Ural Rex: description, selection and rules

Ural Rex: description, selection and rules

Nature without human intervention can surprise with its capabilities relating to the appearance of some animals. Among the bright representatives of such a phenomenon are worth highlighting the breed of cats Ural Rex. Glory about it spread throughout the world due to unique animal wool, pretty quickly winning popularity among breeders.


Cat breed Ural Rex represents a very rare species of an animal highlighted curly wool. In the formation and removal of such representatives of the Feline family, participation did not accept, so its origin is considered a natural process of mutation of the gene in animals. Motherland of Ural Rex is considered to be Russia, the first mentions of such unusual cats are dating 40 years of last century.

Today there are a number of parameters to which the animal of this rare breed.

  • Purebred Rex – Cats and Cats Medium Size. The physique of the animal must be slim and muscular. The head has a wedge-shaped with a wide forehead. Cheeks are put wide, the profile of the slope is bent. Chin and jaws are well developed.
  • Ears do not have to be big, planted in a vertical position with rounded tops. Eyes will have an impressive size, there is some kind of delay. Paracov color usually in the tone of animal wool.
  • Limit of medium length, slender with oval legs. The tail is not highlighted in its sizes, the end of it must be rounded.
  • Permissible options for wool are long-haired and short-haired views, At the same time, the first option assumes the presence of the average for the length of the wool in the animal. She is soft, curls are covered with waves throughout the animal body, including the tail. The presence of the mane is not a deviation from standards.

Cudri cats are formed approximately 3-4 months, however, the peak of its appearance curls will be acquired by 6 months. As a rule, cats will be smaller than male representatives. The weight of the first will be 4-5 kilograms, while cats can weigh 5-7 kilograms. Since the breed is considered an aboriginal, the animals are highlighted by their high immunity and the lack of a tendency to genetic diseases, the average life expectancy of such pets will be 14-15 years.

Types of color

Animals can have different wool color.

Mostly cats of the breed Ural Rex will be:

  • Redhead+
  • Cream+
  • Golubim+
  • black or blue tortie+
  • White+
  • Golden+
  • Black+
  • Silver.

As for the pattern on wool, in this case the options are permissible:

  • Tabby+
  • van+
  • harlequin+
  • Bicolor.

According to the adopted standards, such colors are considered inconsistencies in the rock:

  • cinnamon+
  • Abyssinian taking+
  • chocolate+
  • Color of the Burmsky Cat.

The formation of the color of the coat in the kittens of the Ural Rex occurs in progress, so initially animals will be predominantly gray.

But after the first molting, the shade disappears. As for adults of blacks, it is gradually oxidized to achieve a two-year-old age, which entails his change on brown or gold.

Character features

Animals of this breed are located to a person, according to the reviews of the owners, have a good and fitful temper. Cats are happy to express their location to man caressing, intuitively feel the mood of their breeder.

Pets are quite quickly adapted to new conditions. Finding into the house, strongly tied to the owners.

During the manifestation of respect and tenderness from a person, they answer him with a double reciprocity.

Rex accompanies his host everywhere, it is very patiently to small children, not expressing their aggression towards them and other pets in the house. Animals have a playful and cheerful character, however, in their desire to have nothing to do with people, if they are not located to the game at the moment.

Cats like to do not want to sleep with a man in his bed, also the pets are very often dormant in their hands, for the Ural Rex it is a complex moment is loneliness, so animals are not recommended to leave alone for a long time. Crispy pets are focused on their owner and the family in which they live, also cats and cats with trepidation belong to their offspring. In the same extent, this instinct manifests itself from fathers and mothers.

Due to its calm nature, the Rex is perfectly in contact with unfamiliar people, which makes it easy to get used to new living conditions and owners.

How to choose?

In addition to accounting for the external characteristics specified in the description of the breed, when buying Curly cats should be guided by the following criteria.

  • The animal you like should have a neat and well-kept species. Pet should not have defects on wool, as well as eye and nose. Such moments may indicate health problems in an animal. Also it will be useful to conduct a visual inspection of wool to make sure the absence of parasites.
  • It is worth paying attention to the behavior of the kitten. Animal should be friendly configured, healthy cats are always active. Opposite states will talk about errors in the content of cats and possible diseases.
  • The selected cat must have all the signs of the breed. Also, it should not be purchased by an animal such a rare breed in the natural markets without documents. Each pet must have a veterinary passport containing information about vaccination and pedigree.

