difficult not to notice. From the other fellows, this type of cattle is distinguished by the presence of a decade-radical spinal fin, a more acute muzzle, thickened body.


Albinos description looks quite impressive. In fact, Corydoras Paleatus is a pseudalbinos obtained by artificially. Fish has a body and head of a pink white shade, the eyes of bright red. Despite the original appearance, Such a pet is well suited for content in small and medium aquariums, it is not sensitive to water parameters. The maximum body length of the albino variety of comedoms does not exceed 7 cm.


According to its external data, the corridors trilineatus is very similar to the julie subtype, it has a body length of 5-6 cm, the body of a beige color with contrasting black spots over the surface. The background of his corps is brighter, rather, sandy. On the sides, the ornament of parallel arranged horizontal strips is traced, and in females it takes only half of the body.


Dwarf Somik Corridoce Habrozus enters the list of the three youngest species of this fish along with Pigmeom and Sparrow. Adults have the length of the body up to 2 cm, differ in alive, active behavior. The main color of the body is light beige with a yellow tump or silver, on top it covered with dark spotted marks. Brightly painted areas of the tail, fins, wide black stripe runs along the body.

How to choose?

There are certain selection rules that allow you to purchase a healthy and active fish for aquarium. In the case of combs, regardless of their type, you need to pay attention to the following points.

  • Condition of belly fish. Excessively falling belly testifies to poor nutrition or helminths. The convex, discrepanished belly can be a sign of many diseases – to take knowingly unhealthy pet hardly stands.
  • The presence of mucus or inflammation on the gills. Also an alarming symptom is the darkening of respiratory organs – they change the color due to nitrogen poisoning.
  • State condition. Browse, film formation – alarming sign, such a fish can soon die. Convex or strongly sparkled eyes can also be a symptom of the disease.
  • Behavior. From nature corridors – active enough, playful fish. If they lie motionless at the bottom, apathetic, swim slowly and sluggish, do not respond to nearby people, it is worth abandoning the purchase of pets.
  • State of Fesvnikov. They should not be traces of rot, sticking, red stripes.
  • The integrity of the mustache. They should not have traces of a broken. For catches, it is important to save these elements without damage.
  • The presence of atypical formations on the body. If the abdominal spots are visible in the area of ​​the belly, it may indicate the presence of a bacterial infection. On sides and back growths, color change can be a consequence of parasitic infection or fungus.
  • Features of movement. Healthy fish should not experience problems with stealing, changing the trajectory of their movement. Manifestation of imbalance, moving sideways, jump-shaking jerks say that it is clearly not worth acquiring the fish.
  • Features of breathing. Healthy fish easily swallows air, it is easy to breathe, actively moves to the bottom after lifting. Sick Somik Corridoce will hardly float and sink to the bottom.
  • The presence of dead fish in the aquarium. It is completely unacceptable if it comes to the store, it is worth searching for another point for the purchase of pets.

When selecting catches for aquarium It is necessary to give preference to individuals of different sizes. In this case, the probability of getting males, and females in one party will be much higher.

Before landing in the overall aquarium, new pets must be first sent to quarantine. So the risks of infection of other fish will be eliminated, and the corridors are easier to adapt to the new place of residence.

Even more about the features of these fish, see the following video.

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