The kittens of the Ural Rex in the younger age should be curly, however, some irregularities in curls are not deviation. The animals are very clearly expressed by the skull, and the eyes will be convex and widely planted. Should not buy very little kittens, because the mother should pass with his young immunity with milk. In addition, the kid, whom he left too early from the mother, may further have serious psychological problems, except the inclination to frequent diseases.

Animal must be with the mother for a while to learn the assassinas, communicating with other animals, the game and T. D. As a rule, closer to two months Rex will already be ready for independent life.


Breed does not cause difficulties from breeders in terms of care for animals at home. Pets love different shelters and houses, so the owner of the Ural Rex is recommended to acquire or make a cat cozy shelter. Animals prefer to climb inside, so there must be most comfortable in the house. At the same time, it is not necessary to make the observation platform for this breed.

Also, curly animals will be required for home to buy a bratechka, several small toys.


The breed is not a tendency to obesity, however, the diet of the animal breeder is still recommended to keep under control. Ural Rex will fit the feed of industrial manufacture, it is better to choose premium products. Also cats and cats can be fed natural food. In the second case, the diet should be as balanced as possible so that the animal body does not have a deficit in any minerals and vitamins. Rexs should be made fish and meat, as well as milk, eggs, vegetables and cereals.

Under the ban remains acute, oily, salt and fried food from a common maritte. From meat products, pets should choose beef or chicken, as well as offal. Meat can be offered cats in the cheese or boiled form. As for cereals and cereals, it is worth refrangone from the introduction to the diet. Cat eggs will need only yolk.

Fish for the Ural Rex should be pre-boiled, in priority there will be river seafood.

The question of the periodicity of feedings of the feline family is rather acute, because it is important to form a certain meal schedule to establish digestion. Small kittens up to 3 months can be fed up to 5 times a day. By reaching 6 months, it is necessary to reduce the frequency of food intakes up to 4 times. Closer to 9 months old Cats are recommended to feed three times a day, for an adult power mode Animal should be translated closer to year. The diet of pregnant cats and weakened animals should be less tough, however, it is not necessary to overproof the pets. Access to clean water is a prerequisite for the content of the animal, especially when feeding with finished feeds.


Features of the wool of the aboriginal breed suggest a special care for it. This will preserve its individuality and an attractive appearance of the animal, regardless of his age. Special attention to a small pet should be given to the molting period when it will naturally get rid of gray hairs. Adult cats also need attention to their wool from the breeder, because the Wave of Cats will depend on high-quality and regular grinding, its smoothness and intensity will depend.

In addition, combing beneficially affects uniformity of the coat color, especially in the period of molting.

Experienced breeders recommend using the brush to comb with natural bristles, as a rule, two procedures will be enough. Exhibition cats Curly wool can additionally smooth with natural suede.

As for molting, at this time at the Recks it is necessary to remove extra villi with the help of a trimmer, because they independently do not fall out.

In water procedures, the cats of this breed do not need, so they should be bathed in case of emergency. Breeders should be to know that water can adversely affect the sensitive skin of the pets, stopping it. However, many representatives of this breed are not afraid of water, and willingly play and explore. Only gentle specialized means for sensitive skin should be used for swimming Recks.

Animals of this breed are not inclined to any diseases. As the experience of breeding Recks, the pets are sick extremely rare. But regular visits to the veterinarian and the planned vaccination for animals are mandatory.

Despite his strong immunity, cats can suffer from parasites along with the rest of the breeds, therefore preventive measures and processing from fleas, ticks and worms are needed by each individual.

For the breeders of the Ural Rex, there are a number of rules related to the care, which should be adhered to:

  • Cats daily need to wipe the eyes with a wet cotton swab+
  • Cleaning of ear shells is allowed once a week+
  • Inspection and cleaning of the oral cavity is carried out every month+
  • Claws are recommended to be trimmed as they are growing, but not less than 2 times a month+
  • combing the animal need twice a week.

In general, animals show independence in terms of care, so with most mandatory events adult cats and cats are able to cope independently. From the breeder, it is necessary to control these processes, if necessary, to help your pet.

Read more about this breed, you can learn from the video below.

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